I change something, before everyone knew it was Harry's aunt that gave him his scar because he told them now no one but zord knows as he just told them a story about getting in a fight.

"What do you mean the same energy signature as Harry?" Hal asked refusing to believe he heard right.

"I did not say the same I said very similar Red Lantern Harry Potter's ring has an anomaly within it that gives a unique energy signature." Aya calmly explained not seeing what was wrong with what she said.

"Yeah I heard that but are you sure?" Kilowog asked most of the corps thought that Harry and his ring were a fluke a successful attempt to create a lantern ring but failed to make more, or died in the process.

"I am Positive Green Lantern Kilowog I ran the scan two hundred forty three times before informing you."

"Look we can figure out why someone else has a similar ring to Harry latter. but right now that lantern down there is going to die."

The ship flew down to the planet just in time to blast the Red Lantern trying to kill the Green Lantern. Flying out of the ship Hal and Kilowog were blasted away by the duo of Red's. "Holy crap! They really are Red Lanterns." Kilowog exclaimed he had been doubtful about what Aya had said.

"Yes now prepare to die! And taste the power of the Red Lanterns!" The one that looked like an over inflated beach ball said blasting them with his ring.

"Taste my power Jackass!" the beach ball was sent flying by a red construct knocking him into the air. The humanoid red lantern turned around to see three other Lanterns one was Green but the other two were Orange and RED! What was a Red Lantern doing with a Green. But he did not recognize him and of such a young kid becoming a Red would have gotten around to the other Lanterns.

"What are you doing with a Green Lantern?" the beach ball snarled once he recovered.

"Seducing their women." Harry said sarcastically before blasting the beach ball once more but this time he was ready and blasted back matching him. "Not bad for an overgrown beach ball." Harry complemented before sending a surge of magic through his ring over charging his blast causing it to break the stalemate. "But not good enough."

While Harry and the others dealt with the beach ball, the other Red Lantern snuck off to deal with Hal and Kilowog.

"I'll draw his fire you get this guy to medbay." Hal told Kilowog ducking behind a pillar his ring flashing as it was on low battery.

"Yeah and what do want written on your tombstone?" Kilowog asked.

"He spent the rest of his very long life making sure his ring was charged." Hal joked before flying off drawing the Red Lantern after him.

"I think he's down." Zord commented as the red lantern laid face down in the dirt.

"God I hope this is not a sign of how good all Red Lanterns are or I might just join the Greens." Harry said kind of embarrassed about how easy another Red Lantern went down. Lifting off into the air they head back to the interceptor halfway there a massive blast of green energy fired off into the sky. "We should probably hurry up." Harry said picking up speed Zord and Arisia following in suit.

"What was that?" Arisa asked Kilowog as they landed.

"Hot shot here," he said indicating to the Green lantern slung over his shoulder. "Thought it would be a good idea to using the ship's power battery to send that Red Lantern on a little trip." they shot the unconscious lantern a look even Harry wasn't that crazy, maybe.

Entering the ship they waited for Hal to wake. "So any idea where those other Reds came from?" Kilowog asked.

Harry wasn't able to respond as Arisia jumped to his defence. "You can't think Harry was apart of this!"

"Whoa kid calm down," Kilowog said holding his hands up defensively. "I don't think he's working with them, but I was wondering if maybe he any idea how they got rings."

"I don't have any idea I thought mine was a fluke, I'd never met another Lantern till I met Zord." he said.

"Green lantern Hal Jordan is waking up." Aya interrupted ending the conversation.

"Thanks Aya." Kilowog said. "Come on let's go greet the sleeping moron."

Hal woke up with an aching head. "Ow" he muttered looking around, what looked like the interceptor.

"Finally awake hot shot?"

"Kilowog what happened?" Hal asked sitting up.

"You nearly blew your arm off that's what happened." Kilowog told him. "But your little fireworks display worked, it sent those poozers packing."

"Have you contacted the Guardians?"

"And get in trouble for your mistake?" Harry questioned. "No thank you."

"Thanks Harry you're a real pal." Hal sighed. "Well let's get this over with."

"Green Lantern Kilowog, Arisia and Hal Jordan what do you think you were doing taking the interceptor?!" Was the first thing they heard once a connection had been made with Oa.

"Listen I know you are mad but we found the lantern killers." Hal said quickly hoping to diffuse their anger.

"You did?!" Ganthet asked stopping Appa's tirade in its tracks. "Who was it?"

"A couple of lanterns they were Red though." kilowog said without thinking.

"Red Lanterns?" Appa asked his sharp gaze immediately turning to Harry.

