Olivia had the file in her hand. They needed to catch his wife in the act so they could prevent a political scandal. Neelon had given them her schedule and the Senator continued his campaigning for relection . He had informed them that his wife would be meeting her lover and that he wanted OPA to beat the press to the punch. If anyone knew about rerouting the press in a political romance, it had to be Liv. She certainly had to do it enough times with her own life.

"Thomas, I have an idea. I want to see how you tick and how you handle a situation. The Senator has asked us to watch his wife and her music teacher. They are supposed to meet , but I have a feeling she is going to get more than a lesson. I also think that the press and media are also tipped off by the opposition and that is why Senator Nealon hired OPA. You and I will go on an oid fashioned stakeout with lots of coffee. " Olivia smiled as she walked over to the man. "Huck will do the set up of the hotel room and we will listen in."

Within an hour, Huck had snuck in with the help of a bribed desk clerk. Olivia and "Thomas" sat across the street from the motel room. They were lucky that Nealon's wife had chosen the cheap route rather than the five star one. Parked in the van, the hours snaked by with no sign of the wife and her musical lover. Olivia began to get restless. She usually didn't do this kind of work, but welcomed the chance of getting to know this mysterious man. Unfortunately, they had run out of coffee and needed to refuel.

"Why don't I get some more." He drawled.

"That would be nice. Maybe grab some popcorn too." Olivia placed her hand under her cheek as she continued to see if anything at all was happening yet.

"Maybe some Gettysburger." Fitz hinted. "And some Freedom Fries." He offered. "My treat."

"Such the gentleman. " Olivia smiled as Fitz went out the door. He acted like he didn't want to leave her. He just kept turning around and wanted to take a mental picture of her face for his own pleasure. "Something wrong Mr Anthony?" Olivia queried. Fitz just took the back of his hand and rubbed his chin. "I always am stopped by the presence of a beautiful woman, ma'am." Liv was floored by this gentleman . Besides this stakeout, her other job of the evening was to uncover this man. There was just something about him . "Back in a few."

Fitz slammed the door of the van. Olivia began to pull together her strategy. Maybe she could use wine to pull some answers out of him. Normally she wouldn't be reduced to these kind of tactics. After all, she was the Washington legend who created a President. But she couldn't put her finger on it, there was just something about him. Before she left the office, she put a bottle in her bag and then colored water to match the color of the wine. If she kept her wits, she could coerce him

"We lucked out. There was a Gettysburger across the road." Fitz handed her the bag. Olivia accepted it Fitz crawled back into the van. As he passed through, Olivia couldn't help but notice his fine ass, . Firm and tight. It brought a smile to her face. Now this is becoming to seem more familiar . When the two of them settled into their van, one of his Secret Service was also hiding outside just to make sure he was still safe. When a President leaves the White House, his detail can be lessened to only one if necessary. For this masquerade, Fitz wanted his out of sight if possible. When the two were comfortable, Liv pulled the bottle of wine out of her shopping bag along with two plastic cups. She hid the bottle of colored water at the bottom of the bag.

"I thought that since we are so bored, it might be fun to just have a glass of wine and then get to know each other. No w on the average, I usually don't do this , but I thought that it might be a nice icebreaker. Plus there isn't a damn thing going on and I am bored. Plus I can do what I want since I am the boss." Olivia said . Carefully she poured two glasses of wine and then lifted them in a toast.

"To new friends." She said as she spilled the one glass of wine. "Oh damn, now I have to pour some more." Carefully she poured herself another glass of colored water and then took a long sip. Fitz lifted his cup in salute and took a long sip.

"I have to admit that I do drink wine, but usually I drink scotch. Its something I got from my daddy." Fitz said.

"Most Texans I know don't drink scotch, they drink bourbon." Olivia smartly commented. "Yes now I see , you aren't the man that I just met." She took a sip and then turned and flitted her lashes. This was going to be fun. He is obviously not Thomas Anthony. She was going to find out who the hell he was. And she had every weapon in her arsenal at her disposal. This was the same woman who was worth two billion at auction. This was the woman who singlehandledly played chicken with one of the world's largest spy organization since her father and lover had run it. Most importantly, she was the woman who had the power to bring down the most powerful man on earth by playing games with his heart. He didn't ask to fall in love with her and she didn't ask her either. She poured Fitz another glass and then handed it to him.

"Here's looking at you kid." He whistled with a bad Bogey accent. Now the pieces were slowly coming together. Olivia remembered that her and Fitz would lay in bed after a day in the White House fighting the press and the optics when the photo came up that revealed their relationship. They would swill booze and watch old movies on television. One of his favorites was "Casablanca". She recalled him telling the story of when he met the ancient star when he was young. He was bigger to life to the young man and there had been many times when he had entertained a career as a movie star rather than a politician like his dad wanted. He might have made a great actor, maybe he could honored his father's wishes playing the President of the United States.

Olivia started to put pieces together. The hair was definitely a dye job and the greasy product that flattened his hair was dripping down on his tanned face. Ten to one that the tan wasn't real either. Reaching over, she could see that his muscles straining under his shirt and got a look at the abs . No man had abs like that. She was looking at a perfect ten in the body department. The Navy did good things to a man and she had the proof twice. She could also see that there was one other thing. His sail was high on the mast. Now she had her proof. This was going to be fun.

"Thomas, I must say you are an incredible man. That is why I knew you would be perfect for the job. There are very few men that I would trust with my business. As you well know, I have had clients that are high above regular people's pay grades. I have worked with senators, heads of state, queens, kings, princes, as well as the President of the US and his family. I have heard more national secrets than any woman a life, been privy to security clearance and was auctioned off to terrorists for that knowledge. I am not a normal boss." She purred as she moved toward him. His ears began to turn red as he heard her voice.

"Ma'am?" he said with a squeaky voice.

"I just mean that you have won my trust and that is a very hard thing to do. Consider yourself fortunate to be included in my circle. Now I know you are ready to be a gladiator." She took her manicured hands and moved them down his denim shirt and toward his turquoise belt buckle. She took her hand and hooked it around the buckle. The hand brushed across the soft denim and she could feel it poking through . There wasn't any thing soft about anything on him. "Remember I am the boss and you take your orders from me. Understand." She took her other hand and slammed it on the dashboard. The noise made him jump.

"You're the boss maam." He said . at that moment , he let his hands move toward her blouse and then let his hands get lost in her hair. It was all coming back to him . He could smell the fragrant shampoo made of strawberries and coconut. He then moved his his head toward hers and then her lips met his as she nibbled at his lower lip. Her soft skin brushed up against his stubble and then she could feel her own panties sticking to her body from moistness. That voice, that low baritone voice was driving her crazy and maybe she bit off a little more than she could chew. His large hands reached up under her skirt as he took his calloused fingers to push away her panties. Her hands moved through his hair and she hooked them around his neck. Olivia leaned back and then began to moan as she could feel him moving his fingers just to the spot to make her moan.

"I am your slave, Livvy. Do with me what you want. Use me Abuse me!" he bellowed as he could feel his penis straining through the jeans. With her hands, she led them to his belt buckle and then pulled down his pants. He wasn't wearing any underwear and it was obvious . She placed her legs around his waist and slowly eased herself into him. Collapsing she knew she had got him now. There was only one thing to do . He began to move toward the spot that made her grit her teeth as he pushed it against the side of her honey walls. She couldn't contain herself as the screams got louder and then she collapsed.

With every breath of her being , she sighed. "Checkmate, Mr President."