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Major crossover with Greek Mythology and the Percy Jackson series.

"Naruto" Normal Speech.

'Naruto' Normal Thought.

"Rasengan" Magic/Jutsu/Technique.

"Kurama" Demon/Monster/Bijuu Normal Speech.

'Kurama' Demon/Monster/Bijuu Thought.

The Servant

Chapter 19

Blue eyes snapped open as Naruto woke up from his slumber. The scent of sweat and sex was heavy in the room, hitting his nostrils the moment he was awake. Naruto then turned his head to look at the clock on the nearby table, seeing that it was only four in the early morning, and blinked blearily before hauling himself up on one elbow, causing the sheets to slide off his body and reveal his muscular torso. He felt drained, and his mouth was also a bit dry, but his cock as usual was swollen to the girth of his forearm, standing up with his morning arousal. The sky outside was still dark and the moon was still on the sky, while the sun was nowhere to be seen, confirming the rumors he had heard about Apollo and his laziness during mid to end of autumn and the entire winter.

Gradually, his blurry vision focused and Naruto could finally see the other occupants of his bed. Artemis was on his left, while her mother Leo was sleeping with Kyuubi on his right, sleeping with their arms draping across his body. Hestia was on the other side of the bed, sleeping peacefully with her arms outstretching, while Hera was exactly where he had left her, lying face down with drool coming out of her mouth, a shameless smile on her face and her ass sticking up as she slept. Aphrodite, meanwhile, had his balls sat squarely on her face as she lied underneath him, with her steady breaths tickling his nuts as she rest in the languid bliss a woman who had been sexually annihilated.

There were also quite a few handmaidens and women from his harem on the bed with them and that included the Graces, Aphrodite's most talented attendants, who passed out next to each other with their arms wrapping around each other body. With all the sex he had had with them, Naruto knew it would take some time for them to fully recover and they would not wake up anytime soon.

Slowly, with the skills of a talented and well trained shinobi, Naruto stood up and made his way down the stairs without making a sound, before walking out of the bedroom. Aphrodite's palace was rather quite in the morning, as the handmaidens were still asleep in their rooms. However, there were quite a few who had woken up early to do some cleaning for the place, tending to the priceless statues and furniture in the hallways. Most of them were newcomers and also the least talented sluts that Aphrodite had, resulting in their low ranks as well as their responsibilities to keep their mistress' home clean. Their uniform was also the tradition French maid outfit with miniskirt and white top instead of the usual scanty ones that the high rank handmaidens wore, giving them the least chance to be chosen by their mistress, who also never bothered to bat an eye to them and considered them more of a collection of beautiful and sexy women than actual sex partners for her and her lovers.

As he made his way to his personal dining room on the second floor, Naruto then took notice of a blonde cleaning a bronze statue of him standing in his naked glory with two women kissing his balls at his sides, something that could be found quite a lot around the area. She was a tall, beautiful young woman who had fair skin, blue eyes, wavy blond hair, and a voluptuous body, emphasizing by her maid outfit. The maid outfit she wore was incredibly revealing, even for the normal standard around the place, with the miniskirt she was wearing was so short that when she bent over, Naruto could have the full view of her round behind, while the entire front of her white top was cut wide to reveal two heaving, milky white breasts that seemed to stand on her chest with impossible perkiness for their sizes. There was something about that made her stood out from the rest, and when she started cleaning the bronze cock of his statue, tiptoeing to gain a better leverage, Naruto found it extremely arousing and could immediately tell she was one of the new handmaidens who was waiting for a promotion, with her beauty and the way she was running her hand on the statue's dick.


The young woman squealed in surprise as she clumsily made a misstep and lost her balance, falling backward. Naruto immediately appeared behind her, but he allowed her to fall back on his chest instead of catching her directly with his arms, forcing her to reach her hand down to grab onto his cock for balance.

"M-master… I am… so sorry." It took her a moment to fully realize her current situation, and when she did, she immediately stood up and turned around to bow her head to him, hesitantly removing her hand from his cock.

