The months have gone by and now it's December 21, 2017. Ashley is now 20 years old. Everyone was getting ready for the upcoming holiday. And Valon Clark came back from Australia for Christmas. "What's on your mind right now, Ashley?" asked her older sister Allison C. as she came into her room. "A lot of things. I mean, the Webkinz can talk and we still don't know who ran Alley over in the first place." said Ashley. Everyone had figured out a few months ago that the Webkinz can talk to them whenever they want. "I'm sure we can figure that out soon." said Allison C. Suddenly, Jaden came in the Cox house, looking frantic about something. "What is it, Jaden?" asked Ashley. "You have to see this. A motorcycle crashed in the middle of the road." said Jaden. "Our road?" asked Allison C. Jaden nodded. "Let's go check it out." said Ashley. The 3 kids went outside and saw everyone gathered beside the road. "What happened?" asked Ashley. "An idiot driver crashed into this motorcycle, that's what happened." said Haou. "Is the guy alright?" asked Cleopatra. "He's unconscious right now, and might have broken a few bones on his arm." said Danek. "Poor guy. I thought he crashed because of all the ice on the road." said Allison C. "Let's take him over to our house so that he can recover easier." said Ashley. "Good idea." said Atem. Danek and Jim both lifted the motorcyclist up on his feet and everyone went into the Cox house. The motorcyclist still had his helmet on, so Ashley couldn't tell who this mysterious person is.