Pokémon XYZ: Despair Unbound

Disclaimer: I only own my characters, not Pokémon. However, if I did, I would finally make a dark type gym! And a female evil organisation leader…

Chapter 1: A Fresh Start

Location: Couriway Town, Kalos Region

It was dark by the bridge that night. The cool winds sending the dust from the roads spiralling into the waterfall's basin as Connor Jackson sat on the bench, thinking about tomorrow morning; The day he'd finally get his first Pokémon. He would have received them five years ago as trainers once did. However, with the recent activity of all the villainous teams like Team Flare from two years before, the league officials had decided to raise the age limit to obtain an official starter Pokémon to fifteen years of age. He turned to look at the plaque that adorned the bench;

In memory of Troy Jackson. Beloved husband, father and Kalos League Champion (1988 – 2013).

'It's been three years already?' Connor thought to himself as he ruffled his short, dark brown hair before looking up to the sky, 'Don't worry, Dad. I'll do my best no matter what happens tomorrow. I'll make you and Pops proud. I promise'. As he was thinking to himself, he heard a familiar padded landing noise from behind. He opened his dark blue eyes and saw the serious gaze of Ryu; His dad's Greninja.

"Gren" the humanoid pokemon spoke as he pointed towards Connor.

"Don't worry, Ryu." Connor replied as he rose up from the bench, "I just wanted to get some fresh air and visit this place before I leave tomorrow, that's all". Getting up, he followed his dad's first ally back to their small house. It wasn't far from the waterfall and looked uniform alongside the rest of the homes on the road. Well, save for the mystical serpentine being that rose from the pond in the front garden as to welcome the tall boy home.

"Evening, Riviere" Connor smiled as he walked through the gate and approached his father's beloved Milotic, "I didn't mean to make you wait up for me. Why don't you go get your beauty sleep, alright"? The serpent nodded as she gave a soft cry before descending back into the watery abyss. Pulling out his key, Connor stuck the right one in the front door lock, twisted until he heard the familiar click and walked in, seeing that the kitchen light was on. Ryu followed after him.

In the kitchen was a familiar blonde haired man in his thirties dressed in a navy blue gown, adjusting his glasses as he faced away from the young boy and tended to a saucepan full of custard. Next to him was a Gothitelle who had was cutting up a neon pink pokepuff as well as using her psychic powers to set two plates of steaming hot golden sponge on the table. "Father, you didn't have to send Ryu to get me. I was just visiting Dad's bench. That's all." Connor stated as he sat down. With a heavy sigh, his father turned around, walked to the table and poured some of the thick yellow liquid into each bowl and sat down, handing the Gothitelle and Ryu half of the puff each.

"It's not that I don't want you to visit there. Quite frankly, I actually find it reassuring that you did" his father replied as he sat down, scratching his mane of prematurely grey hair before tucking into the pudding, "what I was concerned about was that you were going outside late in the evening the day before you start your journey. I mean, when I started mine, my mother made sure that I got an early night so I could get first pick. If I didn't, I don't know how things would have turned out".

"I know, Father." Connor replied as he ate a spoonful of sponge and custard, "Don't worry though. You know that I'm an early riser". His father simply smiled as he finished his meal and asked his Gothitelle to wash up with Ryu.

"Alright. But just be careful, okay?" he replied as he side hugged his son, "I don't want you missing out on anything. That's all". Connor smiled as he hugged back.

"Alright Father. Thanks" he replied as he finished up and went up the stairs before putting on a devilish grin, "good night, Pops".

"Good ni- Hey! Don't call me that! It makes me sound old…" his father, Elliot replied with a groan before silently smiling to himself as he received a webbed pat on the back, "They grow up so fast, don't they, Ryu? I just hope that tomorrow goes well for him".

Night slipped into day soon enough and Connor was up early, already dressed in a black T-shirt and a pair of navy jeans. He looked in the mirror to quickly brush his teeth and check the time on his Holo Caster. He smiled since he still had three quarters of an hour until the train to Lumiose City would take him to meet Professor Sycamore and start his journey. Grabbing his black leather satchel, he made his way downstairs to see that his father, now dressed in a three piece suit, was waiting for him by the stairs.

"There's my boy" he smiled as Connor got to the ground floor, "I just can't believe that today's the day. It only seems like yesterday that we brought you home. You know, your dad… he would be so proud to see you go". That last sentence put tears in Elliot's eyes before he hugged his son, "promise me that you have a jacket in that bag and that you'll call me this evening, okay"? Feeling a little emotional himself, Connor simply nodded as he noticed a large vine snake into the house from an open window, carrying a small bag full of vials, berries and a few balls; However, when Connor took the bag and looked in, he saw five balls of blue and yellow, four balls stained black and green and three black balls glittering with precious stones.

"Father. You didn't need to do this" Connor replied as he pulled out a croissant from the bag and bit a chunk off before calling out through the window, "thanks, Wisteria"!

"Nonsense. No child of mine is going travelling without being prepared" Elliot smiled as he handed his son an envelope, "here's 3,000 pokè for the road. Now, I have a cab for the Snowbelle contest to catch so I guess you should go now. Maybe you could go meet up with the Langdon's son before you go to the station"?