Naruto chuckled and shook his head, crossing his arms on his chest as he told her "It's fine, don't worry about it. You should be more careful next time. I do not want to see a pretty face being hurt around here." He paused for a second before continuing "Are you new here? I have never seen you before."

"Yes sir, I only arrived yesterday." She said, finally looking at him.

"What is your name?"

"My name is Irina Jelavic." Irina introduced with a smile and with the way she was fumbling with the cloth she was holding in her hand, he could tell she was nervous, and somewhat excited. "I have heard a lot about you, master Naruto. Please take care of me from now on." She finished her introduction and lowered her head, giving him a generous view to her breasts. Naruto smirked started walking around Irina, lifting her skirt up and holding it around her waist to take a good look at her massive bubble butt with a lacy black thong that got swallowed completely between her buttocks. It was so scant he could clearly see the detail of her pussy. Taking a moment to admire her luscious ass, feeling impressed but still keeping a neutral expression on his face, Naruto then reached down with both hands and grabbed her buttocks, squeezing and kneading them with a very lecherous enthusiasm before using his thumb to pull her thong to the side and prying her ass apart to reveal her asshole.

"Not bad at all. You will do fine around here." Naruto commented as Irina turned her head around to look at him.

"Thank you, master." She said, with her cheeks flustering.

"No blushing, you are not some high school girl, aren't you?" Naruto smirked as he pushed Irina toward his statue. He had heard Aphrodite berating the younger and less experienced girls for blushing around him before. They could be all over him as much as they wanted, but blushing or stuttering like some love struck girls had always been a massive no for her. As beautiful as she was, even for the normal standard, there had to be a reason Irina had not been promoted to one of the top sluts, and it seemed that he had found out what it was. "Bend over and stick your ass out over here." He said and Irina did what she was told, bending down with her whole ass sticking out from under her miniskirt. Naruto moved to stand behind her, and moved her thong to the side to her wet snatch before he reached out and grabbed her ass with his left hand while guiding his cock toward her pussy with the other one. Irina moaned as her master started pushing his cock into her, stretching her pussy lips around his mammoth girth before slamming forward and punching into her womb, knocking her forward and forcing Irina to hold onto his statue. "Ooh… very nice." The blond commented with his head leaning back and a lewd smirk on his face.

Then suddenly, he pulled out of her pussy and moved his cock toward her asshole, causing Irina to snap her head around and look at his with eyes as wide as dinner plates.

"M-master… you can't be…"

Grabbing her ass firmly in both hands, Naruto then pulled her back and slammed forward, penetrating her ass with several inches of his cock. There was dead silence for three seconds as Naruto stood there and savored the incredibly tight new orifice he'd buried his dick into before Irina's brain finally rebooted and she screamed at the top of her lungs, but no words came out because Naruto had forced nearly several fingers into her mouth "Now, there is no need for you to wake up the entire palace. Your sisters are still sleeping, you know." He said and started thrusting into her asshole "Fuck… feels almost as good as her ass… almost." He said as he fucked Irina as hard and as fast as he could before pushing her from his cock, causing her to fall forward and land on her knees before him as Naruto took his cock in his hand and shot a hot load of semen onto her face, covering her beautiful feature under a thick layer of his cum. "Take this as a reward Irina, for having such a nice fucking ass." He said and forced the bulbous head cock into her mouth, unloading another torrent of pre-cum that Irina was not able to swallow whole, but still tried to drink as much as she could. Once he was done, Naruto moved back and smirked as he looked down at her, his semen bubbling in her mouth.

"T-thank you, master." The blonde said breathlessly while trying to swallow the load in her mouth. It was delicious, but so thick she had some trouble swallowing. She could not believe that her mistress and the older sisters actually drank it on a daily basis.

"You know what? Come to my bedroom this evening and we will… discuss about your promotion with your mistress."

"Yes, I understand."

With that, Naruto left Irina and continued his morning venture around the palace.

