Assassin Mafia

Target Period 29

Heartstake Mansion X

"Today's physical training would be assassination. You guys have to ink your enemies, meaning us, to consider defeat. Got that?"

"Yes sir!"

"As soon as you got defeated you must go back here, and don't try to become zombies. Clear?"

"Yes sir!"

And so the class 3-e went into the forest first and plans their assassination attempts; make a group and ready their traps and formations. The class' ink colour is blue, while Karasuma's and the others ink will be red.

After five minutes of preparation that Karasuma gave to the class, the hunting has started.

"Karasuma-sensei aren't five minutes is too much?"

"For a pro maybe." Karasuma replied on to the person beyond his communicator.

"You're so nice."

"Not like you." Irina who is listening stated.

"Don't wanna hear it from a bitch~"

"Die!" she yelled, before she and Karasuma started to move; serious and no mix of fun, as if they are really going kill the class.

Karasuma stops in the middle of woods and sensing his surroundings; without more second pass, he shoot four area.

Hazama who is crawling in the darkness swear she will curse her teacher. Nakamura let out a tch after showing herself from behind the bushes. Sugino is scratching the back of his head as he praising the older man; and Kimura only have sweat drop on his head. All of them were inked.

Without saying a word Karasuma went off somewhere, while his (dead) students make their way back to their school grounds.

With her bewitching spell, Irina bound her targets and successfully inked them.

"Kataoka-san, Kimura-kun, Okuda-san, Kanzaki-san: OUT!" Ritsu announced.

One of the students smiles at the results, while most of them is now panicking because of their teachers' fast pace.

"As expected to Karasuma-sensei and Bitchsensei; they're not wasting their time. Now~ I shall make them a good example and start my role too." As the student said that it quickly went somewhere.

"Hara-san, Fuwa-san, Okajima-san: OUT!"

"Who is it?" Isogai question as he running from his chaser but...

"Isogai-san: OUT!"

"We didn't see this coming." Nagisa thought as he hiding behind a tree and peaking, looking for the assassin that chased his team. "One of us is a traitor!"

"Na~gisa-kun~" the voice sings from behind him. Nagisa who is in Karma's body now knows who the traitor is.

Karma went back to the camp where the others are; a sigh escape into his mouth as he making his way towards them.

"Kar—ah right you're Nagisa, welcome back!" Nakamura greeted which didn't give a positive vibe to the young lad.

"Our teachers were sure monsters ne~ they kill us quick and with fashion too."

"No..." behind their classmate Isogai, Hara, Fuwa and Okajima were all down coming towards them.

"Eh? What's up guys?" Sugino questioned having a bad feeling as they approaching.

"The one that kill our team is not Karasuma-sensei or Bitchsensei..."

Isogai and the others has stop after reaching them "There is one of us that doing the killing."

"A traitor?"

"But who?"

"We didn't know."

"No. I know who it is..."


"It is Kayano-san..."

"Kayano-san: OUT!"

"The traitor is already defeated..."

"So our team is just unlucky huh..."

"But Nagisa how you can tell that it is Kayano-san? That person has mask and hood."

"Voice. She called my name before she killed me."

"Your name? The only one who doesn't know that you and Karma switch bodies is Kudo-san."

"And Kudo-san isn't here at all."

"What do you think Korosensei?"

"I wonder~ let's just wait for further results."

"AH! I cannot believe that i got taken out!"

"Woah! Here's the traitor!"

"Eh? Traitor? Me? But that's impossible... I was killed by the traitor!"

"Takebayashi, Muramatsu, Yoshida, Terasaka: OUT!"

"Oi! Oi! Oi! If its not Kayano, then who?"

"Maehara, Kurahashi, Okano, Hayami-san: OUT!"


"I know! It's Chiba!"

"Chiba-kun: OUT!"


"What about Karma?"

"Sugaya-kun, Yada-san: OUT!"

"It's Karma!"

"Then it should be Itona next!"

"Itona-kun: OUT!"


"Karma-kun: OUT!"


After some passing time, all zombies were together at the camp; all marked with red ink signs that they got killed. They are all stating their doubts about who is the traitor among them. Karma didn't get out from suspect seeing he is the last man standing.

"I actually thought it is Korosensei, but then the figure is totally different."

"Aren't it one of the zombies?"

"Probably. Since you guys aren't coming back here quickly."

"But as soon as one of us is killed Ritsu always announced them."