"Sure, father. I guess I'll do that" Connor pondered before putting on a dark green hooded fleece and some old yet sturdy black hiking shoes and going out of the front door with a devilish smile, "bye father, guys, wish me luck! Also… say hi to Wallace for me, Pops"! After seeing his father blush scarlet, Connor chuckled a little before dashing off, waving goodbye to the Milotic and Venusaur that were relaxing by the front of the old house as he ran to the Uptown district before, after a few minutes, arriving at a massive Sandstone townhouse. He went up the steps and was about to press the button by the two oak doors when the door smacked his head as it opened, revealing the culprit to be Connor's best friend and Couriway's own chick magnet: Will Langdon, all kitted out with the highest quality backpack and holo caster visible to him.

Will Langdon was the archetype of the Mr Perfect that you would find in most schools: The guy who do everything to a high standard and be liked by all yet could be a little boring and too nice. Will was a decent guy and dressed well but there wasn't much outside of his achievements. He was quite tall, coming up to Connor's height with some glasses covering his light green eyes. He was athletic as he would tie his ear length, windswept black hair from his pale face when he would take part in a race. He really does like his blacks and greens which he wore today. Designer black jeans and a designer verdant green leather jacket were almost staple with him, coupled with a light grey top and black and neon green boots, he looked decent if a little monochrome.

"Oh. Good morning Connor." Will calmly smiled as he shut the door behind him and looked at the boy on the floor clutching his head, "wait, did I do that"? He was met by a pained growl. "I apologise" he continued with a smile as he picked him up, "well then, shall we get going"?

"I guess" his friend muttered before resuming his walk.

They talked throughout the trek to the old station and paid for their tickets. A few minutes later, an old fashioned, garnet coloured steam engine and carriages emerged from the tunnel with a sharp whistle. After it stopped, the two got on and found their seats before the classic engine resumed its journey.

Half an hour after they departed, the buffet cart came around. Will paid enough for a drink and shalour sable for both of them before turning to Connor to resume their conversation.

"So, pray tell, which starter pokemon do you want to get Connor?" he asked as he sipped his lemonade, "I assume that you'd follow in your dad's footsteps and choose Froakie"? Connor replied with a shrug of his shoulders.

"Maybe. I just don't know until I get there. You?" he replied as he shifted his legs around.

"Well, I was hoping for either Froakie or Chespin, being honest." Will replied, "They're straightforward and powerful Pokémon which would be a tremendous help if I were to participate in the Kalos League". Connor couldn't help but nod at that answer. For many trainers competing in the league, the ninja and the knight were very popular and almost expected. He began contemplating his choices, adamant that he would choose one of the two powerhouses. In the midst of his train of thought, the train grinded to a halt; they had arrived at Lumiose Station.

As they disembarked and left the golden station, they saw a small blue and white taxi outside the station. Beside it stood a man that both of them recognised all too well. From the designer royal blue apparel under his lab coat to the 'genuine' windswept charcoal hair, Professor Augustine Sycamore knew how to keep a classic look.

"Welcome, gentlemen, to Lumiose city!" he charmingly smiled as he walked towards them and shook their hands, "I trust that your journey wasn't too long".

After a ride in one of Lumiose's iconic cabs, the two boys and the professor found themselves at a large brick building decorated with a light blue line drawing of a pokeball. Being from Couriway, Connor was pretty impressed at the sheer size of the lab, even if it was dwarfed by the adjacent skyscrapers. It almost stopped him from entering the building. Almost. Of course, he was propelled in by the sheer excitement within him about claiming his first pokemon. So much so that it made Will chuckle under his breath as well as some of Sycamore's assistants and maintenance crew in the ground floor computer archives and indoor pokemon garden look up and whisper.

"Hey, Cindy, I swear I've seen that kid before." A teal haired assistant who had been giving some Oran berries to the tiny pack of horned pink bunnies whispered to her short honey blonde friend.

"Oh. I think that's the son of Troy Jackson. Callum something?" the other replied, "I remember seeing him when they televised his dad's funeral. Poor kid".

"What about me?!" the teal girl asked, "I mean, I used to be so into Troy when I was growing up! And then, when I found out he was going out with that coordinator, I was totally devastated. You were there, Cindy"!

"It was kind of hot though. I wonder if he'll choose Froakie. I mean, I wouldn't think that the Professor would have any Bulbasaurs lying around"…

The conversation between the two fell on no other ears as Connor waited for the other two by the elevator.

"Alright, alright Mr Jackson, settle down. My office is on the second floor." the Professor chuckled as he pressed the button and got inside the lift with the two boys, "I'm glad to see that you boys are excited. Of course, you would have been able to go on your journeys five years ago if certain events hadn't happened".

"Well, if Connor here had started his journey when he was ten, I think they would have created those laws before he even left Lumiose City." Will stated, causing Connor to laugh a little.

