Hi there Scandal sisters, it has been quite a while since I have worked on my stories and I have really wanted to update. Well with all the nonsense between the cults and fandom, I felt like I would offend people if I worked on them. Enough, I see these Jake and Mellie stories and think that all we want is adventures with our couple. I try not to start new stories , but I thought if I fused some new blood into the fan fic realm it would inspire me. Hope you enjoy this new story….

January 20, 2017…12:01 Andrews Air Force Base

Kimberly Mitchell held her ears as she tried to drown out the loud noise of Marine One taking off. She had made the request to see the outgoing President leave for the last time. Fitzgerald Grant played the confident leader all the way to the end. The Ray Ban aviators covered the steel blue eyes as the midday sun blazed down on the ground.

"It has been quite a ride , Ladies and Gentleman. For President Grant life has indeed changed. He has implemented many changes during his eight years as President. He was the first President to bring the parties together in Congress. He also implemented the Braden Bill and Equal Pay laws and was an advocate for immigration. His personal life has been quite the roller coaster as well. He will go down in history as the first standing President to divorce his wife while in office. Grant also has the record of having three Vice Presidents and three different Chiefs of Staffs as well. Grant survived an assassination attempt and dealing with the murder of his son. Grant reportedly wishes to retire to Vermont where he will reside as he establishes his Foundation and maintains one named for his son. He will also be a guest professor at Harvard and working on his memoirs. Here he comes now."

His head lowered, he wished he could just walk away and not look back. But there were the damn cameras and press. He took his hands and pulled the sunglasses from his eyes. Thank God they could not see the tears in his eyes. But he had faked it for this long. He pulled his head up and gave that million dollar smile as he waved to the crowds. He wanted to bypass her, but Kimberly had been great all this time. He couldn't stiff her.

"And here is the outgoing President, " Kimberly smiled. "President Grant, President Grant!" she waved with the hope of getting the exclusive.

"Kimberly, so glad to see you." Fitz obliged.

"Are you glad to be leaving ?" Kim asked

"Well Kimberly, I will say this. This isn't the way that I thought it would be when I left. I didn't think I would be leaving alone." Fitz admitted. He pictured her by his side with her gloved hand in his as they headed out of DC.

"It was quite a shocker that your ex wife, Mellie won the Presidency. Once again, the Grants make history."

"Well I told Mellie a long time that she would be the first woman to be elected as President. She was dead and determined. And she had the same team behind her that I had. I knew she could do it."

"Well President Grant, I hope you have a nice flight . I am sure that this isn't the last we will see of you. But I do wish you all the luck in the world. " Kimberly smiled. She then signaled the cameras to stop so she could say good bye to her old friend.

Leaning in she gave Fitz a hug. "I better get that first post Presidency interview. All the best, Mr President."

"Thank you." He said softly as he climbed onto the chopper.

Fitz knew the drill by now. He wished he could climb up into the seat , put on the headphones and take this baby for a spin. For eight long years, he couldn't fly, get in a car and drive, and now he had a SUV for the harsh New England winters to travel and run into town. He turned on the radio to drown out the noisy blades.

"You 're a Hard Habit to Break." Chicago sang as he looked out the window. The songs reminded him of a simpler time. It also reminded him of Olivia and him. He stared at the frosty white buildings and imagined what she was doing right now. She was probably at the Capitol preparing his ex wife and celebrating that she had won three elections. It is after all what she was good at.

Olivia stood in the airport holding her bags. Her Louis Vuitton bags had gone on before her. The Burberry coat kept her warm as she waited for the town car. For the past week, she had debated where she would be today. Was there going to be a happy ending? Could they be normal? Was she ready to give up OPA and be a soccer mom in Vermont?

"Ma'am " the driver said. "I have instructions to drive you to the Compound."

"But he has no idea?" Olivia asked. "I mean I wanted to surprise him."

"That is what Charlotte said. She is still working for President Grant. He has no idea." The driver smiled.

Olivia's breath froze after she spoke. "Okay, let's go then."

The driver helped Olivia into the car and then pulled it shut. It started to pick up speed as it left the terminal area. No one could see the special government plates on the back of the town car. Her Chanel sunglasses kept her hidden from the curious people who wanted to see the mysterious lady who climbed into the car.

The heliport has just been finished for his new fleet. Fitz could almost rub his hands together as he couldn't wait to get into the air again. The new jet and helicopter had just arrived. He couldn't wait to play with his new toys. At least he had that. Marine One landed as he sat while the chopper landed. He took the heavy navy blue jacket and slipped it over his muscular arms. He had to look down at this souvenir he got to keep. On the left side was the Presidential seal and embroidered on the other side was his name.

He put his hands in his pocket and looked up at the massive house. This was the start. This was the rest of his life and he had the money and the time to do whatever he damn well pleased. There were horses in the stables. Karen would love that. Maybe even get a pony for Teddy. He was surrounded by land , nothing but land. It would be heaven for any man except for one thing. It would be his and his alone.

He took a breath and then started for the house. But then he thought he was hearing things. There was no one out here except for the staff. He had met most of the staff so he had no idea whose voice it would be. Then he slowly turned around.

"Hi." Was all she said.