"Who are you?" asked Ashley. "I'm sorry I have been talking trash at you. I'm Yusei Fudo." said Yusei. "I'm pretty sure you know who we are. Since you said you researched us." said Allison C. "Yes." said Yusei. "Well, you're not going anywhere. You still need to rest. That arm needs to heal." said Judai. "Sounds like a good idea for me." said Yusei as he got off the motorcycle. "Ashley, I'm sorry for running over your fox. I wasn't looking where I was going." said Yusei. "It's fine. Alley's healed, thanks to our friend Danek." said Ashley. "Hey, I just had a thought. How about Danek heals your arm?" asked Allison C. "I haven't thought of that. Can you do it, Danek?" asked Dimitri. "I'll try. It'll be better than letting it heal on its own." said Danek. "Well, go for it." said Jim. Danek's hand and Yusei's arm glowed white. In a matter of seconds, Yusei's arm was healed. Ashley took off the cast. "It's perfect. Thanks, Danek." said Yusei. "You're welcome, Yusei." said Danek. "Well, I guess this is goodbye." said Jaden. "Actually, I think I might have to stay here with you guys." said Yusei. "Really?" asked Allison C. "Absolutely. I could spend time with you. What do you say?" asked Yusei. "That sounds great to all of us." said Valon. "Then it's settled. Yusei's a part of our little group." said Haou. Everyone cheered. "Let's go celebrate with some brunch." said Jaden. Everyone went in the Yuki house for brunch.