"I know! They got defeated by Karasuma-sensei or Bitchsensei!"

"Woah! I see that everyone is already here and all have red ink~"

"Bitchsensei! Karasuma-sensei!"

Upon approaching their students Karasuma sighs;

"I've told you—"

Everyone got confuse of whom is he talking yet most of them quickly thought its either Korosensei or Irina.

"—we shouldn't go on full throttle against them."

"But! It is way more fun!" a very familiar voice reach their ears that made them all turn their heads; smile and happiness bloom on each of them as soon as they confirm the speaker's identity. "Ne? What you guys think?"

"Ku—Ku—KUDO-SAN!" Most of them shouted in joy; and then most of the girls jumped on Satsuki; towering over her.

When she stood up Okajima were running towards her with his creepy intention, but then Karma that in Nagisa's body rush in front of the brunette; probably worst day for Okajima, Karma and Satsuki punches him into his stomach. Critical hit. He immediately lost consciousness.

"Welcome back Satsuki!" Karma (Inside: Nagisa) greeted her with smile.

"Aah~ seeing Karma's face smiling like Nagisa makes me wanted for you guys to stay like that forever."

"Now, now don't say that…" Nagisa (inside: Karma) then get near at her and whisper "Further more of this and I might kill Nagisa's mom."

"Is she that bad?"

"Worst than you can imagine." Karma replied steadying himself at the same time; he also has smirk.

Before they could talk more, the others had start bombing her with questions; all glad that she finally back.

"Congratulations on coming back Kudo-san." Takebayashi said.

The rest of the class welcomes her with their own way of greetings too.

"Welcome home Satsuki-san!" this time it is Korosensei, but the others contradict his way of greeting but Satsuki knows and she's so glad to hear those words.

"I'm home Korosensei…" she whispers to herself but she's sure that their octopus teacher hears her response.

[Inside the Classroom

Science room]


Satsuki humms responding to Okuda's calling.

The chemical which Okuda used when she made the switch potion were all layed and prepared on the table in front of them. Satsuki is sitting on the chair and had her chin on her arms and staring at the chemicals with boredom plastered on her face.

Okudais standing next to her, and holding a tube that contains with the same color chemical she has showed to Nakamura and Fuwa before, and on her other hand is a small bottle with red colored liquid inside.

"—Kudo-san, are you sure about this?"

"Did I sneeze?" Okuda has scared to replied, she doesn't know how she response; she didn't remember that Satsuki actually sneeze. Satsuki laugh she get it that Okuda didn't get her. "Sorry, sorry, forget what I said. Anyways, yes it is the best solution."

Okuda nodded "I understand." decided to trust her classmate.



"I heard from Korosensei that you tried to assassinate him thru potion poison."

"Yes, I really did it but… it also useless and become wasted since I offered it in the most naïve way. But! It becomes reason for me to improve my communication skills!"

"So it's a win-win then."


"Well though, he gains new skill because of you."

"Yes. I'm so sorry!" She cries while Satsuki just let out an awkward smile.

When they are finished, both girls went to the main classroom and give the chemical potion to both victims.

"This is a pure potion."

"It is! And it is way more effective."

"If you say so~" Karma stated before he drinks the potion in one go. Nagisa did the same.

"The effects will start after thirty minutes, so for now let's have a class! I've missed Korosensei's classes!"

"Really, where did you go anyway?"

"Told ya! In a house that I cannot call home."

Without anymore question being accepted the class has started.

Despite helping her friends, Satsuki is disappointed for only enjoying the view of changes between them for short amount of time.

Thirty minutes have passed and everything went back to normal inside the Assassination Classroom.

[9:00 pm

3-E's building

teacher's faculty.]

Korosensei serves his student a hot cocoa and then sit across her. The two other teachers have already gone home, so is the students.

"How are you Satsuki-san?"

"Like always" Satsuki smile "I felt like I've being stray into my original self."

"And speaking of your original self, what do you mean by that?"

"The 'me' before I met you."

"I see… but isn't great? You becoming more like yourself; the one that supposedly exist if you just born in a peaceful world."

"That's worst outcome ya know."


"The more 'she' being develops, the more 'I' felt lost; as if I am disappearing."

"Satsuki-san… instead of separating them, why not just embrace them both? Mix them firmly, develop them nicely. Because in the end, they are both you. They are both your oneself."

Satsuki taps her forehead with her finger and think through; nailing his lesson inside her head. She smile, it's not bad at all.

