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Summary: Mikoto finds an eight year old Naruto hung from a tree by a rope, she saves him and finds out he tried committing suicide, and not just that time, but dozens of times and something triggers in her, making her obsessed with the blond boy.

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Mikoto hummed lightly as she headed back home after having gone shopping for the night's dinner, as she always did. It allowed out of the house and district. She also got to mingle with others besides her clan and was always refreshing after suffering through a mind-numbing day of clan politics, cleaning and her usual daily life. She'd take talking to the villagers over her clan any day of the week.

Oddly enough though, her night was relatively quiet. Normally, there was a black and orange blur causes minor cause around the shopping district, usually by splashing paint on a store... or its owner or getting chased by shinobi for one reason or another. And yet, none of that happened this time around.

Mikoto looked off to the side, noticing the light hitting something hanging from a tree. Once she got a good look at it and then she saw Uzumaki Naruto, hung from the tree with a top around his neck.

She walked over to him, pulling one of a few kunai she kept hidden in her clothing out and throwing it at the rope. It struck home, slicing through the rope, causing the boy to fall down, into her arm as she managed to catch him with one arm and set him on the ground along with her groceries. 'Who hangs a child in the middle of a normally populated stre- nevermind,' she thought correcting herself knowing the villager's outlook toward the blond boy. She knelt down and removed the rope from around his neck and checked to see if he was breathing and if his heart was still beating. They weren't.

'I took basic first aid and CPR, but how long has he been up there?' she thought as started CPR on the boy, 'Come on, don't be difficult' she thought as she bent over and breathed air into his lungs before pressing down on his chest again and repeating the process. After a few more tries, Naruto started breathing again and she sighed as she watched his chest rise and fall. 'I already have to listen to Kushina bitch about abandoning her son, I don't think I want to have had to listen to her bitch about him dying as well' she thought as she considered the likely action her best friend. Every time she saw him or heard his name, the thought of abandoning him would spark in her mind, briefly, but it faded just as quickly.

If anyone had questioned her about it, they'd probably consider her strange or possibly a monster for not caring about her best friend's son, or if he died. Probably not Konoha though, they seemed out to kill the boy more than anything else. The fact was though, she had never been able to feel emotions. It was impossible for her to be sad or... anything about what happened to Naruto... or if it had been her own children for that matter. It had always been that way, from the day she was born.

It wasn't as bad as it sounded though. She knew she was broken, but she didn't care. It was normal for her. It was easy for her to blend in, to pretend around other people, to pretend to be normal, but inside, she felt nothing.

She looked at the now breathing, sleeping boy and frowned, 'Can't take him to the hospital, I've heard the rumors that they just kick him out... I guess I can take him to a safehouse since I don't know where he lives,' she thought as she gently picked him up, slinging him over her shoulder before picking up her groceries and heading to a nearby safehouse.



Uchiha Safehouse

An hour later


Mikoto sighed quietly as she cleaned up the safehouse, it was dusty, dirty and likely had not seen a soul since now. Still though, it served its purpose. Naruto was lying in a bed, still unconscious but resting now and possibly not suffering any problems from having been hung for who knows how long.

Fortunately, since the safehouse fell into such disuse that no one in the clan remembered it and if they did, would never consider checking it for her when Fugaku eventually sent out a few clansmen to find her since she wasn't going home any time soon. Her sons and husband would live as she cared for the boy. Since she went through with her decision, she'd need a creditable excuse for the man.

She spent the next couple of hours, cleaning the place up and making it remotely livable, checking on Naruto every ten minutes as well, last thing she needed was to find him dead.

After cleaning, she went about cooking food with the groceries she bought earlier. She was getting hungry, and if Naruto woke up, he might be as well. Either way, she wouldn't let him leave tonight at the very least if he woke up. She didn't want her alibi disappearing into the night and have to deal with an irritable husband. If anything, Naruto was hard to catch, his stamina and quickness was nothing to laugh at, especially when the boy outran Anbu.

