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Konoha – Two Days After Massacre


"So... anything?" questioned Hiruzen looking at Shikaku, his Anbu commander and the person whom he put in charge of the Uchiha Massacre, hunting down Mikoto and looking for Naruto, of which was likely to be with the Uchiha Matriarch.

"The poison used is the same Mikoto used in the third shinobi war, we had her register it during the conflict due to its... quick lethality, labeling it forbidden as she refused making any form of antidote or letting any medic ninja to study it," stated Shikaku having very little information altogether but decided to give the Sandaime the information they did have. "Though since she isn't lying face first in the dirt, I have to conclude that she did manage to make an antidote or somehow made herself immune to the poison. We lost two Anbu and a medic ninja during the clean up due to the poison as well, and now we've simply cordoned off the compound to prevent any further deaths since we don't know what's poisoned."

"What about her location, Naruto's... have you even found the missing Uchiha members, including Mikoto's son, Sasuke?" asked Hiruzen knowing how deadly their Velvet Killer's poison was. There was a reason everyone feared being served anything by her or simply being near her. You never knew if you were about to die or not... and you wouldn't know until you were already in the grave.

"Mikoto's skills... sadly still surpass our hunter ninja's, disappointing that she never joined Anbu. They lost the trail hours ago and returned twenty minutes ago. Being a housewife has done little to her skill set. A few shopkeeper's and villagers reported Naruto being with her almost constantly throughout the last month, happy and ecstatic, and not his usual fake happiness that we both know is a facade. So I imagine, he's with her," stated Shikaku seriously bringing the bad news to light, and it was going to get worse, "As for her youngest son... we found him before we cordoned off the compound. He's been dead for at least a week, his was one of the bodies we took out of the compound. Numerous poisons were in his body... if anything Mikoto makes her poisons to last even well after death."

"I hope you quarantined the boy's body. One of her poison's spreads on rotted flesh to infect those who touch it," advised Hiruzen having seen that particular poison in person once and did not need, nor want to see it again. If anything, Mikoto knew how to use poisons in the most effective manner, more than Akasuna no Sasori and that made her... difficult to deal with even in the most simple of ways.

"It is, but I'll inform those who touched his body to get themselves checked out immediately, if they're not dead already," replied Shikaku making a mental note to do that as soon as he left, "Anything else, Hokage-sama?"

Hiruzen sighed and said, "Send out Anbu to find Jiraiya, we'll need his spy network, and have Anbu spread out to see if they can find anything about Mikoto or Naruto in the meantime. Send Itachi in."

Shikaku grimaced and replied, "I'd like to, but he has left the village to hunt down his mother and I doubt he'll return for at least a few more days. He's taken Sasuke's death quite... hard."

"I see... when he returns, send him to me," stated the Sandaime sighing as he felt his age now more than ever.


Unknown Location – Uchiha Safehouse


"Naruto-kun, these ladies are what's left of the Uchiha clan, except for me, of course," said Mikoto showing the tired blond his future slaves... or whatever he wanted to call them. "They'll do what you want, okay?" She broke them in easily enough though that was more from living in the Uchiha clan more so than her own skills. Allowing women to not be submissive in the clan was not part of the clan ideal from the Elders standpoint which had originally ended up with her marrying Fugaku.

"Uh... okay," replied Naruto not really understanding what she meant by that, but if they weren't going to yell, hit or do anything mean to him then he'd like them.

There were three women, a teenage girl and two girls his age, they were all dressed like Mikoto, a black shirt and pants, though they had a girly thing around their necks. They had the trademark dark hair that he'd seen with Uchiha clan members as well as dark eyes. The only big difference was their faces and hair styles. 'I wonder if my clan had the same kind of traits...' he thought idly wondering about for a moment before shuddering at the thought. It would be creepy if everyone looked similar to each other and looked like a clone. "Are we resting here?" he asked curiously, he wanted to take a nap.