Line Break

Aphrodite moaned with a sweet and seductive tone as she knelt before her lover, who was wanking his cock, thicker around than her forearm. He jerked fast and hard, hand flying along his cannon of cock before he started squirting rope after rope of hot semen onto her creamy tits. With a sultry smile, the Goddess of Lust lifted her tits even higher and bounced them around in her hands to play with his sperm "Yes, Naruto, cum on my tits. Coat it in your semen." Her words seemed to make him come even harder, and Aphrodite removed her hands from her tits to put them on the bed behind her back, supporting her body as she leaned back and allowed him to shower her in his hot cum. Naruto continued to grunt as his balls clenched, semen erupting from his cock with some audible nasty spurts while he continued to shoot his load onto the sexual body of his lover, turning her entire body into a nasty, sperm-soaked mess. His load was still massive, even after fucking with her for the past twelve hours.

"Fuck… shit. Take this you amazing slut." Naruto said as he put his hand on the top of her head and pushed his cock down her throat, forcing her to drink his final shot, which lasted over twenty seconds before pulling out and stepping back to look at her. Aphrodite purred sexily as she ran her hand on her soaked chest, smiling flirtatiously as she looked at him, with his jizz crisscrossing on her face. Naruto felt his cock twitch at the way she was looking at him, and wanted nothing more than to bend her down and fuck her again.

And that he did.

"Oh fuck!" Aphrodite grounded her teeth as she lied flat on the bed, arching her back as Naruto slammed one foot seven inches of his cock deep inside her snatch, losing in pleasure. Naruto leaned over her, his muscular form pinning Aphrodite down as he pounded her pussy, ravaging her womb with powerful and brutal thrusts.

"Seriously… can we play somewhere else?" Athena asked while doing her best to ignore the moans and grunts coming from the couple on the bed that was not even five feet away from her.

Artemis, who was wearing a sexy dress, said from her seat in front of her. "So you prefer the living room, where dozen of his clones are having a debauchery party with the handmaidens?" The Goddess of the Moon asked as she leaned back on her chair and put a hand near her cheek. "Sorry to tell you this but every room here is occupied." She said, and turned around to see Naruto bending Aphrodite over and taking her like she was a bitch in heat. "Believe me or not, but this is the most private place you can find around here."

"Should have gone to my place instead…" The Goddess of Wisdom muttered, not missing the middle finger that Aphrodite gave her while she was still being fucked by Naruto.

"And miss out having tea made by Grayfia with you, no thank you." Artemis shook her head with a smile as she turned to look at Grayfia, who made her way back into the room with two steaming cups of tea and a teapot on the tray she was carrying "Thank you Grayfia."

"Is there anything else you need, milady?" The silver haired maid asked as she put the tray down the table between them.

"No this will do, you can leave us now." With a nod, Grayfia left the room. Seeing the look Athena was giving Naruto's personal maid, Artemis picked up her tea cup and explained "She's professional. You won't find anyone who can perform duties of a housemaid better than she does. Of course that also includes sexually…"

"I really don't need to know, sister." Athena said as she picked up her cup of tea and took a small sip "Hmm… this is delicious."

Artemis smiled as she drank from her cup "Yeah, there's some Nectar in the tea, to suit our taste." She then put the cup down and began "So, sister, to what do I owe the pleasure of this visit?"

"I am here to check on you, to make sure that he shows you the love and respect that you deserve." She said while not bothering to look at Naruto. Artemis nodded her head in understanding, before Athena continued "That, and I also here to tell you that I have taken care of father. He won't trouble him anymore."

"Ah yes, about that, you know I can always talk to father, don't you?" Artemis asked with a smile. "While he might not trust me as much as he trusts you, my words still carry some weight within them. He will believe what I tell him." Athena nodded.

It was Naruto who had come up with the plan to deceive her into swearing an oath to the Styx, and Athena had to admit that she didn't feel very surprised when she learnt about that. Her sister, Artemis, was very smart, but she was not someone who could plan something like that, not when her one of her most loved family member was the target. Her mother, Leto, could be a possibility, but considering her motive and that she had only recently returned, knowing very little about Athena, she couldn't form such a plan to fool her.

Aphrodite was also out of question. As powerful as she was, she was a dumb slut who couldn't think of anything else but the man who had tamed her and his fat penis.

"At the moment, we have a more important matter to worry about." Artemis then said "Her address, do you have it?"

