A/N: Albus battles Grindelwald, and Minerva joins in the duelling…

Rating: M (gore, violence)

C. 8:

Minerva could hear a noise, like thunder. Two entities whose contact made the air charged with static electricity, had to be crashing into each other. She immediately thought of Albus Dumbledore, and wished him to survive the ongoing battle. As she raced in the hallways, stunning some German guards along the way, she could feel her heart beating madly through her chest with adrenalin and worry. All she knew was that Dumbledore – she did not dare to call him Albus, even privately – was alive.

She entered the Great Hall and regained her breath as she tried to understand their forces' situation. In the middle of the room, Grindelwald and Dumbledore were fighting. She could see their magic sizzle, crackle as they seemed to be duelling to the death. All around them, spells were hurled and, with the noises of impacts, it was as if a madman had let loose fireworks. No team seemed to be winning for the moment, and the violence of the spellcasting was altogether frightening.

A particularly ugly German guard threw a powerful curse at one of the Aurors, and threw him to the ground, blood spurting from invisible wounds all over his body. She shook awake from her daze and launched herself into the battle, casting curse and jinx after hex at the German.

Albus' fight had reached a stalemate. Gellert had begun by sending out a fireball, quickly returned to him by Dumbledore after some rapid wand waving. A canon ball was then headed to the German's face. The self-proclaimed Dark Lord did not depart from his crazed smile and self-assuredness, and turned it to dust. Then, he sent it back to his foe, under the shape of a black mist that had enveloped Dumbledore before solidifying into a black bubble hard as a diamond and a malignant shade of purple.

For a moment, Grindelwald was sure of his victory. Yes! He had him! The bubble would consume Dumbledore's life force, and transfer all his magic to him, Grindelwald, making him even more powerful. He broke in hives, taken over by a hysterical laugh. To think that a brain like Albus Dumbledore's had been defeated by such an old trick! He sobered up quickly. "How disappointing, Albus!" he said, looking quite crushed – one did not find stimulating archenemies like Albus quite so easily.

Suddenly, to the Dark Wizard's delight, the bubble seemed to buzz. It began to shake, and a faint light appeared inside. Under Grindelwald's excited gaze, it buzzed and buzzed until it exploded, sending out shards in every direction, shattering against the walls like crystal. A German guard received one in the eye, and one in the throat. He died of haemorrhage in the following minute, coughing up a stream of blood under the gaze of a shocked Dumbledore…

Taking advantage of his adversary's inattention, Grindelwald sent out one of the shards to him, transforming it into a black dagger. Dumbledore barely stepped out of its way, feeling the cold blade graze his cheek… He raised his wand and waved it in a complicated manner as the air crackled around him.

It was in the middle of this that Minerva had arrived. Their fight had redoubled in intensity, but she was too busy to notice now: the German that she was fighting was certainly strong. The rush of rage she had felt when her comrade had been killed had long disappeared, and without the adrenalin rush, she found herself struggling to keep up with her adversary's tempo. It did not help, of course, that the wizard was one of the Elite of Grindelwald's followers, and was thus even more ruthless and experienced in duelling than the others. She could not seem to anticipate or take the offensive. She was defending, and that was never a good thing. The guard alternated quick casts of jinxes and curses that her rapidly fired Protego barely deflected, before sending out a curse of a far higher strength. He made some signs in the air then sent the curse toward her, and it was all she could do to evade it. Nevertheless, she had to take the upper-hand, or she would die – and it probably would not be quick or painless either.

She had to distract him somehow. While she was deflecting one of his jinxes, she let him touch her. She began to choke. Panic rose inside of her as she looked at the wizard in front of her, smiling. While his guard was down, she quickly fired a cocktail of Furnunculus and Tarantallegra. "Finite incantatem" she thought, pointing her wand at herself. The man in front of her could not seem to regain his wits, and she finished him with a quick Knockback jinx which projected him to the other end of the wall. "Minerva McGonagall, winner by K.O." she thought wryly. Then, she turned around and …

"Stupefy!" she cried. The Auror who had been facing a particularly ruthless guard looked around and gave her a thankful nod.

Just as they were about to go help their colleagues, the Earth began to shake with a terrifying crack. It was the agonising moan of stone rubbing against stone, as the ground was separating itself. A cleft began to appear in the paving, while the walls and roof began to shake, and collapse around them. Minerva, the Aurors and the guards, could only watch, helpless, as Dumbledore and Grindelwald were enclosed in a circle of falling boulders.

"Get them out!" she yelled at her colleague, gesturing wildly at the other Aurors, struggling to make herself understood over the noise.

"And you?! McGonagall, you can't stay here!"

"Just get them out!" she said, running to the other side of the room, avoiding the falling rocks.

"Damn stubborn girl!" He rallied the others, and they ran out of the room. There was nothing he could do for her now, she was too far away.

Minerva could not have explained it, not even to herself, not even months later, when she thought about it, that feeling of dread that had taken her as she saw Albus Dumbledore amid falling rocks. She thought that he would surely die, and she could not let that happen. She had seen him before he went, he had the look of someone who did not expect to return from the fight. But she could not let that happen. So, she had crossed the room.

"Not that I could help him much" she thought "but maybe I can do something…"

She was standing next to the circle, and they did not see her. With the stonefall, it was nigh impossible to see anything. Dumbledore raised his hand, Grindelwald launched a powerful curse, and she intercepted it with one of her own, a blue bolt touching the green one and sending it crashing to the wall, blasting a hole in it.

The men turned their heads towards her.

"Minerva!" he cried, quite shocked.

Grindelwald laughed at the anguish slowly appearing on the other wizard's face, and sent out a rock towards her so quickly that she did not have the time to move fast enough. It broke her left arm, shoulder and some ribs. She coughed up blood, feeling dizzy, the pain made hr breathless, and she felt unable to move. She lost consciousness, the sound of falling rocks and voices echoing in her ears.

"You, bastard!"

"Now, now, Albus, my parentage has nothing to do with your little friend"

"You- "

"Such eloquence, old chap! I wonder if you were that loquacious when you found my little letter on the kitchen counter next to your mother and sister's corpses… What when you'll say when I kill this one?"

"Why…? She's nothing to you!"

"Well, of course, not. But she is important to you, just like you loved your mother and sister. Now, I wonder, how does it feel to know that you killed this woman?"

"You're the one who killed them! Why? What did they ever do to you?!"

"Nothing. Nothing at all. That is precisely what makes it so entertaining!" he laughed like a maniac while Dumbledore brought the roof down on them, only minding that Minerva got protected from the remaining rocks. He had come to care a lot for the young woman, and did not want her hurt any further.

When stones fell on his own body, Gellert Grindelwald did not cry out. Albus Dumbledore's jaw tightened even more when he saw the body break, heard the bones shatter, watched the blood fly out around the room, the mush of skull, blood and brain decorating his robes.

Albus looked up. He could see rocks coming for him too. One fell on his right knee, and he felt it shatter. He screamed out in pain and fell to the ground, content to die here and rest for eternity.

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