"Yes, we'll be here for a few days to rest and so I can let my wounds heal a bit. Don't worry about anyone finding us, Naruto-kun. We're in a place that everyone's forgotten about. Miki, help Naruto-kun," ordered Mikoto as she sat down in a chair and started checking over her bandages.

"Hai, Mikoto-sama. Come along, Naruto-sama, let's have you rest," said one of the women, this one had her hair in a ponytail and smiling gently at him.

"Naruto," replied Naruto simply, not liking the honorific she gave him. "I don't like honorifics."

Miki nodded, "Alright, Naruto. Follow me please," she said kindly before gently ushering him down the hallway.


One Week Later


Naruto frowned as he stared at the back of the head of one of the two girl's his age. Asaya, the one that would not say anything to him, to the others, not even Mikoto. It annoyed him to no end, though he couldn't get mad at her. Mikoto had explained to him that she never spoke, not even in the clan, but she did understand them. Another reason he couldn't get mad at her was because whatever anger or annoyance he felt toward her vanished whenever he heard her humming. At the very least she had a nice voice when it came to humming.

They were in Nami no Kuni now, since Mikoto knew there was no shinobi village or clan there and it was the safest place close to Uzu no Kuni since it would be the last place the Hokage looked for them, or he'd never look for them here.

"Shouldn't there be guards or something?" asked Naruto having expected to see samurai, or hired-shinobi protecting the town they were in or heck even a police force maybe. Well so long as they weren't like Konoha's police, he'd prefer not to have those kind of police around.

Mikoto looked around and didn't see anything of the sort either but shrugged then an idea came to her mind, "The Daimyo here has been killed or removed. There's no solid information on it. The ruler and I use the term very loosely, Naru-kun is Gatou of the Gatou corporation. While on one side it is an actual business. He also employs slavery, drugs and other things some people would consider illegal."

"Naruto-sama, would you find it pleasing if we removed this Gatou and instead you ruled over the island? I'm sure you'd be far better than this man who as we can see has brought nothing but ruin here," suggested Hoshi looking down at her small master.

She honestly cared little for Mikoto, admittedly she feared the Uchiha matriarch, but she had noticed that Mikoto had a soft spot for the boy. So, that brought her to the conclusion that if she stayed in the boy's good graces Mikoto would leave her alone not to mention whatever bonuses that would come from it. The blond was kind as well, so it was already a good bonus.

"Can we? I don't know how to fight, Miko-chan's hurt... so I don't know. It'd be the right thing to do if he's being a jerk and doing all those things," questioned Naruto unsure if it would even work even if he wanted to help these people. Miko-chan and the other Uchiha women took priority for him. He wouldn't let people close to him get hurt if he could prevent it.

"Naru-kun," said Mikoto gently as she looked at the blond getting his attention as she knelt down to his level, bringing her face to his, "Just say what you want to do and I'll see it done. You want ramen for dinner, done. You want to be trained as a ninja, done. If you want a country to call your own then it will be done, Naruto-kun," she added before kissing the blonde, "You don't need to worry about this country, Naru-kun. It's a civilian man who is making this mess it won't be hard to stop him. We'll find you some adorable little servants too."

"...Well if you think it'll go fine, then I guess we should help," replied Naruto seeing that it'd be the best thing to do. He'd admit he found Mikoto being hooked on finding him servants to be... odd, to say the least, but he didn't have any real opinion on it. Hoshi and Miki were great servants as Mikoto had told him of their job, and if anyone wanted to to do same willingly, he wasn't going to argue.

Not to mention, he liked the island on a personal level. It was completely different than Konoha which was surrounded by trees on three sides and a mountain right next to it. The... ruin-like conditions were around the same as the slums in Konoha, so it wasn't an improvement in that area, but hey he was to used to it.


