When we reached the Juniors' hallway. Danny used his Lock-On to open the lockers. There wasn't anything in one of them. "They're all empty." said Danny. "Great. Now what do we do?" asked Chiro. "Let's look in the classrooms. Chiro, you look in 310. Danny, look in 514, and I'll look in 605." I said. We split up and looked the classrooms. Chiro in 310 looked around with his Power Primate glow because it was dark inside. "Chiro? Is that you?" asked a voice in the dark. "Robin A.? Where are you?" asked Chiro. "By the teacher's desk." said Robin G. Chiro looked in the teacher's desk and there they were. "So glad that you found us. Where's Allison and Danny?" asked Robin A. "They're in the other classrooms looking for the other Band Members." said Chiro.