Pokemon XYZ: Despair Unbound

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Pokémon Status

Connor: 0 Badges, 0 Keys

Team: Chihiro the Fennekin (Male), approx. Lv5 (Scratch, Tail Whip, Ember, ?)

Chapter 2: The Princess and the Parfait!

Location: Lumiose City, Kalos Region


Upon the strike of noon, the cheerful cry of a young Fennekin resonated through Café Soleil as the young fox and its trainer enjoyed their treats. The young boy, Connor, had a mint sundae whilst his vulpine friend enjoyed a custom treat of Pecha twigs and Oran berry salad. The café was an old favourite of Connor's from when he and his parents would come to Lumiose to see the sights whilst his father would go to guest judge the occasional performance or, in more recent years, contest.

"I guess you're really enjoying yourself, huh, Chihiro?" the blue eyed trainer smiled as he looked at the young pokemon through his pokédex to analyse his moves when he noticed a button, "hm, translate? What does that do?" He decided to press it but it came up with the error button, "what gives… what's this error icon"? A waitress with wavy, shoulder length chestnut hair that curled slightly at the ends and sapphire eyes dressed in a modern waitress garb was serving drinks to a couple at the next table when she heard Connor's confused words before leaning over to see what was wrong.

"Something the matter, monsieur?" she asked in a rather proper accent as she turned to face him. Upon hearing and turning to face her, Connor's face grew flustered. The waitress seemed to be near his age and, if he was brutally honest with himself, she had a nice rack.

"U-um, it's n-nothing." The young trainer sputtered out, causing his Fennekin to stare at him in confusion, "it's just that this translate function doesn't seem to want work! I just got it and all".

The waitress chuckled under her breath as she looked at the device in Connor's hand. "Oh, so you're a new trainer. I must say, I haven't seen many with a Fennekin in tow. However, they do always seem to be much happier than the Froakies which are all the rage. Might I have a look at your problem? I'm a trainer myself, you know". Connor simply nodded as he handed her his pokédex. After a few moments of examination, she handed it back to him with a dainty hand. "There's your issue." She smiled as she raised her left hand and clicked her fingers, "you were trying to activate the translate function without an actual translator on your little Fennekin friend here. Zorro, please come here". At that moment, a strong looking but small birdman walked out from the kitchen. When it came closer, Connor noticed that it had a black collar around its neck like a small necklace. On the black circular pendant in the centre was a smaller crest in the image of a pokeball. "These are quite new devices brought about in the hopes of creating better bonds between humans and pokémon. It's not too tight, is it, Zorro"? What was next heard was the sound of a soothing, foreign voice which screamed of the Mediterranean.

"Not at all, Senorita Shannon." The avian pokémon replied with a bow, "I barely feel it at all. Is this a demonstration of sorts"? The sound of a human, if slightly mechanical voice coming from the device startled the young trainer and Chihiro.

"That's… incredible!" the young man exclaimed as he got up and looked at the pokemon before scanning it with his pokédex. Then, a masculine, robotic voice emanated from the tablet.

Hawlucha, the Wrestling Pokémon. With its wings, it controls its position in the air. It likes to attack from above, a manoeuvre that is difficult to defend against.

"Yes, both the translator and Zorro are very impressive, aren't they?" she smiled, "unfortunately, since they're new and high in demand, translators are usually either high in price or prizes so I wouldn't expect them to be common any time soon". Connor sighed at that answer in great disappointment. The idea that he could talk with Chihiro and any of his future friends, let alone the pokemon that once belonged to his dad, was so tantalising to him. The slump of his posture showed his disappointment.

"Any… any chance that you know of a competition like that?" he asked, "I mean, they look pretty cool". The waitress, now known as Shannon, chuckled before going over to the shop counter only to return with a colourful leaflet adorned with what looked to be an insignia of a butterfly pokémon.

"Well, this might be of assistance, sir." Shannon smiled as she placed it on his table, "every Saturday, the Santalune Insect Gardens host a bug catching contest. The winner gains the prize of an entire box of these translators as well as a collection of Net balls. I hope it's something of which helps you. It's Monday today so you have plenty time to prepare yourself". Connor nodded as Shannon curtseyed before she and her Hawlucha returned to their duties. Chihiro landed on his lap with a cheerful yip.

'A bug catching contest. It's a good place to find a new member for my team. Plus, the prize seems pretty great. Wait, Chihiro's a fire type! This might be in my favour!' he thought to himself as he petted his primary companion, 'I guess that, since I heard that there's a gym there, it'll be more than worth going to. Now… how do I get there"?

