Chapter 1 The Beginning

Hitomi and Yukari were side-by-side walking through Ueno Onshi Park close to their apartment in Tokyo. Post-graduation ceremony, the two women walked down the street underneath the tunnel of cherry blossom trees. Hitomi stopped underneath a tree whose branches reached towards the darkening sky. The blossoms shivered with the wind and landed in Hitomi's long golden hair. Her black graduation gown shifted with the wind and her hood ballooned behind her. Her sleeves were pushed behind her with the wind. The light blue trim around the solid black hood reflected in the light and gave her an ethereal look. Yukari stopped walking and asked.
"What are you going to do now Hitomi?"
Hitomi looked over Yukari's shoulder. Yukari just graduated as well and will be on her way to teaching English in their hometown, perhaps even work at Karamakura-Kita and be the track coach. Hitomi sighed.
"I don't know yet Yukari. Maybe I will work for JAXA or teach Astrophysics at a college." Yukari smiled. "We need to find you a boyfriend Tomi-chan!"
"A boyfriend?! Yukari I have no time to think about a boyfriend!" Hitomi guffawed. They both laughed.
"Hitomi, I thought you were crazy about this guy named Van. What happened? Can't you call him up and ask him out?"
"Yukari, it's not that simple…" He is a king of Fanelia. He doesn't want someone like me. I brought darkness and pain to a bunch of people on Gaea. "We lost contact after we met. I don't know what he is doing or how to contact him."
"That's too bad Hitomi. You seemed like you were crazy about him. Anyway, lets take some pictures before it gets too late!" Yukari grabbed her Sony camera out of her backpack and pointed it towards Hitomi. She looked through the lens and snapped a couple of pictures. "Try to smile some more!" Yukari looked through the pictures. "Hitomi, what is wrong with your eyes?"
"What? What are you talking about Yukari?" Hitomi moved towards Yukari and looked over her shoulder. The wind picked up into a steady gust. Their graduation gowns billowed in the wind.

"It must be your camera settings Yukari." Odd. My eyes in the picture are much darker than I remember. When was the last time I looked in the mirror anyhow? Since the day I came back from Gaea. It has been a long time. Seven years?
"Yukari?" Hitomi said softly.
"Why don't I take some pictures of you?" Her friend smiled and agreed. She put up a peace sign and made a goofy smile. Hitomi laughed and turned the camera around to get them underneath a cherry blossom tree. She clicked the camera and looked at the photo. She zoomed into the background and her heart started to race. Two men were looking at them like they were pieces of meat.
"Yukari, we should be getting back home. We are going to miss dinner." She grabbed her friend's hand and started to walk quickly. "Hitomi! What is going on?" Yukari whispered. "There's two men that are following us. They look like they are going to cause trouble." Hitomi whispered harshly.
"Your eyes! They are almost black. What is going on with you?!" Yukari exclaimed.
"I don't know what you are talking about. We have got to get out of here. We are in danger! We could get assaulted or raped. We need to be careful Yukari!"
"Alright, on the count of three we will start running and won't stop until we get back home but take an egress route if you continue to get followed." Yukari whispered.
"Three!" The two women started to sprint away from the men that were closely following them. One mile, two miles, three miles…
"Who…are…these…men? They don't have the demeanor of someone around here. They don't seem to be familiar with anything at all." Hitomi panted. She looked behind her shoulder. The two men were also running towards them. The man on the right had something shiny in his hand. His body type was like hers, thin but muscular. The man on the left seemed to be weaponless but his size was not of a normal person. He reminded her of a six-foot monster with a lot of muscles. Her heart ached and her brain was in a frenzy. She needs to protect herself and Yukari but how can she get out of this fight alive?

