"Should we split up again?" asked SpongeBob. "There's no way we're splitting up again." said Robin A. "Besides, we could end up captured like last time." said Aang. "Let's look in Room 402 first." I said. We went in Room 402, and didn't find anything. "What now?" asked Tim. "Room 605." said Ash. The same thing happened. "This is confusing and crazy at the same time. We'll never find him." said Timmy. "Sure we will." said Robin G. "Hey guys! Check this out." said Danny. We all followed his voice in 401. "We found him." said Batman. El Tigre was lying on the floor, unconscious and blood making its way out of his chest. "He must've got shot by Commissioner Gordon." said Danny. "That fiend!" said SpongeBob. "Freeze!" said a voice. It was the commissioner. "Any ideas? He has his gun and he'll shoot us." said Timmy. "I got a plan. You get El Tigre out of here." said Tim. "What are you going to do?" asked Danny. "Danny, Chiro, I might need you Power Primates." said Tim. Danny and Chiro turned into their animal forms. "Fascinating!" said Commissioner Gordon as he started to take notes. "Now hit him." said Tim. They punched him and Gordon fell to the ground. "How did they do that?" asked Commissioner Gordon. "They got powers. Unlike me who doesn't." said Tim.