Hello and welcome!

So here I am and once again redoing some things, I have finally got everything together I can and made it a bit easier then last time.

I will not be over loading jutsu and losing track of what I was doing this time.

Also I will be holding a small hidden contest to witch is to say what have I based my new story off of.

I fully expect it will be easy as its rather well known both of them.

Also with my new story I will taking RTN Hinata out and replacing her with Ophis form high school DxD, her style will rather be OOC but still somewhat close OC style I have planed for her.

This will be a three girl story this time.

Now for what I always kept hinting at, my Self insert behavior. When you die, it depends on how you die, with regrets you end up rather jaded and emoish if you actually live thru it, now imagine having no regrets and not simply caring when you die, can you see what type of attitude you would have if your a jaded emo with regrets? Well I can and what I see is what I normally act like, a ass hat, that has a foul mouth and doesn't show respect simply because its demanded its earned after all.

Why am I respectful to the shimigami if I say its earned is what some will be asking? Well think about her damn job for one, having to always deal with dead people who can be rather assholeish, demanding to let go and let them live, or the emos, the jaded, the pitiful, assholes galore. Also think of it still, always alone, or never with friends or family for very long always having work almost 24/7, and then think about the end of time itself, she will be the last one left, no family, no friends, turning out all the lights, stacking all the chairs, cleaning up everything, then finally getting rest. I think that deserves some respect as well.

I hope that has cleared up some questions that was asked of me while I was planing out the story guys, so shout out to ya you know who you are hahaha.

Now im going to give you a small sample of what the character sheet will look like so here you go!












Physical Atk. 4-6

Physical Def. 3

Attack Rate 1.25

Speed 5.2

Evasion 30

Accuracy 40

Stealth lvl 1

Stealth detection 1

This is level one and yes, it will be a assassin based story, so most of the moves and powers will be based off actual moves form the game and story line I may add my own personal touch later when hes more powerful and stronger so that he can earn it heh heh.

Now further a due here is my new redone story lol

The Assassin Simon Damon aka Shi

Assassin Shi

So have you ever noticed that death is not as it always appears to be? That we have no real understanding of what it actually means for someone? Think about it we all live, we all do things, we all try to understand, and we all die. Now what does it mean for those that have died? No one known because those that die, never tell us what to expect, they can not tell us what really happens, they can not give hints, say anything about it, or even leave us a story for us to be prepared. Death is the only true unknown.

So when I died I was hit by a drunk driver when I tried to save someone life. My reward, pain unfathomable, the crushing of my bones, the blood everywhere the solid glass and metal objects piercing my skin, veins, muscles, and bone. Now I know what your thinking, but it was not just the car that hit me, I also became sexually accosted by a building as well.

I know right! Damn dirty raping building!

All of this was not that bad really, what I saw just before I died, now that was what really got me. My wife and my best friend, together on a date, behind my back, her hand jacking him off under the table, while caught, they knew it was me, and that I couldn't do anything really, a broken body, now the love of my life along with my best friend, doing this really upset me, but as I lay there I used everything I had to give them one final message, with my broken arm, hand, and fingers, laughing as I drown in my own blood, I give them the only true thought in my head, finding the whole thing just so damn funny!

I give them the finger.


That is right!

I flip them the damn fucking bird for their betrayal and I laugh while doing! HA HA HA! Of course, my blood is pouring form my mouth and splattering all over their faces! I died with a smile on my face my middle finger standing tall, and literally spiting my own blood into their faces, what more could a guy like me ask for in death. A smile, a good laugh, revenge, even thou it is minor, I am happy with it. Now I know what your thinking, but no. there is no white light at the end of the tunnel, no shadows coming and pulling me into the darkness, no invisible man telling me I touched myself to much and I won't join his little cloud club. Just me in the world that is slightly darker then normal and foggy, with some hot ass woman standing next to me...wait what!

Okay so hot woman next to me, now that I can get used to!

She was perfect in my eyes, long pale white skin, long black hair, down to her waist in a pony tale. Soft full black lips, and her eyes pure darkness, her finger nails long and clawish. A simple black strap dress covering a full hourglass figure.

Shinigami: so, that was a thing wasn't it? What was with the total insane acting thing? I have to say you are taking this way better then I thought you would, more then I ever could of ever hoped you would take this.

Simon: well I have to say, you are absolutely a treat to see here in this place, and as for that, yeah kinda broke there not my best moment I have to say, but then again, I can not seam to really care.

Shinigami: ah well I see your one of those types, the ones who seam to change after death but I have to say you seam to not care, and I enjoy that, makes everything easier for my end. My name is Shini by the way its short for shimigami, yes as in goddess of death not god of death, why im depicted as a man I will never know.

Simon: well im pretty sure you know who I am beautiful, so why are we here, gonna send me away or am I stuck here, not that the company is bad or anything.

Shini: I have a deal for you simon, I want to as they say, play a game, you will be the player, I will give you what you need, and impress me, I will offer you a prize what ever you want, even if its a return to life. Think carefully as once its set, that is what you will be getting. Are you interested?

Simon: what type of game we playing Shini and what will I be doing?

He asked interested in what was being offered to him, the idea of anything he wanted, he had a crazy idea alright, one that will be getting him in trouble he just knew it but for the well I guess I should say unlife of him right now, he just did not give a flying fuck, yep not a single fuck to give for caring.

Shini: you will be in a game world of naruto, one you are familial with yes? Good, cause if not, then oh well, but I will leave design of your new avatar up to you, as well as how you customize your class, what you will do in the game, the objective is to win it, the story line is almost the same just some differences for creative ingenuity of course. So what type of prize do you want?

