Chapter 28: Head into the Unknown

Three months had passed since that day, the day that Weirdmageddon finally ended.

The Pines family stayed in Gravity Falls, Oregon, as did many of the people of their large survivors group. They didn't want to travel anymore after being on the road for so long, it was nice to be in a nice stable place. The Pines rebuilt the Mystery Shack, bringing it back to its glory, the gift shop filled with its usual fake attractions.

It turned out that a lot of people survived Weirdmageddon, they were just good at hiding. Mabel's friends Grenda and Candy were up north in Canada with their families to stay safe, finally returning home to see their friend safe and sound. The other teenagers that Robbie and Wendy had hung out with had also been in hiding, traveling in Thompson's van fighting small demons. Wendy's younger brothers had been traveling separately with some of Manly Dan's lumber jack friends, to keep them safe while he had fought to get Wendy back

Gravity Falls was slowly turning back to normal, everyone trying to forget what had happened. Mayor Tyler had a memorial built in honor of some brave people that had given their lives trying to save the world from Weirdmageddon, one of the names being Bud Gleeful, which left Gideon teary-eyed.

There were a lot of orphaned children that were left with no family, no home to start anew in. Pacifica had cleaned up the manor and opened its doors to them, letting them live with her in the large manor. She also enlisted widowed wives, or women who lost their families to live there as well to help take care of the children, making both the children and the women happy. The Northwest name was starting to change, to be better than what Pacifica's parents had done with it before, making her smile to herself at how much she had changed.

The Gravity Falls schools decided to hold a reboot course so to speak, to help the kids who were traveling for so long catch up on school work. Ford had volunteered to be an instructor for the students to help them catch up, thanks to his vast knowledge. No kid complained, some kids, even Wendy, were glad to have something as normal as school come back. As kids caught up with school work, Dipper and Mabel had taken placement tests, them being considered higher in schooling than most of them.

"Told you books were a good thing," Dipper had told his sister when they had gotten their results back, referring to when he forced her to read some of his books during their travels.

Dipper had slowly been getting more of his memories back. He wrote them all down in a series of journals, just in case he had lapse he could refer to them again. So far he had no memory of Bill or Weirdmageddon at all, not even remembering any of the monsters he had fought. But once in a while if he saw blood he would just freeze and look at it, his face pale. He had remembered the little events of Weirdmageddon, such as reading all his books, the jokes Grunkle Stan made, the sweaters Mabel made him, and he remembered all his hunting trips. He had even remembered the conversation he had with Pacifica about their crushes on each other.

And Mabel and her grunkles couldn't be happier that Dipper remembered nothing of what Bill made him do.

He gained his weight back and his injuries were treated, the doctors of Gravity Falls returning or some new ones that wished to settle helping him. Looking at him you wouldn't believe that he had ever killed anyone.

Summer finally came, the warm air of Oregon was fresh and crisp. The younger and older twins explored the forest together as a family while Soos, Melody, and Wendy ran the shop. On the lake they all would go fishing on a new version of the Pines-O-War, the flag Mabel and Ford had designed flying proudly in the wind.

August came and was passing, a new school year coming up to where everyone was caught up in their schooling. Dipper and Mabel were going into their freshmen year of high school, going to Gravity Falls High, both excited and nervous at the same time. They were technically allowed to skip a grade or two because of their tests, but they decided to just progress normally.

The twins were finally turning fifteen, them holding a party at the Mystery Shack. As they blew out their candles, everyone cheered. George giving a kiss to Mabel, Stan giving the boy a threatening glare in the process, and Pacifica giving Dipper a hug and a peck on his cheek. Ford laughed at Stan's facial expression about Mabel's boyfriend kissing her, then him giving a wink and thumbs up to the blushing Dipper from his little romance.

The following week school was beginning to start, Dipper and Mabel standing in front of the large school. Dipper wore a nice blue shirt, his pine tree hat sitting proudly on his head, him wearing nicer jeans and black shoes. Mabel wore a summer dress that she sewed together herself, the dress a regal purple color, her traditional shooting star design in the center, and her wearing black flats.

George and Pacifica stood next to them, both dressed nicely for the occasion of starting a new school year. Pacifica wore a similar outfit to Mabel, but her dress a lovely sky blue with no design, and George wearing a green dress shirt with black dress pants.

The bell tolls, signaling that school was beginning. The four entered the building, being greeted by a series of cheers and whoops. Wendy and the gang was waiting for them in the main hallway of the school.