The Next Day


"Fufufu, see Naru. It went just fine," chimed Mikoto walking into the dilapidated manor dragging a small corpse behind her, followed by a bloodied but fine Hoshi and Miki, who also sported some metal bits of armor they got from... well probably places he could guess, but preferred to leave blank. The manor they had taken for their own. It was rundown and obvious signs of destruction were around it, as if Gatou and his hired thugs had actively decided to destroy the once well-built manor and its surroundings as a show of disrespect to the entire country. The only thing more or less in pristine condition were the stone walls around the manor and its environs... so long as you didn't take the gate into that consideration. It had rotted after being destroyed by some means, though the two muscled potato-heads they had to skipped around before actually getting to Gatou probably did it with their hammers. Mikoto shrugged at the thought, they had strength but for kunoichi, it was like killing a baby. Simple.

"Why are you dragging a body around?" asked Naruto curiously, wondering why she was doing that. He didn't have any complaint about it, it wouldn't ruin the floor or anything given the place was trashed already, but still.

"Hang him up somewhere for everyone to see as proof of your... hmm I guess legitimacy would be wrong, so we'll say it's proof of your power, Naruto-kun," proffered Mikoto unsure how to exactly depict the act, "Little details, so don't worry about it too much. There's presents too," she added cheerfully as she had found the information on the miniature man to be good. The man did deal in slaves. Primarily those of the sex slave kind. Who'd have imagined that she found a couple dozen women... and men, but she had those killed. She had no use for any male other than Naruto and she'd not allow competition or any kind of sullying of her Naruto's toys.

"Presents?" muttered Naruto not really sure he'd like any presents she brought from where ever Gatou had been and what Miko-chan had done. He wasn't stupid. She, Hoshi and Miki went and killed Gatou and most, if not all of his underlings. The kind of presents she could bring though is only a handful and none he could think of being happy to receive.

"Hai. The information on Gatou was correct. We have some cute little servants, around two dozen," stated Hoshi deciding to use Mikoto's moniker for the broken female sex slaves that they let live, "They're kind of useless for everything, but one particular thing, so it'll take time to fix them and even then, not completely. They're kind of clingy though, I think you'd like them," she added though mostly she'd personally just find it amusing to see the little eight year old being clung to by one or two sex-crazed, broken women. "The kids are showing them around and stuff."

"Okay... so what now?" he asked honestly not knowing what to do next, mostly due to this not being his idea and he was just happy to be around people who didn't yell at him and Mikoto.

"Well we shouldn't have any big problems except for Konoha who are going to hear about Gatou being killed off mysteriously and come to look and question people," said Hoshi shrugging as she spoke. Now that she considered the aftereffect of their actions... perhaps it wasn't the best idea.

"This is an island," said Naruto simply seeing the solution to be very, very simple to him, "You killed Gatou so I'm sure if ask the people not to spread the news of his death, or that if they do, they tell people other hidden village shinobi did it... or if rogue ninja did it. It would probably be something to ignore. I mean, I saw thug stab their own boss in the slums when he didn't pay them. Why can't the same happen here? Just make sure people say it that way and who'd know the difference?"

Both Miki and Hoshi stared at him in shock and surprise. Neither of them had considered that and an eight year old had. They didn't know whether to be impressed or ashamed.

Mikoto was simply smiling at her Naruto-kun's intelligence. He wasn't a usual eight year old, he had to be given he had grown up in the slums, could outrun and outwit Anbu as well as pull pranks on various highly skilled jounin. Someone stupid could do none of those.

She had the same idea as Naruto, but he brought up it first and she was more than willing to give praise to the adorable blonde. It also gave her extra reasons to hug and love on him, not that she needed any, but this way it would solve any complaints if they popped up.

"He had a large amount of money in the building and hideaway he was using, so we can rebuild the castle and aid the people on the island, which will probably take our... takeover of the island from Gatou better than they had with Gatou. Not to mention, it'll shut them up about the real truth instead of the nice lie you gave us, Naruto," said Miki politely, "Once we make sure those we brought are in good condition we'll go and do all that. If you'll excuse us, Naruto," she added bowing slightly before she and Hoshi left with Gatou's corpse.


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