Chapter 1: The Spread of Weirdmageddon

Once Bill Cipher shook Stanford Pines' hand, everything was over.

Bill entered his mind and took the formula needed to break through the barrier that contained all the weirdness of Weirdmageddon. When he got what he needed he stood up while still in Ford's body, at this point possessing him.

"Well, that was interesting! Now I can finally take my reign global!" the voice coming out of Ford Pines' mouth wasn't his own, but Bill's shrill tone. "As I had made a deal with Fordsy here, I'll let the rest of you Pines live…" The eyes that were Ford's were no longer his, but a yellow in color with a snakelike slit of a pupil. Now his eyes turned black with a yellow pupil. "Now, I suggest you leave before I change my mind!" Bill's voice echoed throughout the room as the building that was a giant pyramid started shaking, debris falling from overhead.

"But… Great Uncle Ford!" Dipper cried out, just barely dodging a huge chunk of rock.

Stan couldn't believe it… right until the end he argued with his twin brother. Right until the end Ford was being stubborn. And now… The End is happening.

"C'mon kids!" Stan shouted as he grabbed for both Mabel and Dipper's arms. "We... we need to go…!" he started running, the kids running with him.

"But… everything we did…!" Mabel was saying through her tears. "We did all of that to get Grunkle Ford and we're leaving him!"

"She's right, Grunkle Stan… we need to get Great Uncle Fo-" Dipper went to chip in but Stan cut him off with a furious tone as he suddenly stopped to face them.

"NO!" his scream was filled with anger, both the children jumped. "Ford made his choice! He said this was the only way to keep you kids safe! And I am going to make sure his sacrifice will not be in vain!" He kneeled down and put his left hand on Dipper's right shoulder and his right hand on Mabel's left shoulder. "You two are my only family left that I love and care about… I will protect you! I will get us through this somehow… Ford wanted you two safe and I will make damn sure I do!"

Both Dipper and Mabel gave their great uncle wide brown eyes, brimmed with tears. They both gave Stan a hug, and their uncle returned it wholeheartedly.

The pyramid shook violently again as Bill laughed manically. "I won! I have finally won! Ahahaha!" His laugh was high and shrill, and with each minute the shakes grew stronger and stronger.

Stan had led the kids out and they were now running though the wasteland that was once Gravity Falls. He glanced up at the sky as they ran, seeing the pyramid rise. The sky flashed like lightning, a thunderous clap followed. The pyramid broke through the barrier, the sky seemingly shattered in a ripple of a rainbow of colors. Bill's cackle filled the air itself as the pyramid grew smaller as it was going into the distance.

"Hurry kids, we need to get to the Shack!" Stan cried out. With a nod the children followed him to wear the Shack had fallen during its battle with Bill.

They entered the Shack through the front door, but everything was sideways. Whatever pictures were on the wall were now fallen and laying on the opposite wall that was now the floor. Cracks crawled over everything… splitting the wooden doorframes and walls. The Mystery Shack was no more… it was officially dead.

"Kids… I want you to pack whatever stuff you absolutely need!" Stan ordered. "I'm talking clothes, food, medicine, and toiletries!" He glances around, thinking what he needs to take himself. "Even… pictures. Whatever pictures you can find and you guys like… take it with you." He then walks away toward where his room was.

Stan opened the door where it opened to its side. He crawls in and sees everything was tipped and broken. The first thing he did was find a large suitcase and set it on the ground. Stan then found his pictures askew everywhere. There was a picture of himself and the twins at the lake fishing… then he found the picture of just the twins. He packed those immediately, a sad smile on his face. Will they ever have this kind of happiness again?

After packing the pictures Stan began putting clothes in the suitcase. It felt like he was running away again to start a new life. He had done that too many times to count. As he dug through the remains of his closet he found a small shoebox that he had forgotten he had put there. He opens it and see the pictures of himself and Ford as children, around Mabel and Dipper's age, standing in the boat they had found and were trying to rebuild, the Stan-o War. He puts that with his suitcase too.

He then gets a separate suitcase and goes to his safe. There he had his ten guns he owned that he had mentioned to Mabel he had. Over the years with the oddities of Gravity Falls Stan had bought and gathered guns, which was hard to do with his criminal record. He owned a few pistols, a few hunting rifles, a flare fun, and a couple of magnums. He had a lot of ammo as well as whenever he saw a decent price on them he just bought them and stocked up.

Stan had actually hoped that he would never have hold a gun in his hand to pull the trigger. Now with these demons running around thanks to Bill Cipher, Stan had to use them. He needed to protect the kids, and he most likely will have to teach them how to use them.

It's all for self-defense, Stanley. He thought to himself. He had no idea what he would do if those children got killed on his watch. He'd probably take one of the guns and shoot himself in the head if it had come to that.

He exits the room, the twins were waiting for him each having two suitcases, Mabel's pet pig Waddles sitting next to them. He gestures to them it was time to go and they all leave the Shack for the last time.

The walk to where the Shack used to be before turning it into a giant fighting robot seemed long and slow. Once they were there Stan's heart dropped seeing the giant hole in the ground where his home and business was for the past 30 years.

It seemed that it was the thing that finally made it sink in for Stan…

Everything was over.

Stan found the RV that he took with the kids to prank the other Oregon tourist traps and piled them all on. He had the keys in his suit jacket and started the RV with ease. With his heart heavy, he said a mental goodbye to his home and began to drive away.

Weirdmageddon was spreading… and the first stop Stan was making was to Piedmont, California to pick up the kids' parents.

He floored on the gas, passing the sign that read, "Now Leaving Gravity Falls! Come Visit Again Soon!"