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Young Harry Potter's life was hell. His uncle the Fatass, his aunt the Bitch and his cousin the baby Whale all took great pleasure in causing him pain both mental and physical. Not that his uncle tried after the first time when his arm was shattered. His aunt took great pleasure in causing him pain. Often hitting him over the head with a frying pan, belittling him and just making his life a living hell by existing. His cousin was the worst as he could get away with the most since his parents could just use the excuse 'it's just boys being boys'.

Harry believed they hated him for his powers. Of course he knew about them you would have to in denial or mentally retarded to not notice them. Come on do they think he was stupid he once tried to jump behind a garbage can to hide from his cousin and ended up on the roof of a 3 story building. On a day when there was so little wind that not even the flags moved. Did they expect him to believe that bullshit about the wind carrying him, or that time he turned his teacher's hair blue, he was 8 not an idiot. He did a have a little control over his powers not much but he found by using his anger he could use them which was good considering he was almost always angry.

Harry finally had enough of it when his cousin broke a toy train that was given to him as a gift. Harry often got into fights at school his relatives did not care in fact they almost encourage it. As all it did was prove their point about him being a delinquent. His fights were always with bullies as he hated them with a passion. Last week when he beat up a bully from picking on a little kid the kid handed him a toy train as a gift for helping him. Not that he knew what a gift was but he saw that Harry wasn't happy and getting things always made him happy do he gave Harry the train. Dudley saw the train and tried to take when Harry said it was his, Dudley responded by throwing it against the fireplace shattering it. "Freaks don't deserve toys." Dudley laughed before letting out a cry of pain as Harry tackled him to the ground.

As the two of them wrestled on the ground Petunia came in to see what the noise was about "what is going on in here?" Before seeing Harry and Dudley fighting on the ground. Her face instantly darkened "BOY what are you doing with my Duddykins?" She shrieked "How dare you put your freak hands on him?" She picked up the nearest thing to hit the child. It happened to be a hot poker that was used to stoke the fire. Without a second thought she swung it at Harry slashing him across the face.

Clasping his face in pain her glared at his aunt, "You bitch!" He cried out in pain. Unknown to him his magic was dulling the pain.

Petunia backed up when she saw his eyes they were not the beautiful green that she despised they were an angry blood red that made her see her death a thousand times over.

Harry got up and bolted to the door not even realizing his magic had blasted it open before he even touched the handle. Running outside into the rain he made it halfway to the edge of the lawn before collapsing to the ground in pain his magic no longer able to dull it. Holding the right side of his face he let out a roar of anger. His anger was amplified by both his own magic and the horcrux within him. A magical beings anger was incredibly dangerous as it was amplified by their magic making it much more potent than a normal person even a rage filled serial killer had nothing on an enraged magical.

As he roared in rage a red ring flying by the earth felt it and adjusted its course. The ring was made to seek out the nearest and largest source of rage and this target had much more than the previous.

As Harry let lose his rage his magic reacted burning everything in 5 foot radius to ash. "Harry Potter of Earth you have within you great rage. Welcome to the Red Lantern Corps."

Looking up he saw a red ring with a strange symbol in the middle. He gave a pained chuckle "It seems the pain has made me crazy." Pulling himself up to one knee he coughed. "well if I'm going crazy might as well not resisted the inevitable." He grasped the ring from the air and was enveloped in a red light.

When it cleared his pain had dulled for a moment before coming back a thousand fold. Collapsing to the ground he spit up blood. Inside him a war was going on between the red ring, the horcrux and the blood wards. The ring and wards were working to get rid of the parasite within him. Ironic that the very thing that called the ring to him would be destroyed by it. The ring did not have true sentience it was more of a VI[1] almost an AI but not quite thus it did not realize that the target was too young and that it was bonding to the wrong being.

Once the soul shard had been purged the ring tried to continue the bonding to it new charge but the Blood Wards would not give that easily as far as the wards could tell this thing caused it's charge pain. That must mean it is an enemy. As they fought the wards started to lose ground against the ring. A ward was meant to protect an area or target over a long period of time. A lantern ring on the other hand was made to be able to fight short term using all it's power at the same time. Neither was more powerful than the other but the ring could use more power at once. Desperate to protect it's charge the wards reached into the ring to find a weakness and in a way it did. 20 of the original red lantern rings were taken from green lanterns and while they were not more powerful than the other rings but they did contain the original programing of the green ring. The ring that found Harry was one of these but by going so deep into the red ring something happened. The ring being made with powerful blood magic and the wards also being made of blood magic started to merge. When the merger was done it was no longer the blood wards nor the red ring it was a mixture of both with a little of the green lantern ring throw in. The ring would never work for anyone else but it had also gained a unique power source, The ward stone of the blood wards.

