Mr and Mrs Pines had always thought the world was perfectly normal, just like their perfectly normal lives (save for an uncle reappearing after 30 years despite having been supposedly dead) but that all changed when their entire worldview was shattered. After they traveled through a nauseating fireplace that should. not. exist.

Professor McGonogall had come up to them while they were questioning everything they had ever known and saidbarely traceable apprehension (after all, confused and scared people can lash out easily) "I take it you weren't told the exact kind of school hogwarts is"

It was more of a statement than a question really. And that was just as well, they wouldn't have been able to give an answer at that moment. With all the finesse of someone who'd been in this situation many, many times she sat them down and began to explain.

By the time they had even begun to wrap their heads around it all it was dark outside. Dipper and Mabel sat practically already asleep nearby. As much as the couple wanted to stay with the twins they and all too ready to go home (on the reassurance they would be kept safe.) They would be no help out here, and so it would be better to let the professionals take charge. And so when the tall man McGonogall had greeted as Hagrid arrived they let themselves be taken home.

This ... wasn't Mabel's room. Groggily she sat up in an unfamiliar bed. The last thing she remembered was falling asleep on the couch beside Dipper. They and their parents had all been recovering from the rollercoaster of a fireplace, it was like jet-lag times 5! The people there had called the place the cracked kettle? The broken saucepan? She'd try to remember the name later. Everything that happened yesterday all seemed like a weird dream.

She had no idea where she was. But hey, she could make a game out of finding out! All she had to do was think like ducktective. She would be the great detective pumperknickle crumplepatch who solved cases with her trusty companion, sir martony whatmanson

Said companion was fast asleep in the bed next to hers. She pulled back her covers and stepped out onto the cold floor. As quietly she could she made her way over to her still sleeping brother, bare feet making soft pap pap noises as she went. She gently grabbed and shook his shoulder, whispering 'Dipper. Diiiiippper. Wake uuup.' But alas her partner in crime prevention was truly out for the count.

Resolving instead to crack the case herself she continued scanning the room. The first thing she found was her stuff tucked neatly under her bed. If it was big enough for her stuff to fit under there then it would make a great hiding place! But no, not right now, she had a case to solve!

The bed she'd been sleeping on was beside the window on the far right, the same side of the room she always slept. And as always dipper was to the left of her. Beside Dippers bed was a third one, on which slept a boy she didn't know. Bingo! a clue.

He looked scruffy, his hair stuck up everywhere, and by that she means EVERYWHERE, bedhead cranked all the way up to 10! He still had glasses in his head, only half on his face because of how it was getting smushed onto the pillow. The lenses were all cracked and the rest were more tape than frame. It probably didn't help that the bed was all messed up from movement and the sheets were now scrunched up with the defensive ball he had wrapped tightly into like a baby armadillo.

She considered trying to wake him up, at first dismissing the idea. It would be rude to wake someone you don't know! But she was still curious about who he was, and he might know more about where they were!

Harry was woken by a poke in his arm. In his half asleep state he assumed it was aunt Petunia trying to wake him up to do chores.

After a while the poking stopped. She must have gotten fed up of waiting for him to wake up and left to help Dudley for a while instead. This almost never happened. He was so glad to have a few minutes more sleep he let himself turn over and get back to it.

When he heard a soft gasp he knew he'd made a deadly mistake. Now his aunt knew he awake. He'd been purposely ignoring her and now the wake up call would return a lot sooner and would be far, far more violent. He warily opened his eyes, expecting to see a seething aunt with a fuming uncle behind her, or at least a gleeful cousin leering beside her.

A cheery voice cut through his terror "You're awake!"

Finally managing to pry open his eyes he glanced about to find a girl crouched beside his bed.

For a few moments there was just silence as she looked at him expecting an answer and he sat there not knowing what to do. She must have seen the confusion on his face as her face lit up again "Oh right, introductions!" She began to excitedly pick up the pace and gesture wildly as she went on "hey, I'm Mabel! Over there is my brother, but he's stuck in snoozeville right now. Literally! Sorry for waking you, I hope I didn't mess up a nice dream or something. I was just wondering if you knew where we were. I know it was probably silly to wake you up over something small like that but hey you are awake now so thats good! "

As abruptly as she'd begun talking she stopped, while Harry tried to take it all in. This meant he really had been whisked away from the Dursleys by a large friendly man with a birthday cake and pink umbrella in the middle of the night. He really was a wizard. Magic was actually real.

... Dudley actually had a pig tail.

He had to let out a little smile at that one, just imagining Dudley's face almost made him burst out laughing. But for now he just pushed out an awkward reply. "I know about as much as you do about this place really."

Mabel's face screwed up in though for a second in thought "huh. I was hoping you'd know." Before again perking up and exclaming "we can look for clues together then!" With infectious enthusiasm.

She began looking around the room, eyes resting on one of the other beds. Slowly a mischievous smile crept onto her face, an idea evidently having planted in her head. Tiptoeing over dramatically to the bed she shout whispered "I'm gonna wake him."

The boy in the other bed began to stir as soon as Mabel started pushing him. His brain finally snapping fully to attention when he was already halfway over the edge. Flailing wildly he began to shout "Wait Mabel no-" before crashing to the ground.

He stayed face down, his annoyed mumbling muffled by the floorboards as Mabel sat next to him and perkily said "too late!" His reply was at first as muffled as the rest of what he'd said until he began to lift his head "whyyyYYYY?!" He stared at Mabel pointedly as she shrugged, then promptly put his face back on the floor out of tiredness.

Laughing a little she began amicably recounting every little thing that had happened with wild gestures and an enthusiastic grin. She patted the gap beside her and her brother, motioning for him to sit with them too.

Hagrid came into the kids room to find the three sitting down and laughing. Smiling a little he softly closed the door again. It wouldn't do them no harm to talk a little longer. Harry needed all the friends he could get, a life as hard as his. And maybe, just maybe, if he has some friends here he won't have to go back to that awful 'family' of his for the while before school. He will pay for Harrys stay himself if he has to!