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Major crossover with Greek Mythology and the Percy Jackson series.

This chapter is a flashback, taking place a few days after Artemis became Naruto's woman

"Naruto" Normal Speech.

'Naruto' Normal Thought.

"Rasengan" Magic/Jutsu/Technique.

"Kurama" Demon/Monster/Bijuu Normal Speech.

'Kurama' Demon/Monster/Bijuu Thought.

The Servant

Chapter 20

"Welcome back, lady Artemis!" Artemis nodded her head, smiling warmly at the nine tailed fox demoness Kyuubi after teleporting into the main hall of Aphrodite's Love Palace, which had more or less become a second home to her with how much time she had been spending at it recently. Not that she minded though, as the place had become her ideal place to stay after Aphrodite had gotten rid of all of her male servants in favor of adoring their lover Naruto Uzumaki only.

"Good to see you, Kyuubi." The Moon Goddess said and then handed her bow and quiver over to the fox demoness, who lowered her head to her with a smile on her face before asking her "Is Naruto here?"

"Yes, master is in the bedroom with lady Aphrodite-" and no doubt in the middle of another hardcore fuck session with her like there was no tomorrow, Artemis thought as she made her huntress outfit disappear and replace it with a silk silver dress that showed off her divine, voluptuous figure that could give that of the Goddess of sex a run a for its money nicely. Without further ado, she then made her way to the Aphrodite's bedchamber with Kyuubi following closely behind her, and even before coming in Artemis could already hear the lewd sounds of some incredibly hardcore fucking going on.

When Artemis invited herself into the personal sexual paradise of the Goddess of sex and her lover, which was as usual being occupied by over two dozen elite handmaidens, she was not surprised to see Naruto on the huge bed fucking Aphrodite like he wanted to kill her, but that was just pretty normal for both of them. Both of them were completely naked, with Aphrodite on her knees before Naruto's nude, powerful form, sweat glistening on their bodies as the rutting pair grunted and groaned in pleasure. Naruto was squatting behind the sex Goddess and pounding away into her, his balls swinging and clapping against the jiggling globes of her cushioned, perfectly shaped bubble buttocks, spanking them each in turn as he drilled his massive cock balls-deep down her asshole, his dick punching in and out and making her stomach bulge out with each thrust as she gasped and moaned, gurgling with pure joy while cumming and smiling stupidly with her tongue hanging out of her mouth in the most shameless ahegao expression ever.

With an animalistic grunt, Naruto reached forward and grabbed a fistful of Aphrodite's beautiful blonde hair at the back of her head, using it like a pair of horse rein and pulling her back in time to meet his thrusts, nearly bending the lust drunken Goddess in two. Her arms hung limp toward the bed as Naruto fucked her hard enough to lift her knee off the bed, being held up by the sheer power and weight of her cock alone. Even in her current state of distress and delirium, it was clear Aphrodite was having some of the best orgasms of her life, her legs twitching as Naruto pounded her asshole over and over again.

Artemis could only stare at them with her arms crossing under her large burst, her silver eyes narrowed as she watched Naruto ass fuck Aphrodite like she was nothing but a cheap whore, using almost brutal strength and speed. While this was nothing new to Artemis, she couldn't help but feel a little annoyed and jealous that Naruto had actually never ever fucked her like that before, as well as never spending as much time with her doing so. Sure they had had a lot of rough, passionate sex with each other, but it was hard for Artemis to tell if she had ever experienced a fucking like the one he was currently having with Aphrodite, which was obviously one of the main reasons he had been spending a lot more time with her rival to the point that almost every time Artemis saw them, they were fucking like that, as if it was the only thing that they could do.