Harry felt the pain dissipate taking in huge gulps of air. He started coughing his throat sore from all the screaming. Looking at his right hand he saw the ring from before on his hand taking a closer look he noticed it for lack of a better term felt different. Before it felt like a never ending inferno of hatred and while the hatred was still there it felt muted, damped.

"Ring charge at 7% charging is necessary." Ok so he did not imagine the ring talking. "How am I supposed to charge this thing?" He asked nobody not expecting an answer.

"The ring can be recharged by holding it within proximity to the rings power battery."

"And where is the power battery?" He asked after a moment of not receiving an answer. Why would he know where this power battery would be. The ring made a small arrow of red light pointing back towards the house he just ran out of. "Of course." He sighed. Walking inside his aunt started screaming at him for bringing water into her recently cleaned floor. "Shut up I will be leaving as soon as I can." He yelled at her god he wished she would shut up. Hearing her cries of outrage become muffled he looked at her to see a red light blocking her mouth following the light he saw it led back to the ring. "I love you." He told the ring.

Following the arrows the ring led him out back reaching a stop he saw the arrow point straight down. "Are you telling me to go to hell or is the battery here?"

"Power battery located 6 feet below current destination."

"So it's a dead body." He mused. Looking at the ring he asked. "I don't suppose you have a digging feature?" Not expecting anything to happen he was pleasantly surprised to see a shovel form from the red light and start digging. "Huh! This ring is really convenient."

5 minutes later the whole had been dug and at the center was not a dead body as he expected but a weird looking lantern. "Now how do I charge this thing?" He asked addressing the ring this time expecting an answer.

"Recite the oath"

He sighed "And what is the oath?"

The ring flashed for several seconds seemingly at war with itself when it spoke this time in a different voice. "With blood and rage of crimson red. Ripped from a corpse so freshly dead.

Together with our hellish hate we'll burn you all ,

That is your fate!"

"Ominous." He smirk before repeating the oath. After he finished the oath he felt a massive surge of power. "Wow!" He thought the ring had power before it was nothing compared to this. Picking up the false lantern battery he started to walk away. The battery was actually the ward stone to the blood wards but when the wards merged with the ring it changed shape to suit the new red lantern. Walking through the house to get to the front door he saw his aunt open her mouth to shout at him but he just held up his ring and her mouth promptly closed.

"Pet! I'm home! What's for dinner?" Called his uncle from the front door. Harry smirked he'd been wanting to do this for years.

"Hey fatass!" He called walking towards the door to leave hoping with every fiber of his being his uncle reacted.

"WHAT DID YOU SAY DO ME BOY!" His uncle hollered at him his face turning red.

"I said hey FATASS!" He said shouting the last word. His uncle stomped towards him hands outstretched to strangle him. Harry smirked "Temper temper dear uncle." He said mockingly his ring making a large hand to pull him into the air. "It's not good for your health."

His uncle's face had gone from red to white in record time before turning purple. "PUT ME DOWN BOY!"

He shrugged"If you insisted." And the hand promptly disappeared leaving his uncle several feet in the air with nothing holding him up. As he came crashing down the floor actually cracked under his weight.

"Well I would love to stay and chat but I don't want to." Walking forward he walked past his uncle's limb body and walked right out the door into the rain. "Hey ring can I fly?"

"This ring is capable of sustained flight"

"How fast?"

"Within a planet's atmosphere you are capable of mach 20. Outside a planet's atmosphere you are capable of lightspeed."

"What is an atmosphere?" He asked don't judge him he's 8. "And put it in simple words."

"An atmosphere is a bubble like sphere that keeps air in and allows you to breathe."

"So wouldn't I die from leaving the planet?" He questioned pointing out the flaw in that idea.

"Incorrect. Atmospheric conditions can be mimicked by ring."

"So does this mean you come from space?"

"Correct I am lantern ring of sector 2834."

"And what sector are we in now?"

"We are in sector 2814"

Lifting off into the air Harry Potter vanished not to seen again on earth for years.

Done final story for a while. this was my original story idea i came up with this before any of my other stories. Ironic this was my first idea and i'm writing it last and my last idea i wrote first.

The red lantern corps are a mix between the animated series and the comics. comics in regard to the fact the average red ring can not make constructs. Animated series because it will feature a lot from that series.

Harry will from his own rogue lantern corps 7 members all teens from the lantern cores. Here is a list of what I have.

Harry red

Arisia green

Ghia'ta pink/star sapphire

OC blue

Amon Sur [Abin Sur's son canon] yellow

OC orange

OC violet

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[1] VI is a virtual intelligence not quite an AI but very smart