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This story was inspired by Rewrite the Past by RyuyaLana.
The plot and dialogue of this first chapter was mostly from the manga.
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by : TracesOfFreedom


If I could I'd pull it up and rewind
To the time before you went away
Wish I could go back to yesterday
~Rewind by Flo Rida~

The others were watching as Mikan inserted the two alice stones into Natsume's body with her last power. Seconds turned into minutes and still nothing happened.

"Natsume...", Mikan started shaking his still form.

"Mikan!" "Natsume!", she could hear her friends shouting all around her but her focus was on Natsume's unmoving body.

"Natsume... please...", she pleaded again. Mikan then turned to Subaru and Sakurano, "Why... why is Natsume's heart still not moving...?"

Seeing everyone arround her staying silent and bowing their head, Mikan started tearing up again.

"Please answer me... What's wrong with Natsume..?", she asked with her arms around Natsume.

"Mikan... Natsume is dead... There's nothing more we can do.", Principal Yukihira said reaching out to Mikan, but she flinched away from him.

"No! He's not! He can't be!"

Everyone could see that Mikan had started breaking down with Natsume in her arms.

"Can't we... can't we go back to the past? Can't we save Natsume befor he's dying...?", Ruka asked Noda-sensei. Mikan's head turned sharply to their direction with a desperate and hopeful look in her eyes that made Noda-sensei want to say yes even if it was a lie.

"No...", he said to Mikan, looking apologetic.

"Even if we go back to the past, we still can't do anything that will affect Natsume's fate.", Mikan face crumpled and she burried her face on Natsume's chest.

"He is... dead. No matter how hard it is to take. This is his fate..."

"NO! I wont let Natsume just die... We promised to get out of this academy together...", Mikan said in between her sobs.

"I just... I wish I have the power to save Natsume from this fate..."

As Mikan said that, a brilliant light engulfed her body and the last thing she saw was her friend's shocked face shouting her name.

Mikan hadn't been feeling well. Ever since Jinjin assigned her as the first No-star in B division history yesterday, her classmate had been laughing non-stop at her. And this morning, she woke up miserably at her no-star room in the attic. Maybe it was because of her dream last night. She dreamed about a cheerful teacher and his students. She couldn't remember how they look, but somehow they felt really familiar. Maybe it was about her new classmate and sensei? Well, it was just a dream anyway.

Mikan looked in the mirror at her own face, she had a bloodshot red eyes. The brunette tilted her head in confusion, wondering id she did not get enough sleep. She got a nagging feeling in the back of her head telling her she forgot something important.

As she prepared herself for school, she tried to remember what she forget but to no avail. She even triple check her bag to make sure nothing's a miss.

"Well, it's probably nothing...", Mikan was about to tie her hair when she cought a glimpse of the clock.

"Oh my God! I'm late!"

After Mikan was done with her punishment for being late, which is cleaning the barf cans with Iinchou helping her, she approached Narumi to gave her letter.

"Narumi-sensei! This is a letter for my grandpa. Please help me mail it out."

"No problem...", said the teacher and he took a good look on one of his favorite student. "Mikan-chan... you seem a bit out of it today, are you okay?"

"Is it because of the things everyone has been saying about you?", Iinchou added.

"Huh?", Mikan said, "Ah, no... I just have something on my mind. I feel like I forgot something, but I dont know what."

"Ah! And I dreamed about you last night!", Mikan suddenly squealed.

"Eeehh... Is that so? What did I do in your dream?", Narumi asked with a big smile plastered in his face.

"Umm.. I don't really remember. I just remember there's a really nice sensei, his student really like him", after Mikan said this she stared at Narumi's face with confused look, "but then there's you... but you're not the teacher... then, who's the teacher? I know it's not Jinjin"

"Maybe it's your previous teacher in your hometown?", Iinchou suggested.

"Noo... the student were wearing the Academy's uniform", Mikan was getting more and more confused, her face was getting redder.