"Ahem." Artemis coughed softly into her hand to gain their attention, but her voice obviously could not be heard over the constant lustful moaning and squealing of her rival as their lover hammered her tight little asshole, his hands palming and mauling at her tit and pulling at her blonde hair as his thrust became quick and erratic. With a grunt, Naruto then thrust deep into Aphrodite's asshole one last time, his balls slapping against her fat ass cheeks as he threw his left arm around her should and grabbed her right breast to pull her back and bury his dick all the way inside her, tenting her stomach out before he started to hose her inside down with a flooding amount of semen.

The amount of sperm Naruto was blowing into Aphrodite's guts was obvious even to Artemis, as she watched her rival's stomach bulge out almost comically, until it seemed there was simply no room left in the lustful sex goddess' body for Naruto's jizz. Yet he kept coming with no intention of pulling out, maintaining a death grip on Aphrodite's long blonde hair and massive firm breast while cumming inside her until it was clear she had to make some room for the still incoming waves of sperm.

"Oh fuck… urgh!" Aphrodite's mouth stretched open as she coughed, gagged and finally puked up a fountain of Naruto's incredibly dense and virile semen onto the bed. Realizing that he would not stop cumming any time soon, Artemis decided to keep herself occupied for the time being by telling Kyuubi about her hunts today, drawing in a number of handmaidens who were interested in her stories and wanted to know more.

Almost an hour later, a loud grunt from Naruto signaled that the blond had finished cumming, allowing him to slowly withdraw from Aphrodite's gaping asshole. Aphrodite didn't respond except to twitch a bit, her hips spasming before with a wet, squelching sound, her asshole spurting his jizz out into ever widening pool of thick white cream in thick, almost chunky streams. Her stomach remained looking like she was several months pregnant even as she laid there like a lump of clay, eyes blank and unseeing for several minutes before her natural magic kicked in and started cleaning her up. All the semen inside and around her soon disappear, leaving just enough for Aphrodite to feel it sloshing inside her for a little bit more and returning the Goddess of sex to her former sultry, absolutely fuckable look.

"Welcome back, Artemis." It did not take it long for him to favor her a quick look, having seen her walking into the room an hour ago. He barely looked like someone who had just finished a brutal, fast-paced fuck session with the Goddess of sex of all people, sounding more like someone casually enjoying a stroll through the park. "How was your day? Good?" He asked, not giving Aphrodite a second look as he stood up and started making his way toward his other lover to lean down and give her a quick kiss on the cheek. Having fully recovered her strength, the Goddess of love didn't waste much time to pick herself up, her head looking over her shoulder to admire Naruto's muscular body from behind, fixing her gaze on his chiseled ass and the swaying weight of his enormously hanging balls.

"Yes, it was good, thank you Naruto." Artemis smiled at his gentle gesture, before she leaned her head back and allowed him to give her another kiss on the lips. Once he was done, the blond stood back up and was about to say something more to her, but she beat him to it by looking over to Aphrodite and ask her "Aphrodite, can I talk to you for a sec?"

"Oh sure, what is it?" the love goddess asked, not bothering to cover herself up as she stood up and walked down the staircase of her bed, making her breasts bounce.

"In private, if it is possible." The auburn haired goddess said, making a gesture toward Naruto, who just looked at her curiously but decided to not say anything about it. Nodding her head, Aphrodite then walked toward her lover and leaned forward to whisper into his ear, her breasts mashing against his rock solid bicep as she embraced him from behind with her arm reaching over his torso to stroke his cock.

"Sure, whatever. I will leave you two to it then." Naruto nodded his head finally after a moment, making Aphrodite smile and kiss him on the cheek before removing herself from him, but not before giving his cock a firm squeeze and making him jizz into a wine glass that she summoned in her hand, filling it to the brim "Kyuubi, come with me."

"Yes, master." The nine tailed fox demon replied and then stood up from her seat to follow her master out of the room, taking their leaves without saying any other words. Aphrodite then waved a hand to the side and dismissed her handmaidens, making them all leave the bedroom so her best friend/ rival could have the privacy she asked for.