"Anyway Satsuki-san seems like a big shot came on you."


"Your bloodlust has become more stable and calm. How was it? Your time at Heartstake Mansion?"

"Korosensei! Don't tell me you went there!"

"Well I'm worried to my student!"

"You are creepier than to that woman." Satsuki sigh and let her back rest. "Actually…"

[Heartstake Mansion]

A sword is pointed onto Shawn as he and False is trying to figuring out what they should to help their fallen comrade.

Shawn's looks at Kevin who eyes are blazing in anger.

"She protected you right? Then that means if you weren't here she will not going to fall like this."

"This isn't time for those ridiculous accusation and pointing fingers! And just to inform you, even you kill him it will not going to save Satsuki!"

"Then how?!"

False then take out from his pocket a single crimson candy.

"If you promise me you'll be quiet about this then we can save her."

Satsuki woke up on her bed at the Heartstake Mansion.

She feels no pain at all.

This is so questionable for her, so she touch her supposedly wound on her back but find nothing.

'False... did he use Ul on me?'

She sighs. No question. False definitely used Ul on her. She just hope that he is not that kind of desperate to rob her freedom to die.

The last thing she remembers is Xiao shoots an arrow towards Shawn.

'For goodness sake-' she touch her forehead 'I am an assassin, a killer, a murderer, not a guardian.' once again she sighs 'Last time I checked, I am neither a saint nor even insane to keep using myself as a shield, except if it's Decimo; and the last time I checked I don't have a kink on pain. Dude I am not a some sort of masochist!'

After changing into her clothes, she went out of her room and look around. Its quiet... no wonder with fewer visitors, this mansion will surely going to be quiet.

'Is the Earl just lonely that's why he created such a game?' she thought 'He looks like younger than me, probably thirteen, and the people he has here is his Butler, and four servants. Now I remember them, I wonder where they are during the game. While we killing each other, where would they watching us?'

She halted onto her steps when the butler appeared yet again out from out from nowhere and all of the sudden.

She spun, facing the butler.

"Lady Satsuki we been waiting for you. Come with me everyone is waiting for you."

'He said it twice!'

Without saying out her thoughts, Satsuki let the butler lead the way 'till they arrived at the living room where False, Shawn, and the earl sitting at the coach and sipping teas; Kevin is leaned on the window, crossed arms; and the other four servants are standing behind their master.

Satsuki narrows her eyes on them. They're acting as if nothing happen.

Shawn is the first one who noticed her, but he quickly averted his eyes on her which brings confusion on the brunette.

False put down his cup and dashes towards her and embrace her as if he is her lover.

"Satsuki! I'm so glad you are alright!" unlike Sylvetica, False hands stays at her where they are should be. He's feeling were real.

"Thank you" False let go and observe her face "for keeping Shawn alive."

False laughs; from there he knows he cannot keep secrets from her.

"It's hard you know! Keeping that broken guy over there from killing that stupid cousin of yours!"


"Shawn. Who else?!"

Satsuki laughs, "That's why I am grateful to you."

While Shawn is blushing either by anger based on his face or feel embarrass towards his savior.

The Earl claps his hands to draw their attention. All teens (False is considered teen) give their focus on him.

Cup of tea is already lying at the table half empty, and the Earl has already straighten his posture.

"First: Congratulations on you our winner participants, Satsuki Kudo from Vongola and Shawn Kozato from Shimon."

'Wait so... False is part of this...' as if she able to sent her thoughts towards the lad next to her, False nodded. She sighs, she still many things to learn.

"Just like what I thought, you'll be nice addition into this game Vongola."

"Earl Nicolai, may I learn what's up with this all?"

"Of course, it is one of your privileges as a participant of this game."

"Wait! Are you saying that you are actually to talk about it right from the start?" Shawn spoke, with one eyebrow raise.

The Earl nodded with smile.

Satsuki and Shawn let out an irritated sighs.

"Why don't you sit first?"

When the teens sit down the Earl started, while his butler serves their guests hot tea.

"It is just a whim at first. I mean I got bored on watching every single human doing the same thing all over, and not learning from their mistakes."

"That's not going to justify this game, Earl."

"The underworld always speaking of blood, and illegal activities, the word Justice is nothing but mere illusion. It's kill or be kill." The Earl nodded at the brunette's statement.