Mikoto opened the door to check on Naruto again and heard a sobbing sound as she opened it, she looked inside and saw the blond boy crying in the bed she placed him. She walked over to him, "Shh, shh, it's okay Naruto. Don't cry it's okay," she said trying to comfort the boy as she usually comforted her son, Sasuke. It almost always worked.

"N-no... it isn't. I'm... s-still alive," he replied in between his crying and Mikoto froze when she heard his words. 'No one hung him? He... he hung himself? Oh...' she thought simply as she took in the information. The boy had always been a smiling ball of cheer that suicide seemed impossible when you looked at him, but hearing it straight from his mouth was... strange. Maybe, he was just as broken as her?

Mikoto mentally shrugged at the thought. At least she could relate to him in a small way, being broken as well. But that wasn't the problem she needed to stop the crying from him, for a lot of reasons.

"What do you mean? It should be a good thing you're alive, Naruto. You shouldn't be crying about it," said Mikoto deciding to try and get the boy out of his current mindset, at least for the moment.

"...Every morning I wish my Kaa-san had drowned me when I was born," replied Naruto still lying on the bed, his arm covering his eyes and Mikoto listened quietly, "Then I make my way through the village, heading to the forest with the giant animals, the only place in this hell where a demon like me feels at home," he added as his sobbing had disappeared as he continued to speak, "Sometimes people yell 'Monster! Animal! Demon' and then someone screams 'kill yourself' and it takes me a moment to realize the voice is mine." he continued as he started crying again, "By then I've made it to the forest and I've got a rope around my neck before I think about it. I hang from it and I pray to whatever being there is that I will die, but then I wake up... usually in my bed, I lay there and I cry... I cry because I'm alive for another day."

Mikoto frowned as she felt something, she had been feeling it for some time. It wasn't anything physical as it seemed to originate from the blond and the only conclusion caused her eyes to widen slightly as she realized that it was the first time she'd felt an emotion. She couldn't put it into a word, but as she stared at Naruto she felt a strong desire. A longing, a yearning, a craving. He was the cause, and she was addicted to the way he made her feel. She didn't care about anything else anymore.

Mikoto rubbed his head gently, somehow it stopped him from crying then she hugged him, surprising him immensely and replied, "Don't be that way, Naruto-kun. I know it's late... maybe too late but how would you like if I took care of you? Loved you and all of that?" He would agree, she knew he would. If he didn't, she'd try harder to get him to remain close to her, she wouldn't let him go, not after the feelings he invoked in her.

"...But... you're Sasuke's Kaa-san," said Naruto as he knew who she was, at least vaguely having seen Sasuke with her often and he was smart enough to connect the dots.

Mikoto shook her head as she hugged him once more, afraid that he might jump out of the bed and leave, "That doesn't matter right now. What matters is that you promise me that you stay with me and won't hurt yourself again, ever. Do that and I'll make sure you're happy." 'Please... I... I can't just let you leave otherwise.' she added mentally as she knew if she allowed him to leave, she'd likely never see him alive again... and she'd rather kill him before letting that happen.

Naruto didn't know what to do as no one ever acted this way around or to him. No one ever hugged him or begged him about anything. He mentally shrugged, he had nothing to lose if he did what she wanted... so even if she was lying his life couldn't get any worse. "Uh... alright, I um... promise Sasuke's mom. I won't... do it again," he said confused about everything and not sure what to do.

"Mikoto," she replied gently as she pulled back from him a little bit, "My name is Mikoto, Naruto-kun. You can call me whatever you want, though," she added before kissing him gently surprising the blond immensely at the act before she passed out, holding onto him with a smile on her face

"Mi...koto-san?" questioned Naruto as she stopped moving and talking though she was still holding onto him. He wasn't complaining, but he was curious about what just happened to her... or rather why she just kissed him. He moved his head around and got a look at her face and saw she had fallen asleep. 'Oh... I guess a nap's okay,' he thought a bit surprised to find her eyes closed and sleeping. He still didn't know what to make of her... or any of this, but he decided to go to sleep as well seeing he wasn't getting her off him.