"Welcome to the hell known as High School!" Wendy cheers, her wearing a green flannel shirt with her lumberjack hat as usual. She gave a loud whoop and did a fist bump in the air.

"I'm glad to be back in school," Mabel says, something that she never had said before. "It feels… normal."

Dipper nods. "Agreed." He states as he nods his head.

"It's better than just sitting around doing nothing," Pacifica adds. "The world needs to move forward after what happened."

A crackle of static interrupts them overhead. "Welcome back to Gravity Falls High School. Please may the Pines Twins, Pacifica Northwest, George Grand, Wendy Corduroy, Gideon Gleeful, and Robbie Valentino please report to the gymnasium please?"

"Wow… first day of school and we are already being summoned somewhere?" Dipper questions, him giving an eye-roll.

"Well… we might as well find out, Dip'n Dot." Mabel says cheerily, giving Dipper a slug on his shoulder, causing him to move forward and his hat almost falls off.

The group slowly walks to the gym, them wondering why they are being summoned. They walked into the gym, the room with high ceilings and poor lighting, their shoes squeaking against the floor. Once inside they saw a large looking canvas on the west wall, it colored with the symbols from the wheel and added friends to the side.

"What's… going on?" Dipper questions slowly, seeing that a camera was set up and special lights to enhance photos.

Ford and Stan stood off to the side and once they saw the group they approached him. "Hello, kids." They both said in unison, something they rarely did.

"Grunkle Stan, Grunkle Ford, what's going on?" Mabel asks them, her peering aroundthem to see the equipment.

"A photo," Ford says. "A photo for the yearbook." McGucket was then heard from the ceiling, everyone peering up to see him wandering on the panels. Soos was trying to convince the man to get down, but McGucket laughed. "Fiddleford… get down please, the kids are here." McGucket then drops down from a rope, a big smile on his face.

"Why a photo for the yearbook?" Pacifica then asks, her green eyes wide with curiosity.

"To mark the year of a new start," Stan then states. "I've had my fair share of many new starts, but today is going to mark a good one for the better. This photo is going to celebrate the heroes of the world."

"We're even sending a copy of the photo to the other schools that have opened up across the world." Ford continues. "A lot of people went into hiding to survive, so the death poll according to recent counts has only been about a million people… yes, that is a lot… unfortunately…" Ford then gets sad look across his face, something Dipper was confused about.

"We even got Manly Dan and Melody here as well, since they helped." Stan continues on for Ford, noticing his pause. "We're all a part of this… even… George." He glares at the dark blonde, the boy giving a sheepish smile and giving a little wave.

Ford shakes his head, getting rid of his thought of death. "Alright, everyone line up!" he calls out, gesturing for everyone to follow.

With a smile on their faces, Dipper and Mabel ran up to the canvas, seeing the other lining up as well. Stan and Ford stood in the back in the center, side by side, both draping an arm over the other's shoulders. Manly Dan stood to the far left next to Stan, Wendy in front of him, with his hand on her shoulder with Robbie standing next to her. Soos and Melody stood next to Ford, the couple holding hands with a huge smile on their faces, Gideon in front of them. McGucket places himself somehow behind and above Stan and Ford, the twins not even questioning it.

George stood behind Mabel, a little to the left in front of Stan, and Pacifica stood a little behind Dipper to the right. The twins were in the front and center, holding each other's hand like they had done for photos when they were younger.

"Alright, in a count of three say cheese!" the photographer calls out. Everyone gets into a position and gives huge smiles. "1…"

"Ready to head into the unknown?" Dipper asks his sister, his smile big and pure.


"No," Mabel replies, smiling back. "But let's do it."


The younger twins spread apart a little, only joined by their hands, as they made a pose, their free hands sticking straight up into the air. "La!" the two shouted, as they had done as children, with huge smiles as the flash from the lights momentarily blinded them.

The photo captured all their pure happiness, something they thought they wouldn't ever get again.

And together, they all headed into the unknown of the future.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: OMG IT HAS ENDED! I was tearing up at this... I'm such a sap...

But thank you, thank you all, for reading this. We all went on a journey together, our love of "Gravity Falls" making us feel so much. We all went through emotional rollercoasters during the show, and now through this fanfiction as well.

This was a joy to write, and I'm happy that so many people enjoyed it.

I'm going to write more, so stay tuned for eventual projects!

~Skye Hendersen~