Hitomi stopped running. Her breath coming out in short puffs. "What are you doing?" Yukari grabbed her hand and tried to pull her along. "We have got to go! They are going to hurt us. It's obvious they want us!" Yukari started to cry. "Why are you stopping? Do you want to die? Do you want to get hurt?"
"Listen to me. They aren't from here. They are from Gaea."
"That place you told me of when you came back from America?"
"I didn't go to America, I went to Gaea and saved a prince from a dragon here at Karamakura-Kita. You remember don't you? We were attacked by a dragon while I was trying to beat my record. With Amano-senpai?"
"I don't remember Hitomi. I remember that I passed out from running but up until then, I don't remember." Yukari sighed. "If these men are from Gaea then what are we going to do? They might have more weapons on them."
"I don't have the correct answer Yukari. There's a chance that I might get severely hurt and you must run, no matter what. Do you promise?!"
"I can't let you do that. That's suicidal!"
"You don't have a choice. Run to the police and ask them to take you to a youth hostel somewhere out of town. You must hide and take care of yourself. Ask Amano to protect you. I know you are still in love with him. I know he feels the same. Be a teacher Yukari. Leave this city tonight. Call him as soon as you get to the police station! Promise me."
Yukari's lip trembled. "I cant promise that."
Hitomi opened her backpack. "You must leave. Here." Hitomi took out a knife and put it in Yukari's hand. "You need to protect yourself. Leave NOW!" Hitomi's voice bellowed and the wind pushed Yukari back a couple feet. "Leave!" Yukari nodded and turned to run.
Hitomi looked towards the two men who were started to make their approach to her location. "What do you want?" Hitomi snarled. The wind started to roar. The cherry blossoms were falling off the trees like the golden leaves in Winter.
"Oooh Kitten's got claws." The six-foot monster chuckled.
"What the hell do you want?!" She yelled.
"Yo Biehn, looks like Jenno grabbed her friend. Now the true fun will begin."
"Hitomi! I am so-" The man named Jenmo punched her in the stomach. "Stop talking bitch. I am going to make you scream later!"
Yukari was slouched over, whimpering. Yukari. I must figure out how to get out of this situation.
Hitomi's fists clinched. "What do you want with us?" Hitomi took off her graduation gown and threw it on the ground. Her backpack laid on top of it. Yukari was starting to wake up. Jenmo pushed Yukari to the side. He unsheathed a 8 inch knife from his side. Why didn't I see his armor before? It is Gaean, similar to the Dragonslayers from The Destiny War. All of them had this type of armor. It is not going to be easy for me to get out of this alive.
"Oh looky. We have our first dance." The six foot monster teased.
"You aren't from this world are you?" Hitomi yelled confidently.
"Ooh aren't you smart. No wonder that peasant King Van fancies you, my dear." Biehn spat.
"Your voice is poison. I don't want to hear it again." Hitomi spat back.
"Oh really?" She was surrounded in a blink of an eye. A sword lunged for her stomach. She was able to get out of the way doing a back hand spring. The ball of her foot hit the cloaked figure in the face. "Ugh." He fell backwards. The monster lunged his knife towards her neck. Blocked. He shifted his foot back. Biehn tried again with a reverse knife lunge. His knife cut Hitomi's forehead. Blood started to run down into her eyes. She pushed her leg up to her chest and she unloaded a side kick into the side of his ribs. The impact created crunching sounds and the man fell to the ground. The monster grabbed her from her behind. He bear hugged her with his forearm underneath her throat. Hitomi elbowed the monster into the stomach. The impact allowed a little space in between them. She spun around and tensed up her arm for a hand strike. She moved her palm heel to contact his nose and mouth. Blood was shot into the sky like Sakura blossoms in the wind. He stumbled back to the ground with his nose broken and his vocal cord shattered.

"Hitomi!" Yukari cried. Hitomi shifted her attention towards her best friend. Jenmo had a knife pressed against her throat. "I am sorry Hitomi. I am going to die. Tell my parents how much I love them for me." Yukari sobbed.
"Aww, what a sentimental thought." Jenmo moved the knife over her throat.
"No! Yukari!" Yukari gasped and her body was shaking. She opened her hand and moved it towards Hitomi like she was wanting her to grab it. She fell to the ground, not moving with blood around her like a blanket of roses. "No. Yukari. No." Sobs wrecked through her body. She landed on her knees and put her hands through her hair. "Don't leave me. Please come back." Her delicate hands turned into fists. Her eyes turned from emerald green to black. She could feel her anger take over her body. All her grief spilled over into her eyes. Hitomi slowly stood up.

"How dare you do this to her? She was innocent. She had nothing to do with Gaea!"
"You destroyed our home and our lives. You brought death to everyone you meet. You are going to pay for what you have done Hitomi. Van will not be able to save you or even recognize you once we are done. This is what you get for being a witch. Witch's get hung, raped, and burned at the stake. Your eyes prove you are guilty. You have been carrying a power within you and now we will destroy you and take it for our own." Garret snarled. He unsheathed his sword. It gleamed in the streetlights.
I don't know what they are talking about. I haven't been able to see visions in over 7 years but I do know how to fight.

Hitomi got into a fighting stance. She wiped the blood from her face and clenched her fists, the blood dripped onto the ground in steady drips.
"taluka vin natra requen trulka vera." Hitomi whispered. Those who hurt me will never live again. "igtra ghoun reqeih plauch bytru vaea" You will be banished into the underworld and never come out again.
"Those spells do not scare me." Garret sneered.
"gho blu'k awclhe quentsa bluask plicf asuk" Do not underestimate my spells. I will banish you.
It was like time stopped everywhere except for Hitomi. A dark purple portal appeared near Garret, Ethen, other cloaked men, and the body of Yukari. A dark aura surrounded them and everything was normal again. Hitomi fell onto the ground exhausted. She felt someone touch her shoulder. She would have sworn it was her King. She slowly got up. She was covered with blood. She grabbed her backpack and walked away. Hitomi wasn't badly hurt but she was sore from her martial arts. She followed the dirt path up to her apartment. The streets were completely empty. She looked like she went to hell and back more than once.