Meanwhile, the Band Members went into their hideout and saw it destroyed. "What a mess." said Musa. "I can renew my car. I can repair my tower, but the bed?! I can't look." said Cyborg. "It's okay, Cyborg." said Danny, comforting him. "Well, this place isn't gonna clean itself." said Raven as she started cleaning up. "Seriously, when was the last time we took a vacation?" asked SpongeBob. "Never. We're heroes, SpongeBob. We don't need vacations." said Tim. "If anybody needs us, you know where to look." said Robin G. as the robins left. The man, known as Saico-Tech, disappeared, leaving the whole place wet. "This doesn't feel right. People can't just disappear." said Tim. "We can't find him either." said Cyborg & Raven. "Perhaps Saico-Tech teleported somewhere." said Danny. "If he can teleport, we need to know where he's going." said Robin A. "Maybe he needed some time off." said Beast Boy. "What do we do now?" asked Taranee. "I'm not sure. This Brushogun attacked our home. We need to find out where he lives, and bring him to justice. Pack your things. We're heading for Tokyo." said Robin G. "Sweet! We're going on vacation!" said SpongeBob & Beast Boy. The Band Members packed their things and headed outside. Then they all headed out. Beast Boy had to go to the bathroom. So they stopped for a little break. Then, SpongeBob and Beast Boy did a little planning and they decided to pick on everyone else, even Raven. But Raven beated them up, and soon enough, they arrived at Tokyo, Japan, Robin A.'s old home.