"Yeah, I have it here." Athena nodded her head and showed Artemis a small piece of paper that was taken from her pocket. The moon goddess reached out with her hand, but before she could take it from her sister, she moved her hand back a bit and said "I am not doing this for him. I am doing this for you, Artemis." She said. "You deserve to be happy more than anyone else and it seems to me that you are very happy with him… a man he is."

"Thank you for your concern, Athena." Artemis smiled as she received Rhea's address from her sister.

After that, the two of them spent the next twenty minutes talking about some other things, from Artemis' hunters to Athena's collections of books. Also, now that Artemis was much more comfortable talking about men and love than before, Athena was able to share some stories about her and a historian she was seeing. Aphrodite, who was being fucked around by Naruto on the bed, gave her comments every once in a while but Athena paid no mind to them.

"I will see you around, sister." Artemis said with a wave of her hand after escorting Athena to the front door so she could leave. The Goddess of Wisdom nodded her head with a smile, before transforming and teleporting away, returning to her home while Artemis turned around and made her way back to the master bedchamber.

When she arrived, she found Naruto on his back while the goddess of love was bouncing up and down the entire length of his monstrous cock, with a visible bulge traveling from her crotch up to her midsection. Naruto held onto her waist tightly, fingers sinking into her soft and smooth flesh as she rode him like an animal, messing up her inside with his fat cock. Her womb seemed to deflate and swell in time with her movements, being treated to a pounding that would have rendered most women broken from the inside.

Artemis smiled and undressed until she was completely naked before making her way onto the bed toward her lovers, smiling seductive when Naruto turned his head to look at her. He sat up, and hooked his arms under Aphrodite's, forcing them around her back and causing her chest to push forward, giving quite an erotic view of her fleshy and bouncy orbs while Artemis came to kneel beside them, and leaned in to kiss Aphrodite. The sultry woman answered it instantly, and started sucking on her lover's tongue like it was a delicious piece of candy, eyes rolled back in orgasmic delight as Naruto stared moving his hips on his own and buried his face between her massive, bouncing breasts. With how his testicles were clenching as they smashed against her booty, Naruto knew his orgasm was nearly upon him.

Naruto came not long after, filling her womb with a full load of semen while benching her arms behind her back so hard he nearly dislocated her shoulders as her pussy seemed to clench around his cock, milking him for all she was worth and trying to contain every drop of sperm he was blasting into her like a broken fire hose. After a moment, Naruto released his blonde lover, allowing her to fall back to the bed with the red one on top of her while the two were still making out heavily, their bodies pressed together in one sweaty mass of humping, writhing flesh. Even as he forced his lurching, spurting cock between their lips, Artemis and Aphrodite refused to separate, and continued to kiss even with his cock in between, filling their mouths and making a mess on their face with his semen.

"Shit, you two are doing this on purpose, aren't you?" Naruto asked but they did not seem to pay any attention to him. "Fine, I will find someone else to fuck then. Fortunately there are plenty around to choose from." He said and was about to stand up and made his way down the bed, but before he could make it anywhere, Artemis and Aphrodite shot up and wrapped their arms around his torso. With the combined strength of two goddesses, they slammed him onto his back and Artemis went on to straddle his head, smashing her pussy on his face. Meanwhile, Aphrodite forced his legs wide apart and dropped to her knees between them before moving in for one of his heavy nuts.

"Mmm!" She moaned, kissing and suck the entire surface of his heavy testicle while Artemis leaned down and started kissing and licking around the base of his monster cock, even bending the whole thing upward to suck on his other ball before allowing his cock to snap back to place as she held up her tits and squeezed them around his cock, with Aphrodite quickly doing the same. Using their mouth, the two did their best to serve the part of his cock their tits couldn't cover, licking around the underside of the bulbous glans before mashing their lips around the knob, covering it in spit and drool that also fell down to lubricate their tits. Working in sync, the two beautiful goddesses moved their torsos up and down together, twerking their butts all the while, giving him a double and kinky titfuck.