Once that the door had been closed and they were the only ones left in her bedroom, the still naked Aphrodite finally turned her attention back to Artemis and walked over to take her seat on the longue next to moon goddess, her slender fingers playing with the glass of her lover's raw semen as she asked while smiling softly but also rather seductively "So what's up? What do you want to talk to me about?"

""So uhmm… I noticed how you and Naruto had sex earlier." Artemis began slowly as Aphrodite nodded her head in acknowledgement and finally took a small sip from the glass of semen in her hand, drinking and enjoying it like fine wine "So how do I get him to fuck me like that? How did you do it? I wanna know." the goddess of love raised an eyebrow at that in surprise, but not for very long.

"Well well, looks like someone is finally asking the right questions." She said, taking another sip from her glass "So you finally notice that he's been holding back on you huh?"

"Yes, and whenever he has sex with you like that, Naruto looks like he is having a lot of fun." Artemis nodded her head in confirmation.

"Why not? He's having sex with the Goddess of sex you know." Aphrodite smiled with confidence "I have been told that it's addicting, to be able to turn THE slut into your slut. Just look at my body, don't you want to just fuck the shit out of me if you are a man?" Artemis had to agree on that. Ever since she became more comfortable with sex with Naruto and Aphrodite, she had always secretly had an urge to do something like that to the latter. Naruto had to have been feeling the same too.

"You think I can make him feel the same way, I mean… I am not gonna start having a reputation like you, that's for sure." Artemis narrowed her eyes at her slutty rival, who giggled before flashing her a wink.

"But doesn't mean that you can't start acting like me for him, does it?" Aphrodite asked before she continued with a thoughtful expression "You see, the thing about us goddesses is that we can take more punishments from him than those mortal women? Have you ever seen Kurenai or Anko lasting for more than a two or three rounds with him? Also, sex for him is more than just the pleasure of the flesh. He's trying to rebuild his clan too, you know, but that make the sex even more fun." Artemis nodded her head in understanding.

"So how do I do it then?"

"Well, you don't need to have a reputation like me, that will just take away the reason why you are so unique and precious to him. However, it doesn't mean that you cannot act like me for the sake of foreplays." Aphrodite said with a playful smile "There will be a lot of work that needs to be done though, but I will help you. Before you know it, you will start choking on his cum as he comes in your ass too."

"Thank you… I guess…" Artemis nodded gratefully, though she couldn't help but look suspiciously at Aphrodite. For some reason, she felt like her rival would be the one having the most fun out of this. Not her or Naruto.

"Alright, let's get started shall we? The sooner we get you comfortable with the whole hardcore sex, the better."

Artemis was about to open her mouth to ask, before she suddenly felt something hot and heavy drape down over her shoulder near her face, and turned her head to see the very familiar cock of her lover in a close to semi-hard state, as he stood there behind her with his hand crossing on his chest, a smug grin on his face as he looked down at her. Plus, there was only one man who could sneak up on her like that, and it appeared that Naruto had heard everything, and the playful smile on Aphrodite's face confirmed it.

So much for privacy.

"So how are we going to do this then?" Artemis asked, not needing to ask to know that Aphrodite might have known what she was going to ask the former beforehand. When she looked up at her lover, she could see that there was something different about the way he was looking at her. Maybe she should have just gone to him instead, save her the trouble of putting Aphrodite in her place to stop her from teasing her later.

"Like this." The love Goddess said and scooted closer to her on the longue, their breasts mashing against one another as their lips met in a wet, lewd embrace. Aphrodite's tongue probed into Artemis's wet, inviting mouth and both goddesses soon moaned and gasped, audible kissing and sucking noises could be heard as Naruto stood behind Artemis and watched the lewd, increasingly eager and urgent kiss as it grew more sloppy by the second. Not wanting to lose out, Artemis started pushing back now, grinding her equally seductive body against the blonde woman as their hands roamed over each other's bodies, grabbing and stroking at each other's curves, groping and kneading openly at each other's tits and ass.

