Hello, everybody; ModernDayBard here (again). I thought it best, since the prologue is extremely short, to post this in tandem with the series intro/cast list. Should this be popular enough to warrant the rest of the series being written, rest assured that no order is set—each play is a self-contained work.
Disclaimer: The plot and characters of Twelfth Night are the brainchildren of one Mr. William Shakespeare, the translation I am using for the dialogue is from Spark Note's No Fear Shakespeare series (I highly recommend the resource for those still getting used to the language), and the actions and costumes I describe, are based on the 2012 Cornerstone Youth Theater Program's presentation. The only things I claim to own are the backstories I invented for these characters, and the words with which I narrate.

This is the picture before the pictures, one we do not see with our eyes, but one we form from what we hear: torrential rain splattering against raging waves, unstoppable, howling wind, and the ever-present growl of thunder. Perhaps we hear the creak of wood or the faintest thrum as wind meets rope, but our first definite assurance that there is indeed, a ship somewhere on this storm-tossed sea is a dreadful creak and crash as the ill-fated vessel is split by nature's rage.

In our mind's eye, we see clear as day the great vessel go down, and we can only wonder who was aboard, what tragic stories will surface with the wreckage when at last the storm abates, what poor unfortunates may have survived, and what they may have lost.

The sounds fade out, and we are lost in our melancholic musing—how could the sounds of tragedy, painting such a bleak picture, ever be the proper opening to what was promised as a comedy…?