Mikoto stirred in bed for a little bit before opening her eyes groggily and realized she wasn't in her usual bed then everything that happened the night before popped into her head causing to sit up quickly and looked around for Naruto, but he wasn't anywhere in the safehouse which was easy to see given it was simply a shack with a few utilities in it. 'Where'd he go?!' she thought as she stood up from the bed and looked to see if he at least left a note or some clue or... anything.

She opened the door, walked outside and spotted him a good ten feet away from the shack sitting next to a small fire as he was cooking something by the smell of it. Mikoto walked over to the oblivious blond boy as he continued with his task and then hugged him from behind, she had felt him tense up immediately but after he looked behind him, seeing her, he relaxed. "Uh... hello, Mikoto-san," he said looking unsure about what to do.

Mikoto felt like something stabbed her, seeing him react the way he did, it was as if he was afraid he'd say or do something that would cause her to attack him or that he truly didn't know how to interact with people beyond pranking them or yelling about being Hokage. 'Something he obvious got him from mother,' she thought as Kushina had done the same declaration dozens of times before.

"Naruto-kun, don't be formal. I won't bite you," she added as she released him and moved to sit next to him. She had all the time in the world for the little blond, especially if talking to him and spending time with the boy was going to end up like this. "Much," she added coyly before giggling as Naruto had a telltale sign of fear about him. "So... what are you doing?" asked Mikoto looking over at the fire with it having cooking meat on it, and she noted a few pieces of animal skin nearby as well. 'He knows how to skin animals decently, he can start a fire probably well enough and knows how to cook with a campfire,' she thought as on one hand, it was impressive for an eight year old to know either of those things, let alone being able to skin an animals as well as he did. It wasn't perfect but it was good enough to be able to dry the skin and likely sell it for a reasonable price.

"Cooking some animals I found for breakfast... decided to wake you up when they were done," replied Naruto quietly and looking away as if he was uncomfortable talking to her. Which she understood he probably was, and he had a right to be if she had to be honest. The villagers ignored him, kicked him out of shops or beat the poor boy and then there was the blond's birthday... where a mob would form to hunt him down, but all of that would end. One way or another. She'd ensure it would.

Mikoto smiled as she ruffled his hair a bit, "Thank you, Naruto-kun. Since you seem quite good at this could I ask what you do with the animal's skin?" she asked curiously wondering what exactly he did with it.

"I kind of just bury it," replied Naruto not knowing what else to do with the skin, he couldn't eat it. He tried and it took him a couple days to get all the fur out of his mouth.

That made sense to Mikoto, he wouldn't know what to do with it and no one probably taught him how to skin to start with, let alone how to dry the skin to sell it... though now that she thought of it, would anyone buy it from him? The villagers, probably not, but a visiting merchant was a possibility depending on how well the skin was preserved.

"How about I show you how to dry it? If you can dry it and gather enough of it, you'd be able to make a bit of money if you sell it to a merchant visiting Konoha," said Mikoto finding it helpful to the boy, if he wanted to learn it. It wasn't a skill a shinobi normally learned, but what's a D-rank mission if you don't learn something from it. She knew a lot of particularly useless skills on her missions that shinobi deemed worthless, though she never did.

"Sure, I guess," replied Naruto looking at her, the interest in his eyes obvious to her, "But after breakfast?" he added and she agreed, it would be best not to let the meat go cold or bad.

After they ate, Mikoto started gathering the things she and Naruto would need to dry the skins, with a little extra for any mistakes Naruto would likely do, then she spent the next few hours showing him how to do it.


A few hours Later


Naruto walked alongside Mikoto carrying the furs that they dried, he didn't know he could sell them. It was better than attempting to eat them or burying them. Though he wasn't sure what he'd do with the money even if he did sell them since only three stores actually let him in, and two of them made him pay twice the amount. He also doubted that Ichiraku would want them.

