Meanwhile, we arrived back safely where we had a celebration. "Do you want to talk about it?" asked Timmy. "I wouldn't." I said as I held Danny's hand. Beast Boy and SpongeBob were hanging out with girls. Cyborg was busy eating and Raven and Musa were sponsors for gum. Then the mayor of Tokyo appeared with a box of medals. We all bowed. "For protecting our city and the innocent, and for arresting Daizo, I award the members with medals as they are the new heroes of Tokyo." said the mayor. Everybody cheered again. "So I guess we have to go home now." said Beast Boy. "I would love seeing this place again sometime." said Will. "Yeah, me too." said Hay Lin. "Okay, next time we're going to Mexico." said SpongeBob. Everybody stared at him angrily and Raven slapped his head.