Authors note:

this takes place after the series finale of gravity falls and at the beginning of harry potter and the philosophers stone (or sorcerers stone for some) I've decided to make philosophers stone take place in 2012 to make timelines match up. Though the difference will probably not be noticeable because of how the wizarding world only has technology of the past and J.K Rowling made the brilliant decision to never go into too much detail into muggle tech.

Know that i don't own the source material(s). Let the story begin!

On a perfectly ordinary evening in a perfectly ordinary house lived the pines. No, not the Dursley's. The Pines. Though since both households are completely and undoubtedly ordinary you would be forgiven for thinking so. But our story does not begin in the English street of Little Whinging, Surrey. It begins in America, a country where the wizarding school Iilvermorny resides. More specifically our tale begins in Piedmont, California.

However, another similarity the Pines share with the household of Little Whinging is that some members of their home are nowhere near as normal as they first seem. Though fortunately there is no mistreatment that comes with said abnormality in the Pines residence. Not that they are even aware of the extent of it or would even believe it if they did.

The main sources of such peculiarity in the Californian home sat in the living room. Two children. A boy and girl so different, yet so similar. So similar in fact that they are twins. The girl lies on the floor applying liberal doses of glitter onto her drawing beside a pig significantly larger than when she brought it home. Most girls would be repulsed by any pig larger than a piglet, but she always thought it just made for more pig to hug and love. She said it often too, much to the boy nearby her's slight annoyance. Said boy was watching an episode of a show he knew every word to, but watched anyway. beside him lay visibly well thumbed mystery novels and notes embellished with diagrams of obscure and odd creatures and what tips he recalled from a book he hadn't seen since he left for home.

These kids were used to the weird and strange, it had become ironically normal to them after the summer they had not too long ago returned from. So coming back to the truly normal and mundane was hard for them.

While the twins were both preoccupied with their own activities, an owl finally arrived at its destination. This particular strigiformes had travelled far farther than any owl should without rest, and having done such a long journey neglected to check for a window in its tiredness before it's decent. So it swooped down, and with all the powerful beauty and grace a bird of pray ought to have, and promptly slammed into the glass.

This amazingly dignified landing alerted the two children on the other side of said window immediately. They rushed outside with the speed of two children with the opportunity to break their boredom (which is faster than a slightly peckish teenager who has just gotten the offer of food but slower than a cynophobiac running away from an incensed chihuahua)

The small owl groggily got off of it's back and shook off its hazel feathers, slightly annoyed at its situation. It picked up the letters it came so far to deliver and tried to get one of the recipients attention, but they were too busy bickering. "-No Mabel, you can't have it as a pet." "But it's so cute!" "Mom and dad barely let you keep waddles, how do you think they are going to react to a wild bird?" "... i can convince them." "Owls are nocturnal, you'll barely get to see it awake anyway." "But this one is awake now though! maybe this one is different?" "huh?" They turned their eyes towards the winged messenger. Glad to finally get their attention it continued shoving the letters into their legs repetitively.

Mabel gasped "Dipper look! it's got something!" Said boy had curiosity and confusion written all over his face simultaneously. crouching down to get closer to the owl he questioned to nobody in particular "why would an owl be carrying letters in broad daylight?" Taking the opportunity with spiteful annoyance that they still hadn't taken the damn letters it shoved the corner of the envelope into the boys face. For a few seconds Mabel stood with laughter threatening to burst out of her face, before finally giving in and bending over in full hysterics at Dippers 'don't you dare laugh' face in combination to his spot on the floor. And in spite of his efforts to keep looking annoyed by her laughing at him a smile broke onto Dippers face too.

In the end the owl got fed up of waiting for them to take the letters, resorting to dropping them onto Dippers lap before taking off into the sunset.

They held the surprisingly heavy envelopes and in awe read their names in sloping green ink along with oddly specific addresses and no stamp. As a thought dawned on Mabel a large smile broke onto her face "I know why the owl was carrying letters now ... It's a postman owl! just imagine it, a whole bunch of tiny fluffy owls with dinky little postman hats!" Dipper smiled in return and remarked "that would explain how it knew where to go."

Cracking the wax seal they took out some rich parchment with the same swirling green script.

"Dear Mr/Ms Pines

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted into Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.

Term begins on 1 September.

Due to an influx of eligible american students Iilvermorny is full, therefore you will be attending hogwarts instead. Since you are a muggleborn wizard we have accounted for your lack of access to the floo network, we will send a member of staff to escort you.

Yours sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall"

Mabel beamed at dipper and whispered dramatically "You know what this means right?" Dipper facetiously replied "that the kid next door finally thought of a creative prank?" They looked at the fence between theirs and the neighbours house before laughing a little "Nope, this is way too clever for them!" she said, thinking of all the time the generic pranks had backfired on the person who lived behind the fence. Waving her letter like a flag she yelled "and that means we're learning magic!"

Mr and Mrs Pines were a perfectly content couple. They had a perfectly normal and boring life, but it was a happy one. They had a home, each other, and two kids about to go to high school. They had left their kids to pick their own schools, if they couldn't pick before the start of term they could always just attend the one closest to home. They had been starting to worry more that this would be the case the closer the deadline got. So imagine their surprise when Mason and Mabel said they'd been accepted to a boarding school overseas!

Much like when they were preparing to leave for gravity falls there was a lot of hectic packing, as well as unpacking to double check for somthing. As sad as it made them to think of their two little kids being so far away they couldn't help but smile at how exited the two were.