They stopped at a gathering of people, one of them walked over after seeing them and Naruto hid behind Mikoto, knowing what was likely to happen. "Mikoto-sama, a pleasure to see you this morning. May I ask what you require to come here in person?" asked the man giving the Uchiha Matriarch his undivided attention and paying little heed to the blond boy hiding behind her skirt.

Mikoto smiled softly at the man's words as hollow as they were, having been the heiress to the Uchiha clan, she was used to the false praise and bootlicking from merchants, councilors, elders and dozens of other people. She also knew how to manipulate them as well, she had learned to do that instead of being manipulated herself, though she tried not to manipulate others. She'd seen it come back to bite someone in the ass before, "Good morning. As for why I'm here," she trailed off before looking down at her legs at Naruto poking part of his head out from behind her to watch cautiously, "My little spiral and I had a bit of a learning exercise this morning and I wanted to get an expert's opinion on these furs and if possible, sell them as well," she continued as she looked back to the merchant as she gently nudged Naruto out of his hiding spot.

She liked her little nickname for him, it was a bit long, but being an Uzumaki and their clan symbol being a spiral. It fit in her opinion, and if she wanted to get him to trust her and willingly be around her then she'd have to start with his clan and eventually telling him... everything that she knew. His clan and his parents, but that would need to wait, at least a little bit, since he probably didn't trust her very much and the knowledge was... delicate to say the least. She didn't need the Hokage breathing down her neck after all, he'd get in the way of her being around her little spiral.

"I can look at them," said the man before looking down at Naruto and the furs in his arms that he held up to him, "Thank you," he added before picking one of the furs up then he started feeling it, sniffing it and eying it closely. After a few minutes he looked at Mikoto and said, "You used jutsu to dry them, didn't you?"

Mikoto sweatdropped and nodded. It was something that was taboo amongst the merchants. A lot of them would not buy or sell goods created by jutsu since it could cause issues amongst them and the economy of the elemental nations in general. "Hai... I wanted to show him how it was done, but I was a little impatient, Kurou-san," she said having wanted to make the blond happy instead of waiting the usual amount of time it would take. Still, it was good to get an opinion anyways.

Kurou chuckled before handing the fur back to Naruto and replied, "The drying is rough, a bit too dry from a katon jutsu. Though, I felt the feeling of normal drying barely, but the jutsu ruined the feel in the end. Unfortunately, you used jutsu so I can't buy it, Mikoto-sama. You and the young boy did pretty well in drying the skins, even using a jutsu. It was used masterfully, almost couldn't tell. If you have a bit more patience next time then I'll be happy to buy them from you two."

"Well it was nice to get your opinion on it nonetheless," said Mikoto happy it could be a source of income her blond obsession, but she clearly saw Naruto's disappointment as he stared at the skins in his arms sadly, causing her to panic a little. "I know you can't buy them and re-sell them... but could I ask if you could have something made from them?" she asked having an idea come to mind and seeing it as a good idea for the blond to receive something for his hardwork.

Kurou nodded, while rough they could be used to create clothing of some kind. "That I can, though you'll have to wait a couple weeks. I'm a good merchant, but my needlework is horrendous. What do you want them turned into, Mikoto-sama?" he asked wondering what the woman had in mind. Mikoto tilted her head as she gave it some thought as she looked at Naruto, then got an idea and whispered it into Kurou's ear so she could leave it as a surprise for the blond. "That will be difficult, but I'm willing to give such a unique idea a try," he stated before reaching down and taking the skins from Naruto, "You can pay for this transaction when it's finished, Mikoto-sama, on the chance that it might not work out and I'd rather you didn't pay for a finished product when I'm not even sure it'll work out as intended."

Mikoto nodded as she understood his words, she was surprised though. She had expected him to want the payment up front and in advance... she liked this surprise. "Then I'll pay you when you've finished with it, Kurou-san. Now onto another piece of business... could I look through your wares if it isn't too early in the morning?" she asked as she wasn't done with the merchant just yet or would be any time soon. Her little spiral was not doing without any longer.