Then suddenly when Artemis had taken the swollen head of his cock into her mouth, Naruto rose, first sitting up and then rising to a standing position, using his hands to hold Artemis' butt and and keep her from falling down, hanging her upside down on his body while his cock was still on her mouth. Artemis felt somewhat nervous, but no less turn on by the position she was in. "Tell me Artemis…" he started with a smirk "have you ever tried to take my cock in this position?" He asked, and did not wait for her answer his question and dropped her on his cock, not that she could with his cock in her mouth. Even as she tried to hold onto his torso, Artemis found herself sliding all the way down until the whole thing had disappeared into her mouth, then he moved her, fucking her on his cock while Aphrodite started servicing his balls with her mouth. Tears fell from her eyes as Artemis gurgled out an orgasmic moan around the dick in her throat while Naruto fucked her mouth and used her as nothing more than a dicksleeve. Bubbling, splattering strands of throat slime slid down his balls and trickled down Aphrodite's face, adding to the mess of her own oral attentions.

"Take my load Artemis, take all of it!" With that only warning, Naruto released her from his hold and dropped her on his cock while simultaneously thrusting up, slamming into her as far as he could before blasting his come all over her stomach with each spurt was so powerful they could actually be heard. Because she was not used to taking him in such position, some of his semen exploded from mouth, pouring on to Aphrodite's face.

It took him several minutes to finish cumming, and when his climax had subsided, Naruto settled Artemis down and sat back, removing his cock from her mouth as she cradled her stomach, which was slightly swollen with the volume of cum inside before she sat up and crawled on her hands and knees. Artemis then put her head on the bed and reached around to pull one ass cheek to the side, revealing her small asshole, while Aphrodite lied down on her ass and shoulders, hooking both arms under her knees and lewdly raising both her feet in the air before using her hands to spread the lips of her pussy, showing him her inside. "Now, this is unusual." Naruto commented with a smirk, because usually it would be the other way around.

"Please come and take your prize." Artemis said with a unique seductiveness in her tone, making her look even sexier.

"It's warm and cozy inside." Aphrodite stated sweetly.

"Fuck…" Naruto swore as he moved into position behind Artemis, his massive, arm-sized cock smashing down on between her wonderful butt cheeks. Grinding his manhood back and forth between her ass, Naruto he reached around and seized a great, overflowing handful of her tit, grinning as he squeeze and knead it to his liking "The man hating goddess… oh how far you have fallen." He declared dramatically and speared his cock into her ass, forcing the entire thing in.

"Ohhhhh!" Artemis moaned with a lewd smile, finding more pleasure and fun than she should have, with her eyes rolling back in her head as she came. The world dissolved around her as Naruto started moving his hips, sliding his cock back and forth inside her with his pelvis spanking her ass and his balls hitting her clit over and over. He drove the air from the her lungs, leaving her only able to gasp, pant and moan as she was fucked like a bitch, arching her back as he used both her tits as handholds to fuck his cock even harder into her. Aphrodite watched them from the side, and still remained in the same position, waiting for him to finish Artemis so she could have her turn with him.

Naruto fucked Artemis for close to an hour, and as much as he wanted it to last forever, he seriously needed to cum and cum he did, pouring a wave of hot sperm into his lover's abused ass, filling her bowel to the brim. Artemis slumped bonelessly onto the bed as Naruto released her tits and withdrew, continuing to cum on her round ass cheeks before turning to Aphrodite, who licked her lips in anticipation as he climbed onto her body and putting the head of his cock into her snatch.

"Breeding time, slut." With that said, Naruto arched his back and slammed into her womb with everything he had. The Goddess of Love screamed as she threw her head back and came around him as he nailed hammered her like a bent nail, fucking her hard and fast like two mating animals. For the next hour Naruto fucked her like that, making her cum numerous times while he had a few on his own, filling her womb with his seeds before she cried out eventually and had her best orgasm yet when he unloaded what sounded like several gallons of cum inside her, finally knocking her up with his next kid.

"Master, Irina Jelavic is here to see you." Kyuubi walked into the room and informed him.

"Good, send her in."

Naruto said without looking back, making Kyuubi lower head before leaving then returning a moment later with Irina.

End of Chapter 19

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