Harry sighed well screw you too Kilowog. "See something you like?" Harry asked sarcastically as Appa merely stared at him without saying anything.

"Watch your tone boy." Appa warned not liking the disrespect he was showing him.

"Or what I'm on the other side of the universe." Harry pointed out while Ganthet coughed to cover up a laugh. "And if you could get to me than we wouldn't have had to come here in the first place."

"Green Lanterns Kilowog, Jordan and Rrab arrest Red Lantern Harry Potter and if he tries to interfere Orange Lantern Zord."

"What?!" Arisia asked while Hal objected immediately.

"Not a chance!" He said while Kilowog frowned he thought this would happen.

"Hal Jordan are you disobeying a direct order?" Hal may have gone around their orders before but never outright rebellion.

"He has done nothing wrong if he wanted the Green Lanterns gone he could have let Krona do so." Hal said standing his ground.

"He is right." Ganthet said speaking up in his defense as always. "Red Lantern Harry Potter has powers of his own, separate from the ring. It is possible they interfered with the programing of his ring. Confusing it." The Guardians considered this for a moment it did make sense he was at the very least not their enemy given how often he has helped them.

After turning off sound on their end the guardians discussed for a moment before turning back to the group. "We have considered the evidence, and given the overwhelming proof we have decided that Hal Jordan shall take captaincy of interceptor and lead an investigation into this new Red Lantern threat."

"And Harry?" Hal asked eyes narrow ready to defend him.

"Given his previous aid, we shall take a wait and see approach with him." Hal relax and nodded that was fair.

Razor and Zox were reporting their failure to Atrocitus, "It was Razor's fault! He got in my way!" Zox said trying to shift the blame, away from himself. Causing Razor to narrow his eyes at the blatant lie.

"Razor is this true?" Atrocitus asked turn his attention to his newest recruit, personally he doubted Zox was a coward who had enough rage for the ring true, but lacked the will to use properly.

"No lord Atrocitus." He said head bowed, "we succeeded in usual ambush strategy as planned, but we were stopped by several other lanterns." He paused in slight fear Atrocitus was known to lose control when the green lanterns were mentioned. "Some were Green." he proved true when Atrocitus snarled and tightened his grip. His aura flickered like fire and started to melt the metal around them.

He took a deep breath to reign in his anger, millennia of practice aiding him in doing so. "You said some were Green. Not all?"

"No sir one was orange and the other-" He stopped he did not want to know how Atrocitus would react to finding out one of his Lanterns turned traitor.

"Continue Razor." Atrocitus ordered sensing his hesitation.

"The other was a Red Lantern." Atrocitus' eyes narrowed and that scared Razor more than if he had gone on a rampage.

"WHO!" He growled.

"I don't know, he was young I had never met him before."

Atrocitus paused the number of young red lanterns he could count on one hand and have two fingers left over and Razor was the youngest of them. "What species was he?"

"I don't know Sir he was younger than me and seemed to be of a species similar to my own."

This drew Atrocitus up short he knew every one of his lanterns names and faces by heart and he had never known of one younger than Razor. "Describe him to me." he ordered.

"He had black Hair and green eyes, his aura was different from our own more like blood than ours. It was more like your own lord Atrocitus." Razor said fearing his reaction from hearing the comparison. Instead of being angry he managed to figure out what happened, he knew exactly how many rings he had active at any one time and this must have been the one that went offline several years ago. He aura was red like this because his use of blood magic it was most likely this ring and someone used blood magic to bind it to their family line. He would have been impressed if was not furious at one of his rings being used to fight alongside the Green Lanterns.

"Anything else?"

"Yes sir, he could make constructs." Atrocitus frowned this could be problematic the advantage a Red ring was the fact that drained the Rings of the Lanterns faster, burning away their auras, causing them to run out of power incredibly fast. The downside to that was it was nearly impossible for them to make constructs it took control over their rage to an astronomical degree to do so as well as a massive amount of Willpower and most Red Lanterns were not able to go the extra step to make them. Razor had the greatest control of them all and even he found anything greater than a dagger or more complex than a shield to be impossible. If he could get the child on his side it would be a great boon to his warriors, it should not be to hard he doubted the child knew the truth of the Guardians of their arrogance, of their refusal to acknowledge their mistakes leaving an entire sector to burn to cover their shame. If not, well Atrocitus did not survive for over millions years off good luck alone.

"Go find him." Atrocitus ordered, "bring him to me if you can not, or he refuses, destroy him!" he could not risk the secrets of the Red Lanterns becoming known to the Guardians, who knows how many of his Corps secrets have already been discovered by them.

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