"It's never too early to do business, Mikoto-sama," stated Kurou beaming with a pride that only a merchant could have when doing business. It was better than watching Gai use his genjutsu with his smaller version, but not something she would get used to.


Two hours later


Mikoto smiled as for the past two hours Naruto had been looking through the various things that Kurou had for sell. He had been skittish at first when they walked to the man's store in the village, and he wasn't willing to get anything and she expected that of him.

It took a lot of convincing for her to assure him that it was alright since she was going to start taking care of him, though he was clearly still uncomfortable and didn't pick anything, though he did look interested in a few things.

'How bad is it for him when he's afraid to even get help from someone else...' she thought frowning as she was starting to feel something else. It lead to dark thoughts, and from the description of what she was experiencing, she deduced that she was feeling anger. Mikoto felt angry toward Konoha for bringing her adorable little spiral to commit suicide, and would dare make him scared to receive help, especially from her. They'd pay... she just had to think of a way to make them all pay.

She looked toward the entrance of the shop, hearing the door open and saw the usual clerk walk inside, likely to start her day, and she looked surprised to see her boss, Kurou, herself and Naruto.

"Kurou-sama, this is a surprise," said the woman closing the door behind her, "Is there a problem for you to be here so early?" she asked and Mikoto noticed she glanced at Naruto when she said problem, and her pleasant mood was ruined. It took all her control not to rush over to the woman and bash her head in for calling her Naruto a problem.

"None at all. Mikoto-sama and her little friend wanted me to appraise something and then asked if they could do a bit of shopping. Just do what you normally do and don't mind us," answered Kurou standing next to Mikoto as they both continued to watch Naruto looked at various things. Normally it was boring, but the two had started making a private game out of his actions and the fact that after Mikoto said it was fine if he wanted anything, the blond boy had become more interested in looking through the store than before, but still was reluctant to actually grab for anything.

"Naruto-kun, how about we go and do a few other things, and if you change your mind, we can always return," said Mikoto deciding to cut short the little shopping trip since the blond wasn't likely to ask for anything and the clerk was souring the store with her presence and discreet glare she was giving her little spiral. 'She's added to the list,' thought Mikoto icily as she had special plans for people on that particular list.

"Huh... okay... Miko," replied Naruto before walking over to her then standing next to her, partially trying to hide himself from both Kurou and the clerk. Mikoto smiled, almost beaming at his shortening of her name, it wasn't much, but it at least showed he trusted her a tiny bit. She just wanted to hug him and never let go, but that would look at in the middle of the store with people who obviously knew or could figure out that they weren't that close yet.

"We'll be back another time Kurou... probably when Naruto isn't so shy about shopping," said Mikoto to the merchant who chuckled in response and nodded, "or when you finish that little thing I asked of earlier."

"No worries, Mikoto-sama. It was a pleasure to have you visit my establishment," replied Kurou politely as he bowed politely to her.

Mikoto and Naruto left the store, but didn't make it very far as two Uchiha clan members blocked their path. 'Sooner than I'd have liked,' she thought knowing that the clan and her husband were already looking for her. She clicked her tongue in annoyance, these pricks were interrupting her Naruto time. 'This reminds me of when I was younger,' she added mentally knowing she had very little freedom to leave the Uchiha district and it apparently still held true.

"Do you need something?" asked Mikoto looking at them calmly as she felt Naruto grab her hand and hiding behind her, she could feel him huddle against her causing her to frown as she stared at the two clansmen.

"Fugaku-sama has been worried about you since you never returned last night, Mikoto-sama. He's had the entire clan searching for you and he's considered going to the Hokage if you proved to be not in the village," stated one of the men seriously before looking at Naruto, then continuing, "Please refrain from degra-" He never finished his sentence as a thin red line appeared on his cheek.