Simon: your kinda a asshole you know that, but then again, I could care less and find it absolutely adorable by the way. Yes I know it, and you really want me to die quickly again don't you? As for my prize, its rather simple, you will be my prize. Not as a slave or anything, if that is what just sprung in your mind, but as my lover. Beauty such as yours I can not ignore.

For once shini was speechless with wide eyes, well that was certainly out of left field and totally unexpected! He did not want new life, or to get into heaven or even hell he just wanted her? Well that was certainly doable, he could stay here in limbo with her once he was done. Interesting she was thinking to herself, she never had a boy friend or anything before shes up for new experiences just like anyone else, so why not she thought to herself. Smirking to herself she gives him a laptop.

Shini: this is what you will use to make your avatar, just know, you will be changed into it permanently so make it a good one, and as for the prize you already got me interested, I will pop in form time to time to try a courtship or date as they say now a days, you win you will spend your time with me never apart, always with me, here in limbo is that acceptable to you simon?

Taking a moment to think it he nods to himself, he smiles once again, she was liking the idea so much she just already gave him the prize, just had to play his cards right now, so taking a note form her looks he gets a solid image in his mind of what he will look like to compliment her.

Simon: sure thing shini love, once I am finished how will I be loaded into the game so to speak?

Shini: oh once your done you will black out, then once you wake up you will be in the world I made for the game so try to be kick ass, there will be rewards, and remember, if you die, you will be reset to a last auto save point, the game will be long, the only way to lose is if the main bad guy wins. So final boss is a one shot only, no continues or retries, but how ever many you need up till that point so get strong and a little tip, no pain no gain lover boy.

She begins to fade but just before shes fully gone, she kisses his cheek with a small smile. While he looks down at it he takes note of how it looks and smiles himself, he knows what the game is based off of, and he used to love to play it. Typing away like a demon was after him and his life depended on it, he begins.

Lets see here,

6 foot tall, check

eye color blood red completely, check

225 pounds of lean tightly compacted muscle, check

long blood red hair done in pony tale to small of my back, check

sighs, 16 years old, check

O-katana for primary weapon, check

As for clothing think of cloud in advent children. Colors were the same black and silver metal parts, open chest thou no under shirt or anything making it look like a upgraded sephiroth style really huh go cloud now that think about it haha.

Simon: Oh yeah, I do have a little thing about always wanting to been as cool as that guy. Go figure huh!

As for the game itself he noticed it had two types so far form the info hes seen, one hes played a while the other is his favorite type a smile as evil as he can get hes gonna enjoy this way to much. He gets his skills set up and done as much as he can little back story for history never know if its able to be scanned or looked into with the naruto world, so hes finally set!

Now to see how its all looks like...












Physical Atk. 4-6

Physical Def. 3

Attack Rate 1.25

Speed 5.2

Evasion 30

Accuracy 40

Stealth lvl 1

Stealth detection 1


Elemental Mastery

Wind Lv:1

Fire Lv:1

Practice your elements to gain use of them in your regular attacks, and class skill attacks, using your element in practice or combat increases lvl, higher lvl means more bonus damage depending on elements.

Twin Strike

class skill

special lvl points required to upgrade lvl

thrust both daggers into your enemy for double damage of weapons, +100 damage for skill lvl.

Puncture Wound

class skill

special lvl points required to upgrade lvl

Stab deep into enemy with weapon for base damage, causes bleeding status witch is +10 damage for skill lvl until status is taken care of.

Slipstream Strike

class skill

special lvl points required to upgrade lvl

double speed stat to get in triple physical atk for critical, +100 damage for skill lvl.

Shadow Walk

Activates your stealth lvl and increases it by 1, +1 lvl for skill lvl.

{clothing, shoes, noise you make and around you increases or decreases stealth lvl}

Kuni/Shurinken Mastery {passive} Lv:1

Proficient with throwing weapons, 15% increase to accuracy, +5% for skill lvl.

Observe Lv:1

scan people, items, & places for information, also helps against genjutsu, higher lvl reveals more detailed information and detects higher lvl genjutsu.

Kage Bushin Lv:1

creates physical clones of yourself that can gather information and attack, destroyed in one hit, uses 50 mp a clone created, can use all your skills, max 5, can increase max by 1 for every lvl.

Regular Shunshin Lv:1

super fast teleport to a area you have been to outside of battle, uses 100 mp, limited to 10 miles, can increase range by 2 miles for every lvl.

Kawarimi Lv:1

replace yourself with a near by object, uses 5 mp, 1 mile, higher lvl gives you more things to replace with as well as further range.

Kage Henge Lv:1

advance henge that is solid instead of illusion literally becoming what you change into, uses 150 mp, lasts for one hour or until released, higher lvl gives more time to time limit.

Fuinjutsu {passive} Lv:1

create all sorts of seals to use, mp depending on seal made, higher lvl unlocks more advanced seals to further use.

Well I can use all the skills to this point but im not very good at them due to my low mana, but once I lvl up a few times ill get better and better then ill be able to grind some in battles, I just can not wait to see how things go for now, I know my first few fights will be rather tough with such low numbers but other then that im all game for it. So I guess its time to get it going, I also couldn't help but notice I will start with a slip of paper that has some strange seal on it can not wait to see what that does!

I guess its time for me to black out so that way when I wake up ill be all set to kick some ass or chew some bubble gum...and im all out of bubble gum!

Well this is how im going to start it up my friends, so now that I have the chapter out im going to rest a bit and get things ready for the next chapter witch will have a actual fight in it, promise guys lol.