by : TracesOfFreedom


Gakuen Alice belong to Tachibana Higuchi

Hotaru was prepared to throw the mirror to deflect Jinno-sensei's alice when Mikan suddenly yelled. Did she just call for her father? Hotaru knew for a fact that Mikan didn't know anything about her parents though, so that couldn't be right.

Mikan who was sitting on the floor being supported by Iinchou just clutched her own arms while looking ahead with unseeing eyes and terrified expression on her face.

"Mikan-chan? Are you alright?", Iinchou asked her. But Mikan just sat there, frozen. Hotaru was getting even more worried, something was definitely not right with Mikan today.

"Sakura! Are you listening to what I am saying?!", Jinno-sensei was getting angrier but Mikan still didn't react.

Everyone were silent waiting for Jinno-sensei to explode again, but then they heard a strangled sobs coming from Mikan still form.

"Mummy… wake up…", they heard her mumble in between sobs.

"Sensei, something's wrong with her", Iinchou said. Hotaru then step forward and kneel in front of Mikan, taking her face in her hands.

"Mikan, can you hear me?", the usually stoic girl asked but to no avail.

Jinno-sensei meanwhile seems to be out of his element.

"Yome, try reading her mind", he instructed.

Koko tried unfortunately with no result. "I can't read anything from her"

"Maybe her nullification alice is blocking yours", Nonoko suggested.

"What's with her anyway? Does she start hallucinating now?", Sumire asked. The other students were getting antsier too.

"Maybe she miss her parents much?", asked another student.

"She doesn't have a parent. If anything she should be calling her grandpa", sniped the inventor back.

"Natsume!", the brunette gasped, putting both of her hands on her mouth, tears started falling from her hazel eyes. The name enough to pull everyone attention to the raven haired fire user in the room and back to the brunette, confusion marring everyone faces. Natsume himself didn't have any idea of what's happening right now, but still kept his cool.

"No… Natsume…", they heard Mikan said again. What they heard next sent a shiver down their spines though.

"… please don't die…"

With that last words she suddenly lost consciousness in Iinchou's arms.

"Mikan!", Hotaru and Iinchou exclaimed, trying to rouse her back up.

"Move!", Jinno-sensei crouched beside Hotaru and pick the unconscious girl up. Before he went out the door he sent a venomous look to the class, "You better not start making ruckus after I'm gone".

But as usual, just mere seconds after Jinno-sensei closed the door, chaos erupted in the classroom.

"Did you hear that?"

"She said 'please don't die' right?"

"Maybe she saw Natsume-sama hurt in her hallucination?"

Ruka just peeked uncomfortably at his seemingly nonplussed bestfriend. Everyone around them were whispering to each other about their speculations while sometime sneaking a glance at Natsume, until finally Natsume had enough and leave the classroom with Ruka following behind.

Narumi ran all the way to the hospital when he heard that his new student collapsed and had been brought there. He demanded her room number to the receptionist and walked briskly to her assigned room.

When he opened the door he could see Mikan's unconscious form on the bed, Imai and Tobita was on one side of the bed with Jinno-sensei on the other. The three conscious occupant of the room turned to him as he closed the door.

"What's wrong with her?"

"They don't know what is wrong with her. Her vital is fine. They thought the reason is because she's doing over exerting activities with empty stomach.", explained Jinno-sensei.

"What happened in the classroom?"

"She started acting strange after sensei use his alice on her. She called for her parents and then Natsume-san…", Tobita trailed unsurely.

"Her parents? I thought she's an orphan."

"She is.", said Imai stoically without looking at his direction.

"Then…", the pheromone alice holder trailed, looking at Jinno-sensei stern face.

"Tobita, Imai. Return to your class."


"No. I'll stay until the idiot wake up."

"You two still have class to attend. I'll let you know when Mikan-chan wakes up, okay?", Narumi tried.

With a bit arguments the two class B representatives finally leave the hospital escorted by one of the hospital staff. That left the two teacher alone with Mikan in the hospital room.

"Jinno-sensei… Do you think Mikan…", Narumi started, but was cut by Jinno-sensei.

"She certainly has the right look and even the right alice.", his usually stern face look tired. "She acted like she saw something everyone else can't."

See something? Putting what they said into account, Mikan saw her father, mother, and Natsume-kun. If her father is really Yukihira-sensei, does she actually know what he look like? Mikan is raised by her grandfather alone, therefore Yuka-senpai shouldn't be able to show her how her father looks.

Wait. What she said this morning… If the one she dreamed about is really sensei then she would know, but how did she recognized him as her father?

"Do you think she has some kind of precognition ability?"

"I don't know. Why would you think so?"

"This morning, she said she had a dream about me and a nice sensei and a male Imai wearing glasses."


"That's what I thought. Could it be that she somehow dreamed about that person?"

"I guess we would have to ask her when she wakes up."