"Band Members, the Troopers aren't real. They're made of ink." I said. "Which means we don't have to fall back." said Cyborg. The Commander started running away from the building. Until Robin G. and I caught up with him. "There's no way you can win this fight. I am already a hero." said Daizo. "I've seen heroes before, and I've seen villains, too. And trust me, you are totally not a hero." I said. The commander jumped into the machine. He became Brushogun and destroyed the building. We all got out safely. "This is gonna be one heck of a stain when this is over." said Cyborg. "What do we do now?" asked Timmy. "Erase him." I said. "Band Members, go!" said Danny. Brushogun started making minions. We began to attack. Danny started to go straight for Brushogun. "How do I stop him?" Danny asked the old man. "You must remove me from this machine." said the old man. Danny tried to pull him out, but he was stuck. He went inside Brushogun. The villain started to laugh evilly and grabbed Jaden and Chiro and Robin G. Then suddenly, he started to break. "What's happening?" asked Aang. "Brushogun's curse is breaking." said Raven. Then Danny jumped out with the old man. "You saved me." said the old man before disappearing. And then Brushogun began to explode. It was huge. But we all survived. "Is everyone okay?" I said. "I'm okay." said Beast Boy. "Me too." said SpongeBob. "But where's Robin G.?" asked Batman. Then a hand appeared. "Robin!" I said. I ran over to him and pulled him out of the ink. "Robin." I said. He was unconscious for a moment, but woke up a few seconds later. "Are you okay?" I asked. "I am now." said Robin G. Then it was raining. "Maybe I was wrong before." I said. "You were?" asked Danny. "Maybe we are more than heroes." I said. "Allison, stop talking." said Danny. Then we hugged. "Well, it's about time." said Cyborg. "Group hug!" said SpongeBob. Then we arrested Commander Daizo.