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This story is a continuation of the prank war from Earth and Breaking the Habit. So be sure to check those again before reading this one! Or it will make little to no sense... :/

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Dousing him in white wine was miserable, but it wasn't the worst that could be done.

Sure, it burned his skin. And yes, its smell took ages to remove. But it wasn't entirely repulsive. He drank wine, on occasion, and he appreciated its taste. He had despised the situation, but he had not despised the means of torment itself.

He could top that.

Aragorn sat perched on the back of a straight wooden chair. The window was closed. The light outside the glass seemed to grow hazy as he watched it. To him, the situation was relaxing, casual, almost pleasant, like a cleaner version of the taverns he would occasionally frequent.

Legolas, however, would despise every aspect of this altered environment.

Aragorn was smoking in Legolas' bedroom.