Half an hour later, after paying his bill, Connor had begun to walk out of the café when he felt something bump into his leg. Its sharpness caused him to yelp and step back as he looked down, his Fennekin growling at the being. There, at his feet, was a Chespin which looked exhausted and had a translator attached to its neck. "Hey little guy, you need to be more careful where you're going before he bent down to its level before recognising it, "wait, aren't you"-?

"Percival!" a feminine and dainty voice called out from the masses on the streets, parting them as two women emerged from the divided crowd of commuters. One was a young girl, judging by her height. It was difficult to say as her form was covered by a thick emerald veil. However, it was her elegant hands and porcelain skin which caused him to imagine a girl off the cover of a gothic novel or that of a Kalosian novel. The other being that of a giant. A suit clad woman with silvery white hair and crimson eyes. Someone of whom you would easily see at a women's bodybuilding competition… and win by a landslide. Upon spotting them, the Chespin turned around and scampered towards the owner of the voice.

"My dear Percival, you shouldn't run off like that! Sally's Arcanine is going to catch our thief so you don't have to do something so drastic. Look, you even interrupted this young man's day." The veiled woman spoke with a ladylike sense of urgency and care as she bent down to pick up the spiky pokemon before turning to face him, "I apologise, good sir. My Percival was trying to recover something that I've been robbed of. Please forgive our intrusion". The Chespin in her arms sighed in frustration.

"I was only trying to help…" it mumbled in a mechanical yet childlike voice before the giant next to them glared at it, causing the starter to fall silent. Connor smiled nervously as he looked at the two.

"No problem. He only shocked me, that's all." Connor smiled, trying to hide his nerves from the two women, "Um, if you don't mind me asking, what're you looking for"?

"No time!" the bodyguard, her name was apparently Sally (something which Connor couldn't believe was reality), shouted before she sped off in the direction of Bleu Plaza, leaving the other two in the dust, "this way Miss Delana"!

The veiled girl, Delana, visibly seemed to sigh before she followed after her with Chespin in hand. Although it wasn't his place to barge in, Connor felt curious and compelled to see how events would play out. After all, he was a curious young man. And so, he ran in the same direction, Chihiro managing to match his speed as they headed towards Bleu Plaza.

Twisting through and around the alleyways of the city, the human and his pokémon began to hear the voices of the two women grow louder as they approached a path that ended with a dead end.

"Now, Arcanine, flamethrower"!
"Be careful, Sally! Don't harm her too badly"!

"I won't, your highne- Wait, what!? No"!


The last cry from Delana, accompanied by a defeated growl, set Connor off to run and find the veiled woman facing down against… a small, light green head of a little girl topped with leaves carrying a tablet like his own in its mouth… Was there something in his sundae? To the side, Sally was kneeling down next to a very large dog, asleep and covered head to toe in vines. The thief seemed to be heavily injured yet, although it sounds insane, it appeared to be regaining its strength.

"Sir, get back!" the shrouded girl commanded as her Chespin bore down at the minute pokémon, to which the young boy behind her pulled out his own pokédex to scan the thief.

Petilil, the Bulb pokemon. Since they prefer moist, nutrient-rich soil, the areas where Petilil live are known to be good for growing plants. This pokémon is of a female only species native to the Unova region.

'A Petilil took down that gigantic Arcanine?!' he mentally panicked as he looked around, "wait… that's leech seed and sleep powder. I've seen Wisteria use those in Pops' old contest videos! I gotta be careful otherwise who knows what'll happen'.

"P-Percival, use tackle!" Delana commanded as if she was becoming desperate. The young Chespin nodded as it hurtled towards the bulb pokémon, spiky head first. However, the grass maiden jumped up into the air at a speed much to everyone's surprise and smirked with the dex clasped between its lips as it prepared to open fire, pointing its head at the veiled girl. If she was hit, she would become top priority and the Petilil could escape

"Delana, get down!" Connor shouted as he ran and roughly pushed her to aside out of the way in order to take the hit. That was when little Chihiro jumped in front and yipped, covering itself in a translucent golden coat like molten glass as the bulb maiden fired her blast of light blue powder only for it to rebound and smother her, sending her to the ground unaffected by confused.