Eventually, their kiss came to a halt when Naruto moved to their sides and roughly grabbed the back of their heads with his strong hands. In unison, the two goddesses let out a soft moan, before sliding his cock between their mouths, lightly grinding between both sets of plush, pouty and wet lips like it was the most natural place in the world for him to be. The two then continued to kiss around Naruto's massive dick, slathering saliva and in Aphrodite's case, bright lipstick marks all over his turgid length, their tongues writhing against the bulging tube of his cock.

"mmhh…" Aphrodite cooed as she smacked her lips up and down the length of the shaft while moving in unison with Artemis, knowing that there is no chance for her to keep up with her, their tongues and lips slowly gliding them down the length of his dick to kiss around the as her hand reached up to tug and knead at his heavy, smooth balls, then rearing their heads back up to his sensitive, flared head, throbbing with sexual need. But as their pace grew a bit more hurried, Naruto decided to take matters into his own hands, and started pulling and tugging their heads up out of sync with each other, until their moans and gasps grew louder as their kisses became even more sloppy.

"Watch Artemis." Naruto said in a low, commanding tone before grabbing Aphrodite by her blonde hair firmly. He then turned her head to the side, and then thrust his fat cock right into her open mouth, but she didn't even gag or choke as she was forced to swallow more than a foot of fat, bicep-thick cock in one swift motion before getting harshly face fucked by the massive cock while Naruto grunted above her. Artemis's thighs rubbed together as she scooted closer to them to take a better look at how Naruto's monstrous cock was stretching her rival's neck out as her throat was pumped by Naruto's cock over and over again.

After nearly five minutes of this, Naruto pulled out, leaving Aphrodite smiling breathlessly as spit dripped down from her chin to her slender neck and then fell to splash off of her huge tits. Artemis knew what was coming and steeled her nerves, wanting Naruto to have the same fun with her. She then opened her mouth wide, looking up at her lover with an almost aggressive need in her eyes, before he grabbed her firmly by the hair and shoved his cock deep down her throat.

Artemis's throat bulged out and she immediately choked on that cock, but Naruto did not stop there and continued to keep pushing forward, her eyes fluttering at the taste, virile, and Hardness of his dong. Once that her nose had touched against his smooth, clean shaven pubis area, Naruto began to tug Artemis' head up and down his cock, showing no resistance for the first time as he forced her to deep throat his whole cock while her saliva was leaking and trickling down the bed from his soaked dong. judging by the way he was groaning as he mercilessly thrust his cock down her gullet, it was quite clear that her lover was thoroughly enjoying her untouched tight little throat.

"Fuck that's good!" Naruto grunted, his cock sliding back and forth inside Artemis' grasping gullet, turning her pretty face a bright shade of red as she gurgled up at him.

"Suck on that cock, Artemis. Suck it like a whore if you want to entertain him." Aphrodite teased as she reached out and grabbed Artemis' bouncing tits with both of her hands, him fucking her face energetically made her entire body sway and rock with the momentum and power of his thrusts into her throat.

"Glurggh, glurggg, glurggg!" Despite finding it harder and harder to breath, Artemis began to start sucking around his cock, throwing Naruto over the edge as he felt a new clenching and sucking sensation of Artemis' throat around his cock, practically milking him. Eventually, the incredible feeling became too much for the blonde shinobi to handle, but the last straw came when Aphrodite wound her way in between his legs, twisting her body with practiced ease as her mouth latched onto his massive balls. With a particularly harsh thrust, smashing her face against his pelvis, Naruto began to cum, flooding Artemis' stomach with a massive dose of his seed. It was quite fortunate for the moon goddess that his cock was all the way down her stomach, because she didn't know if she would be able to keep up with the rate he was coming.

After a moment, Naruto started drawing his cock, slick and glistening with saliva, back and left it to hang just in front of Artemis' mouth, while the auburn haired goddess could only stare up at him in amazement. Aphrodite wasted no time to lean over and took his cock into her mouth to suck it clean, getting him ready to fuck Artemis and her the way she wanted to.