"Finish that sentence and I'll rip your throat out," stated Mikoto coldly as she narrowed her eyes at them, holding a kunai in her hand in a discreet manner as to not draw attention from civilians around them, going about their day. "I'll return when I feel like it. That's what you will tell Fugaku when you return. If he doesn't like it, I'll divorce him, and you two know what that means, right?" she asked giving a smile, though the two knew it promised pain if her question was answered wrong.

"Y-you become the head of the clan?" answered one of the two clansmen not sure about his answer, but having a general idea of how the clan head was decided when the primary heir was female. From what he knew, Fugaku only held power in the clan because Mikoto didn't want it, but she could easily take it from him, married or divorced.

"Yes," replied Mikoto still smiling, "Now run along... and never badmouth my little spiral, ever again," she added seriously before shooing them off with a gesture and they left immediately. She put her kunai away and brought Naruto out his hiding spot behind her, "It's alright, Naruto-kun. You don't have to worry about them," she said hugging him gently.

"Don't you have to go home?" questioned Naruto wondering why she didn't go with them. He half-expected it... nothing good happened for very long, and he was admittedly enjoying Mikoto's company, though he wasn't sure what to make of it.

Mikoto knelt down and pressed her forehead against his, she smiled at him and replied, "Nope. I'm going to spend time with you and then I have a bit of a surprise for you later. I just know you'll love it." Well she wasn't completely sure, but he'd probably be hard-pressed to dislike the idea she had in mind. Though if he didn't like it, she was a patient person. "So what do you want to do next?" she asked wondering what her blond would want to do, since she had nothing coming to mind.

"I... have to go to the academy soon," answered Naruto sighing as he shrugged, "So how about there?" he questioned, not sure if she'd want to walk all the way there with him.

"Sure," chimed the older woman nodding with a smile on her face, 'They better not treat him badly...' she thought as she stood up and started walking Naruto to the academy.


Uchiha District – An hour later


Mikoto walked into her home after dropping her little spiral off. It was quiet, almost empty, like always, but it did little to dampen her mood after spending time with Naruto. She had things to do, plans to finish before Naruto got out of the academy, and she had little time to do all of them.

"And just where have you been all night and morning?" came the voice of her husband causing her to turn to its source, seeing the usual frown and stoic Fugaku standing in the doorway to a room.

Mikoto raised an eyebrow and asked, "When should it concern you where I go?" It was honest, this kind of conversation was a long time coming. Fugaku had always been controlling of her and the only reason she listened to him was because she didn't want to waste time when she returned home and he scolded her.

"I'm your husband, it concerns me a great deal where my wife would be and with what she spends her time with," stated Fugaku seriously as he narrowed his eyes at her, "The two that found you told me who you were with and your threat. Do you think the Elders would allow you to remove me as Head of the Clan?"

"They wouldn't have a choice," answered Mikoto truthfully as she knew that the elders were powerless in the end. They held an illusion of power, but that's all that it was. An illusion. The elders existed to provide advice and wisdom, not to run the clan itself. They held little power at the end of the day. Being the heiress required her to learn these details and more. She knew more about how her clan, and the others in Konoha were run than her husband did. "Now is there anything useful you want to say? I have things to prepare for my little spiral."

"You know what he told us, stay away from the Kyubi Jinchuuriki. Besides, the boy has the Hokage's attention and the clan doesn't need that while we're planning our coup," said Fugaku not willing to allow his wife to ruin all of the clan's planning for whatever her reason was.

'Oh right... they were planning something that stupid,' thought Mikoto having completely forgot about what her husband and the elders were planning with the clan. A few seconds later, a thought sparked in her mind causing her to smile viciously causing Fugaku to frown, having never seen his wife smile before. 'He insulted Naruto-kun, and with the coup, that the Hokage likely knows about... I can get rid of this problem and nothing will keep Naruto from me,' she thought before simply walking out, she would deal with him later. She had things to do and very little of it required her to be at her... home. She wanted a change of clothes, but a short trip to a clothing store could fix that just as quickly, possibly quicker.


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