"Yes Mister Shawn, my reasons won't justify my actions but I've no need for justice, or being fair, because in our world nothing is needed to justify. You kill, expect to get kill. That's how things roll here. Even Kevin and False knows it. Well, let's skip this boring things and move to more interesting. I gathering people to kill each other and then grant their wishes when they win." the earl's one visible eye nailed to the brunette, "That's all there is to it. Don't need for justice, after all those I'd called had died because of it."

Shawn got confused. He is no idiot, but he seems can't follow them unlike Satsuki whom seems understand it all by just listening.

'She's so calm, as if the killing didn't happen at all.'

As if she senses him, she heaved a sigh before she start talking.

"Miss Chelsie came here to kill Afredo."

"Eh? That innocent lady?" Satsuki nodded.

"Yes that innocent lady is here to kill the man that causes her business to way downward. Soon her business will poof like a balloon."

"What the..."

"Lindou is here to avenge her wife and daughter. His wife was raped by Afredo and his daughter committed suicide after losing scholarship when he refused Jelsie.

Silver is here for Xiao's and Afredo; they betrayed him and bring his business downward as well.

Afredo Kingsley is here to find faults at Heartstake with the same reason. His company has bankrupt thanks to Earl who went back to business."

The young earl laughs in amusement for his achievement.

"He is so easy."

"It is your way to bring him here to provoke Chelsie, Lindou, and Silver to joins in."

"What about Xiao, Jelsie and Sylvetica?"

"Allow me."

"Shoot." Satsuki replied to the young looking vampire.

"Xiao came here to avenge his girlfriend who died because of Sylvetica; after that woman called his lover ugly, his girlfriend killed herself."

"Only for that?"

"Shawn, girls are sensitive, she's like a glass that when you hit her even a slightest she will shatter." False, and Shawn peeks at the brunette, "And there are girls that harden themselves to just endure those hitting."

"But no glass can endure all hitting. Sooner or later, that thick glass will shatter and they are more dangerous than the others."

"What happen to the others?" Satsuki asked as she remembered the other guests.

"Sylvetica was killed by Kevin while Xiao was killed by Sylvetica."

"Then Mister Silver?"

"Guess it..." the earl said with smile.

Satsuki narrows her eyes as she stays quiet for a while before she answer after giving out a sigh "You will put the blame on him... huh."

"BINGO! You're really smart, unlike your cousin."

Shawn scowls at that. Indeed, unlike Satsuki, he didn't think that Silver will be alive after all of that; and he is only alive just to receive punishment on their instead.

"Wait! We forgot someone!"

"Aah! If you mean Jelsie; you know, bringing innocent here is just the earl's capriciousness."

"We also need him to eases Kevin's excitement on killing all of you."

"Excuse me?"

"Oh didn't False told you?"

"I told you about him back then."

"He is a serial killer."

"Yes. He is someone that needed to stab someone to eases his veins."

"What the fu—wait? Then why did you keep inviting our bosses here?"

"Simply to add spice."

Another curses left Shawn's mouth.

"It's a good thing that even though you didn't know about the true nature of this game, you still played it. Taking lives is easy to the line of our world, but taking lives for avenge would not lead you anywhere."

"Don't wanna hear it from someone that brought us all here only to kill each other."

"Me too." False agreed to the brunette, while Kevin snickered quietly, the same goes to the butler. Meanwhile the servants are trying to suppress their laughs.

"Wait a sec! What did you do to us to forget what happen about Afredo?" Shawn question then turn towards his cousin, "and how the fuck is Satsuki remember those!"

"I jogged a little your memories; it wasn't like I erase them. You know, with a little tweaking; they will back sooner or later. About Lady Satsuki; shall you answer that instead? I am also curious."

Satsuki averted her eyes, meeting no one. "Dunno." she lied.

The earl only laughs at her lie. The answer is so obvious if you just accept the fact that she is biological daughter of the Decimo.

"Another thing."

"Yes Lady Satsuki?"

"Where were you during the game?"

Butler Lazarus smile as he answers her, "In Young Master's office."

"You've been watching us from there?"


"Anymore question?"

After confirming that there no more question from the participants, the earl invited them for their last supper in that mansion. He told them that he already arranged their vehicles that will bring them home.

After dinner, Kevin walks on the hallway of the mansion and been thinking how will he talk to Satsuki.

The time that Satsuki still doesn't who is he, and the situation right now is completely different, at least for him.

"Kevin." her voice stops him and made him turn towards her.