"Come on Will, at least I wasn't so scared that a Mime jr made me cry." Connor replied, causing William to glare at him before the lift stopped and the three occupants exited the metal box, stepping into the wood furnished office overlooking the entirety of the indoor garden. Even the tiniest Oddish could be seen from their view. However, in front of the glass viewing platform was a mahogany desk. On its surface, amongst other items, stood three pokemon in a row who had looked like they had just been playing but had scrambled back to their positions when they heard the elevator return. The one on the left was a Froakie, looking very serious if a little too stoic. Connor recognised it from the many numerous trainer blogs and old photos of his dad in his first gym battles. The one in the middle he recognised to be a Chespin. The little chestnut pokemon was another favourite with trainers and looked pretty jolly. Finally, the one on the right who looked as if he was avoiding the others in a state of gloom reminded the blue eyed boy of a more cartoonish, yellow creature similar to his father's beloved Amaterasu.

"Alright then, I guess it's up to you two to choose which pokemon you want as your starter." Sycamore smiled as he went off to the side, "Here, I have a Froakie, a Chespin and a Fennekin. I'll let you make your decision in your own time, okay"? The two nodded before Will advanced forward towards the frog pokemon and extended a hand.

"Froakie, I believe we'll make a team to be remembered for centuries to come." He stated, "As such, I would appreciate it if you were to become my partner. After a few seconds, the Froakie nodded and raised a paw as to shake his hand.

"An interesting choice, William. I would have expected for your friend to pick that pokemon." Sycamore remarked before turning to the boy in question, "So, Connor, have you decided? If you did want a Froakie as well, I wouldn't have any trouble providing you with one". Connor thought about this, he would have been excited to have one of the ninja frogs as a partner from knowing just how awesome the final evolution looked up close. However, he was torn between that and getting the little nut singing to itself on the desk. As a Chestnaught, that pokemon would beat the tar out of any Greninja. Then he looked back to the Fennekin on the desk and its eyes so sad, as if it was actually expecting to be left aside again. Something inside him empathised with the little fox in front of him, so much that he went over and picked up the startled pokemon in his arms.

"It's okay, little guy." He smiled as he stroked his head, "you're coming with me". The Chespin on the desk's jaw dropped as he heard that he was picked over such a gloomy guts Fennekin. The fox in Connor's arms, however, was so moved that he began to cry from sheer happiness, its eyes being dried by its new trainer.

"A moving decision, Connor." Sycamore smiled with watery eyes as he handed them both red tablets and six pokeballs arranged in a pentagonal pattern with one in the centre, "you're not making this young man cry just yet though. Plus, since another trainer called up ahead and asked me to reserve a Chespin, I'm glad events turned out as they did. Well, here are your pokeballs and your pokedexes. The ball in the centre belongs to your starter".

"Thank you ever so much, Professor." Will almost smugly replied as he received the items and picked up his frog's ball, pointing it at him as it engulfed the little guy in a red light and drew him into the sphere, "I'll be heading off to the first gym now. Goodbye Connor and I'll see you on the road". He raised a hand to Connor before the other boy accepted and shook it.

"I'm counting on it. Fennekin and I… actually, Chihiro and I will be waiting." Connor replied with a determined smile. The Fennekin, now known as Chihiro seemed to be pleased at its new nickname. Will simply nodded before walking into the lift and descending to the ground floor. Connor felt a pat on his back as Sycamore smiled at him.

"So, looks like you two seem to be good friends already." He smiled, "are you going to follow Will to the first gym. Connor shook his head.

"Maybe later." He smiled, "I think Chihiro and I need some time to get familiar with the city, right"?

"Kin!" the little fox cheered as it leaped onto his new trainer's left shoulder.

Elsewhere, outside the grand Lumiose station, a cab driver outside the entrance was scared out of his wits by a muscular giant of a woman clad in a black suit bearing a coat of arms on her tie, with a stern looking Arcanine on her left and a smaller young lady in a plain yet expensive looking forest green pinafore style dress.

"Take us to Professor Sycamore's lab, please?" the giant bodyguard brashly stated as she opened the door for her client to get in, "royal business". The younger girl got in the vehicle before her employee, who had returned her lion dog to its worn looking Great Ball.

"Y-y-yes, sir- I mean, madam." The driver panicked as he quickly drove off, intimidated by the one in the back seat who wasn't covered in an ornate emerald veil.

"Milady, are you looking forward to starting your journey?" the bodyguard asked, "I apologise for not having a private car wait to take us".

"It's quite alright, Sally." The veiled girl said, smiling under her disguise, "I just hope that my little Chespin will be strong and full of life if he is to be my main protector".

However, little to the knowledge of the duo, there was a stowaway on the cab. A tiny grass green pokemon with a pale face that coughed up smoke from the exhaust as it struggled to stay on the bumper as the vehicle travelled to the start of another player's journey.

Author's note: Well, there you have it. The first chapter of XYZ. It's a decent start but next time, we'll see Connor and Chihiro go around the city, only to get dragged into a chase between a Chespin, Sally the bodyguard, a Galette and an angry stowaway in Chapter 2: The Princess and the Parfait! So, if you liked this story, want to guess what will be revealed about the identity of family pet Wisteria, the naming patterns of the characters and the stowaway on the cab, please feel free to leave a review. Don't sashay away! We'll be back soon!