Before Artemis could come back to her senses, Naruto had scooped her up as if she was weightless and carried her over to the bed with Aphrodite following closely behind them. Standing in the center of the bed, Naruto then lowered Artemis down, sliding her toned booty over his cock before he moved his arms between her thighs and then spread them wide apart, at the same time lifting her back up until her knees were pinned back by her head, leaving her asshole wide open for his cock as he linked his hands at the back of her head, keeping her in a full-nelson hold against his chest.

"You want to be fucked hard, Artemis?" Naruto asked, whispering into her ear as Aphrodite kneeled down at his feet and used her hand to align his cock with Artemis's asshole, making the moon goddess shudder when she felt his swollen cock head push against the clenching rim of her backdoor "You got it!"

With a sudden impact that shook Artemis's entire body, Naruto dropped her down and simultaneously slammed his dick up into her ass, knocking the winds out of her lungs as Artemis particularly went cross-eyed with pleasure, shrieking like a banshee for the first time in her life as she came violently to the sudden and rather violent of his cock, squirting her juice all over Aphrodite's face, but the goddess of love was more than happy to take it, sticking out her tongue to take as much of her lesbian crush's juice as possible. With almost two third of his cock ramming in and out of her ass, it felt like Naruto was splitting her in two, and despite the intense pressure, Artemis felt nothing but intense, irresistible pleasure as Naruto fucked his cock up into her, sawing his monstrous penis repeatedly up her ass as he dropped and pulled her up with his thrust, muscles flexing powerfully as he shifted and moved his body almost tirelessly.

On the bed, Aphrodite spread her legs wide, dipping a hand down her front lewd body and beginning to masturbate openly at the lewd sight. Her fingers plunged in and out of her slick pussy, grasping her full heaving breasts with her other hand, shamelessly getting off on watching Naruto rut into Artemis' ass over and over again, focusing specifically on the way Naruto's was penetrating Artemis' ass, as his balls bounced and swayed between his thighs, churning up a vast amount of semen in preparation to dump into Aphrodite.

"Oh fuuccck!" Artemis moaned, losing her mind more and more with every thrust. The feeling of her asshole getting reshaped for real for the first time by Naruto's dick was driving her crazy. Naruto then widened his stance and started picking up the pace with even more speed and strength than before, drawing on Kyuubi's chakra to empower himself, making him move even faster and stronger than before. Artemis found herself gasping at the sudden force, crying out eventually when Naruto thrust his cock in deep into her one last time, tenting out of her stomach before he unloaded what felt like several gallons of semen into her divine body.

Spllrt! Spllrt! Spllrcch!

When he was done, Naruto yanked his cock out Artemis, her face twisting into a lewd, brainless ahegao expression. Semen poured out like a fountain from her gaping asshole, leaving her deflated even as she jerked and shocked in the aftermath of countless powerful orgasms. He then dropped her on the bed, giving her time to recompose herself, and moved over to Aphrodite, who had already spread her legs to him in invitation. The blond wasted no time to get on top of her in a dominating mating press position and immediately slammed into her pussy with one powerful thrust, his hips slapping against Aphrodite's ass his dick tunneled deep inside, spreading her open and railing into the back of her womb, tenting her stomach out with the cylindrical shape of his dick.

"Ahhhh! Fuck! You are so big! I'm fucking commmmingggg!" Aphrodite's eyes crossed and her legs twitched around his hips to squeeze weakly against Naruto as she experienced a mind melting orgasm, moaning like a bitch in heat as Naruto began to fuck her hard enough to make her body shake and her eyes roll back in her head, slamming his cock into her womb at a breakneck pace. His body was nearly a blur as his balls swung and smacked off of Aphrodite's pale, bubble buttocks as Naruto forced her legs up until they were on either side of her head, leaving her wide open to his assault, his cock thundering in and out of Aphrodite's gasping cunt with the same rough strength and speed he'd used on Artemis, and the goddess of sex soon found herself coming again and again.