The girl he sees problem talking with is right now in front of him. Dude! Her intuition is kinda scary!

"Can we talk for a bit?" he nodded, there's no way he refuse her.

Both were sitting at the stairs at the empty grand hall. They both quiet.

"Thank you..." Finally the brunette cut their silence although this brought confusion to the teen. "Your existence makes me remember that it's all against my will and not out of wimp. Thank you."

"So that's what you mean by 'I am your living sane."

"Yes. And I'm really thankful that I met you again, though I'm sorry for not recognizing you."

He sighs out the urge to smile and be happy for what she said.

Ahh, someone is happy for his existence. He never imagined that it's only thing that can make him happy.

"Can't blame you. Back then, everyday was torture that we barely look at each other. I also didn't recognize you at first, not until you introduced yourself."

"So you were watching back then..."

He nodded, "I've been waiting for you here. The earl told me that it has big fat chance you come here."

"I see..."

"Your eyes..." Satsuki humms, "it also changed into crimson just like what happened to ours." the girl blinks several times and let out an 'eh' questioning his sentence "You didn't remember? Your eyes were amethyst color." she stay quiet; she cannot remember if her eyes were really purple back then, all she know is her eyes has always been red. "Crimson eyes are the proof that we are lab rats of the Ferreros'; and during experiment our eyes changes color for some reason."

"I—" Satsuki find the right word to say. She never been this confuse before.

"I think it's normal that you're confused. Back then your mind is totally black out. The older kids there were trying to talk to you but you never response; you didn't even touch your food."

She laughs sorrowfully while burying her face between her legs.

"You already suffer even before you came there, is what all the kids concludes."


"Now that reminds me... there is a girl much younger to us and she has same quantities like Shawn..."

As quick as lightning Satsuki jerks her head and stare intently to the lad.

"What do you mean?"

"She probably Shawn's sister."

"Did I—"

"No. When you murdered everyone there, she already shipped out. Either she became a slave or already dead, no one knows."

"I see..."

"Want me to say it to Shawn? He might stop blaming you."

She shakes her head side to side,

"No. It's alright. If you tell him that he might lost himself completely. I heard it once that he blaming himself for the lost of his sister.

"But if we stay quiet about this, he and his family will continue their resentment towards you."

"At least they have target insight. Let them resent me. It doesn't matter to me."

Kevin sighs. She's so stupid, she already has reason to get out from their anger radar, and here she is throwing that opportunity away, thinking them.

"You're stupid!" he slipped.

"Sorry. But I am fine. Thank you. Also thank you for not killing Shawn."

"Yes. Be thankful! Do you even know how much urge I keeping just to not stab that cousin of yours! Especially the time he called you murderer and blaming you for his sister's death, also that time he start planning on killing you! AH! Right! Right! Be grateful to this fella!"

Satsuki laughs at him, as she thanking him between her laughs.

"So what gonna do now? You already met me."

"Dunno." He answers, having no new goal in mind. "Gonna stay here I guess..."

"Ne, want to join the Varia?" His only one eye blinks several times as he staring at her in bewilderment.

Meanwhile at the living room, False and the Earl were sipping their tea while talking to each other; the butler is standing behind his young master and quietly listening to them.

"So what are you going to do from here?"

"Ahh..." False thinks "Probably continue my journey to find a lover that will join me to my suffering life."

The earl blinks in confusion "Aren't you already have Lady Satsuki? Now, now don't cheat on her that fast!"

"Screw that! Satsuki rejected me!"

"But you forced Ul on her right?"

"I did. But I only made her take one pill; it is not enough to turn her into vampire or giving her eternal life. That one pill would only heal her wound fast, and will provide a little bit of blood. But she's still human."

"I see..." the young master smile "You finally learned how to respect others' wishes."

"Tch, don't like hearing it from you."

"It's been a while since I last enjoy events."

"Well you have disgusting taste."

"Don't like hearing from you."

[3-E Building]

"By the way Korosensei,"


"Aren't one of your weaknesses is water? Cause you being damp when you take too much water, right? It's storming during our days at the mansion…"

"Satsuki-san I think the Earl has fool all of you. There is no such a thing as storm back then, but there is a barrier that keeping anyone from entering the place."

"I see…"

'Moreover I should have expected that he can do that. 'He isn't human.' Is what False and Break have claimed back then.'

"I'm back Korosensei." Her teacher nodded with pleasing expression on his face,

"Welcome back Satsuki-san."