Well, this is long overdue

it's me, Empire of Joy. I got a new name. If you don't remember, i'm the faggot that hosted the angst contest. I never properly finished it, because I grew a distaste for smash bros and fanfiction as a whole. I also took a step back and took a good look at myself and my behaviour on this site, and I wasn't really pleased with what I saw. I'm still reading shit, but I really didn't want to do anything on the site, which is why I never ended my Contest. I did try multiple times just to get it done with, but I lost the document each time and gave up. Now I've given up on writing, contests and the like and now want to leave the days of me being trash behind

Now though, I've realised that I can't leave this behind without finishing it. I know all of you probably don't care anymore, but I might as well finish it anyways.

1st- Mind of Steel, Soul of Mourning

2nd- Silver fire

3rd- A game of chess

4th- Filthy casual

These stories were all decent, but here's some constructive critisism for stories half a year a go that probably doesn't apply to you all now

The dialogue in MoSSoM sounds really unnatural, Lucina's needs more commas

in MoSSom, Lucas' insistence that nobody understands him, while kind of realistic, is kind of annoying and there is definitely ways to make it seem like he's actually sad without making him seem like a whiny bitch

In SF some of the dialogue feels a bit cheesy and some cliche moments. pacing feels bad.

in AGoC some really noticeable spelling errors, the scene transitions are pretty bad ("now back to the chess game" feels terrible"), awkward changes from past tense to present tense.

In FC the dialogue is bad, having a character only speak in poyo doesn't really convey angst, too short, actually no angst whatsoever. Shana, come on. You've done it good before.

Apologies for dissapointing you all. good day.