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Pein carried the newly dubbed Sakura outside the dark and damp house. He wondered what possessed him to take this little girl. He looked at her again. She had a slightly large forehead and from what he saw, green emerald eyes. Her hair was too covered in blood to tell what color it was. He looked at the burnt village and turned toward the Akatsuki. "Let's go."

They nodded and soon the only things that proved they were there were smoke and dead bodies. Pein shifted Sakura on his back as he ran through the trees to the hideout. Konan ran beside him. He could sense Konan's curiosity even without seeing her directly. "What is it Konan...?"

"Why did you bring her along...?"

Pein snuck a glance at her. "I thought you loved children."

"I do, but that's not the point. A child does not belong in the Akatsuki. I don't want her to die just when we've gotten attached." she said quietly. "I don't want to lose someone again."

Pein flinched inwardly and moved himself so that he ran closer to her. "She will not die. She's an Akatsuki after all."

Konan regarded the man she considered God. "Alright Pein. I will trust you on this."

He merely smirked. "When have I ever let you down...?"

Sakura woke up on the orange haired man's back. A blue haired woman smiled gently at her. "Hello Sakura. My name is Konan. This is Pein..."

She regarded them with intelligent eyes. She nodded. Then Sakura noticed where they were. It was like a large castle complete with furnishing. The men she saw were talking and stretching.

Konan noticed where she was looking and called the Akatsuki over. "All of you, come here!" she called.

They obeyed and Konan introduced them. "This is the Akatsuki. I'll point them out to you."

Sakura looked over at the men Konan pointed at. "Those over there are Uchiha Itachi and Hoshigaki Kisame – the blue man-, over there, Akasuna no Sasori and Deidara, then, finally, those are Hidan, Kakuzu and Tobi. You already know me Pein and me."

She nodded silently, examining the men in the room.
Konan reached out to her. Sakura flinched visibly and Konan hesitated. "I won't hurt you," she cooed," Let's get you in a bath..."

Finally after a lot of coaxing, Sakura was in Konan's arms to go to a bath. Konan stripped the tiny five-year old of her clothes and put her in the tub. All the blood washed off her hair as Konan rubbed shampoo on it. Konan noticed with delight her hair was pink. With all the blood off, Sakura was a really adorable child; but Konan also noticed all the bruises. She inwardly scowled but put a smile on for the pinkette. Sakura was now staring in fascination at Konan's flower. The older woman immediately noticed and saw how sweet she looked when staring in fascination. Konan quickly dried her up and rummaged in her closet. "I should have a dress for you Sakura!" Konan said.

Sakura watched as Konan pulled out a pretty dark blue kimono embroidered with light pink flowers. Konan swiftly dressed the girl in the dress and smiled gently," You look adorable Sakura!"

Sakura smiled shyly and clung to Konan's arm, deeming her safe. Konan, instead of getting irritated, merely brought her closer. They went to the living room. They all turned at the noise of the door opening and closing. They mostly paid attention to the little girl hiding behing Konan's leg.

Deidara gave a grin, "Hey danna! She has pink hair! She really is a Sakura!"

Sakura immediately hid behind Konan at their loud voices. Konan once again coaxed her out. Once again Sakura hid.
Just not with Konan. Having already deemed Pein safe, she ran to him and hid behind his large stature. He gave a small grin at her actions. Kisame came forward grinning with his fearsome teeth.

"Hey, we're not that bad!" he joked.

Sakura immediately deemed him safe –simply because he looked like a fish, and Sakura thought are fishes were safe- as well as judging him with his joke. She clung to him next. He reeled back, surprised. He had never been hugged by children before; but he grinned, patting the girl's head. Sakura at first froze but finally relaxed. She clung to the ex-Mist nin's leg for an hour or two, much to everyone's amusement. They were already taken by the sweet girl despite her wariness and stiff actions. They smiled as Sakura refused to let go of Kisame's leg and laughed when she merely switched to Pein's leg or Konan's.

As they watched her, they now had one goal in mind.

'Protect her.'

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