"They would be massive, large enough to hold anyone and everyone within themselves. They would have plush seats, with large wheels constantly turning at immense speed to propel it forward. And it would regulate temperature! Cool in the warm months, cold in the winter—Oh, there would be glass windows, so you could see all the trees as well, elf—and they would move faster than a horse! Why, with one of these the whole Fellowship could reach Mordor in less than a week, with no discomfort! Now, that would be an invention worthy of Dwarvish fires!"

Legolas turned to Gimli, staring incredulously. "If you are truly that exhausted, Master Dwarf, we can stop to rest."

At this Gimli turned beet red. "A dwarf? Exhausted? We dwarves are natural sprinters. Were the distance a bit less, I could easily outrun any elf!"

Aragorn sighed. This was going to be a very long trip.