"Well, it was a dream. You got a messed up world in a dream. I had a dream where I was running from Misaki-sensei in front of the green house, and then suddenly I was on top of Tokyo Tower almost falling", said Narumi rubbing Mikan's head.

"Yeah, right. Because there's Hotaru too... but she's a boy... I mean I know sometime Hotaru look like a boy, but in this dream I know she's a boy. She wore glasses too", Mikan said.

Narumi suddenly stiffened. Mikan look up and saw his tense face.

"Is something wrong sensei?"

"Eh? Ah... No... no...", he rubbed the back of his head, "Why don't you two go back to class? It's almost time for the next period"

"Alright then, see you sensei", they waved their hands and Narumi waved back as he stared at their retreating back.

He pocketed Mikan's letter and walked back to the teacher's lounge.

A dream about a teacher and his student... I was there... A male Hotaru Imai wearing glasses... could it be... No! That's impossible. Mikan couldn't possibly know about the past.

Mikan and Iinchou were walking back to their class when Mikan noticed Ruka leaning on a pillar outside with his beloved Usagi.

"Ruka-pyon...", Mikan greeted him, "You're by yourself? How rare..."

"Lunch break's already over", informed Iinchou.

Ruka just stayed silent. But as Mikan was greeting his rabbit, he said, "You... are probably being targeted... in this school"

"Huh? What are you saying?", Mikan said with a confused blank face.

"You mean Mr. Jinno?", Iinchou was just as confused as Mikan. He knew that Jinno's action to Mikan was not normal, but to say that she was targeted was a little too much.

"I don't really know why either. But in the elementary division... as long as you're an alice, that little incident shouldn't have caused you to become no-star.", Ruka just continued while Mikan and Iinchou were listening carefully.

"Even if it's Mr. Narumi... All the teachers and everyone here... Its better if you don't trust them too much. I just... wanted to say this."

Sensei, why did you burn my letters...?

I am sorry

You liar!

Don't you dare lay a hand on her.

Did you get hurt?

It's a good thing Mikan-chan is okay

I'm sorry...

'Eh? What was that?', Mikan thought clutching her head.

"Mikan-chan?", Mikan turned her head to see the concerned face of Iinchou.

"It's nothing... But... Why did Ruka-pyon tell me all that...", she said facing the boy again, but he seems to be deep in his own thought and suddenly left them there.

"What's going on?"

In result of Ruka strange warning and the even stranger flashback she had been getting, Mikan's headache was worsening and she can't concentrate in class. And even worse, it was Jinjin class.

"New girl, your mind seems to be be completely distracted during class.", the feared teacher said menacingly to a horrified Mikan. She turned left and right to see Natsume snoring and her classmate looking at her like she was the stupidest creature on earth.

"Even with the "No-star" title, it looks like I still can't fix your rebellious attitude.", he fingered his stick and pointed it at the terrified Mikan.

Mikan was trying to find a word to defend herself when suddenly she felt immense pain as Jinno directed his lightning alice toward her.

"Mikan!", she could hear a voice calling her name above the noise of her classmate's loud chatter as she fell to the ground. She clutched her head tightly, feeling an even worse headache than before. The voices in her head were getting louder.

A new teacher who came to Alice Academy for the first time.

...we need someone like you more to save some of the students here.

She could feel Iinchou beside her helping her sit.

"Didn't I tell you before? My alice is "Lightning". My powers are extremely useful for punishing idiots like you. I hate people like you who disrupt natural order the most."

It's Yukky!

Yukihira, erase that now!

I can't treat the principal's younger brother as harsh as I wish

"There once was a person with the same alice as you. Just like you, an idiot who went against the natural order of things."

Where is the necessity to handle them with violence?

Are you going to take the opportunity that's given to you?

I will be bringing her back

I won't let these kids go through that kind of pain

"In the end... just couldn't die in peace. I hope you won't end up the same way."

I'll come back straight away


What did you do to this child?


Your alice could kill other people!


...because it's alright...