He fucked her like that for well over an hour, and by the time Naruto had hilted himself inside of Aphrodite's tight, grasping pussy once more to start blowing a massive load directly against the back of her womb, Artemis had fully recovered and was now waiting for her turn again. Even after coming so many times that day, his load was still as great as ever, filling her up to the brim and then some with his jizz. Aphrodite's tongue stuck out of her mouth as came around him so hard she would have blacked out if she was a normal mortal woman, or even a lesser goddess.

Once Naruto had almost finished coming, he pulled his out, jerking his cock with one hand to blow several more fat ropes of sperm all over the front of her erotic bodies, getting his seed to crisscross on her face as she stuck out her tongue and tried to catch as much of the stuff as possible, before the final blast of his orgasm hit her square in the face and knocked her back gasping in pleasure under the sticky layer of thick chowder.

"If you are done fucking her, then how about you dump your load in here next?" Artemis asked, turning Naruto's attention over to her. He watched her swaying her hips from side to side while getting all four before him, her thick, lightly muscled yet incredibly feminine soft ass was on full display as she shook her hips back at Naruto, enticing him to come and take his prize. Fuck me hard, make me go cross-eyed. Make me your little bitch...if you can."

Just because one of her sacred animals was a wolf, what she just said sounded even sexier and more exciting than usual. So Naruto wasted no time to walk on his knees over to Artemis, taking a moment to admire the sheer mouth-watering expanse of her great ass, refined by her divinity and the thousands years of running in the wilderness. He then raised his hand, and spanked her ass from side to side, setting those firm cheeks wobbling before he thrust his hips forward, spearing his dick deep inside her pussy before he grabbed Artemis by her auburn hair, tugging back even as the power of his thrusts pushed her forward. Soon Artemis was moaning like a bitch in heat, as Naruto drilled into her hard enough to make the entire bed shake. Having gotten more used to his neck break pace, the moon goddess eagerly threw her hips back at Naruto, her pussy swallowing his cock up even as she was 'stabbed' over and over by Naruto's arm thick cock.

They fucked together in that rough doggy style position for nearly an hour, with Artemis cumming herself silly on his cock, eyes rolling back in her head. Her tits bounced and swung as her sexy, porcelain skin and insanely curvaceous body twisted and moved for Naruto's viewing pleasure. Naruto rode her like a wild animal, spurred on to go faster and deeper as he repeatedly smacked her thick ass. Another hour passed yet neither of them gave any signs of slowing down.

With one hand, Naruto yanked back on Artemis' hair while holding her wrists together behind her back as she eagerly took every punishing, deep thrust Naruto could dish out, cumming her brains out over and over again, happily kissing Aphrodite when she finally decided to join in with them. By now, Naruto had switched over to her ass, bottoming his cock out into her bowel as he continued to fuck her at an inhuman pace, before eventually, with a deep-throated grunt, he began to come inside her, filling her inside up with his massive virile loads. Artemis groaned as she felt all that hot jizz filling her ass up, painting her insides white as Naruto used her to get himself off, loving every second of it, feeling her body stretch out as her guts were swollen up from the sheer volume of his jizz.

Spllrt! Spllrt! Spllrt!

"Wait for it… wait for it!" Aphrodite chanted excitedly as she listened to the sounds of Naruto hosing her lesbian crush down with his semen, before eventually, with a sick groan, Artemis' body could contain no more, and she began to puke out Naruto's come from her mouth. "There you go!" Aphrodite cheered while clapping her hands, congratulating both Artemis and Naruto, who didn't slow his thrusts down in the slightest as he kept on railing the goddess of the hunt with his spurting dick. Aphrodite couldn't stop herself from cooing in adoration when she realized just how deeply and thoroughly Naruto had fucked Artemis, and her respect and lust for her master just soared to new heights.

End of Chapter 20

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