"Ch-Chihiro, what was that!?" Connor gasped as the Fennekin's coat returned to normal before he shook his head and looked at Delana, who had managed not to fall, "Never mind. Delana, get Percival ready to attack Petilil. I'll cover him with my Chihiro, okay"? The covered girl thought about i.t before causing Connor to smile as her head nodded through the veil. Sally looked at him with a glare before nodding in approval as she tended to her fallen friend. "Alright, Chihiro, charge at Petilil and use the move you just used." Connor commanded as his little Fennekin charged at the bulb with coat glowing golden as the grass type fired leech seed after leech seed only for them to rebound. Seeing the boy provide cover, Delana decided on her plan of action.

"Alright, Percival, use Belly drum." She commanded before Chespin went all Phil Collins on his tiny belly to raise his attack, "now, when I give the signal, use tackle, okay"?

"Roger that, milady!" Chespin nodded at her before seeing the Petilil begin to draw green energy from Chihiro, "it's using absorb"!

"Oh no you don't! Chihiro, use scratch to send Petilil flying!" Connor yelled as his Fennekin fought through the not so effective move and dashed towards the cornered bulb, swiping it upwards into the air when, in a flash of purple light, Petilil began frantically yelling as the pokédex had somehow managed to vanish from her mouth and into Chihiro's tail fur when it noticed the little Chespin take a running start.

"Now, tackle!" Delana cheered as the spiny little guy jumped into the air and, just as the girlier grass type was about to fire another seed, the tackle hit its mark, causing her to fly into the brick wall and slump to the floor with barely any health left. The Chespin and Fennekin began to cheer before the latter walked over to Delana and gave her the pokédex in its mouth. "Good boy." She stated before her covered face turned towards the Petilil. She walked towards it and appeared to be tugging at the obscuring cloth.

"No, my lady! "Sally began, "there's an onlooker". Connor huffed at the statement.

"I believe he has the right to know of my identity, Sally, just as why this little maiden has been trying to get my attention." Delana stated before she pulled off the full body veil in one clean stroke.

Connor couldn't stop himself from looking at the identity of his battle partner and for good reason. Just like her manicured hands, Delana's face was porcelain white adorned with two eyes of jade, long glossy straight hair which was tied in an intricately knotted bun (save for a curled lock down each side and a small button nose. Her figure was a light hourglass yet, despite her white blouse, pastel green pinafore dress adorned with white ribbons and a crest on the left hand breast pocket which Connor couldn't make out, the knee high white socks she wore underneath and her black leather Mary Jane's, she looked like a young woman with a posture earned from years of having book columns stacked on her skull. If she was wearing a ballroom gown, she would look like a princess through and through. "I believe, as Petilil are not native to Kalos, this one may have stowed away with us from the palace, Sally." Delana stated as she examined the little pokémon, "Is that right, Miss Petilil"? The bulb gave a weak nod as it cringed in pain from the fall. "Well, although I do have a grass type, I would be honoured to hold such a resourceful friend as part of my team." Delana smiled before turning to Connor, "that is, unless you wish to have her, monsieur. After all, if you hadn't arrived with your extraordinary Fennekin, who knows what would have happened". Connor couldn't help but smile at the compliment but, regretfully, he shook his head. Although it was powerful, that Petilil was too much hassle for him. Seeing this, Delana took a pokeball which Sally had produced from a bag she was carrying and lightly tossed it at the Petilil. In an instant, the little grass type was sucked into the capsule in a white light. The ball dropped to the ground and, after only one time, let out a resonating ping. Petilil now belonged to Delana.

"Wunderbar!" she cheered as she lifted the pokeball into the air, "I, princess Delana of Vielin, have caught my first pokémon! Now, let's get our little friend to the pokemon centre, I assume you'll be coming as well to have your little Fennekin checked up, monsieur. Sally, does the name Isolde seem fitting"?

"I believe it does, your highness, congratulations." The bodyguard replied as she recalled her Arcanine into its ball. The two hurried off with Percival, leaving Connor speechless yet running behind them with Chihiro in his arms.

'Princess? Vielin? Whatever Chihiro just did!?' the young man mentally exclaimed before shaking his head as he ran, 'either café Soleil spikes their drinks or I'm caught up in some weird stuff here'…

Twenty minutes later, the trio were at the Pokémon Centre and sitting on hard, candy red chairs around a decently sized metal as they waited for their pokémon to be healed and had registered their trainer IDs for the competitions held all over the region. Connor always liked the pokemon centres as a child. The one back in Couriway was peaceful like the rest of the town and the resident Nurse Joy had always treated him kindly. If there were any arguments and his Aunt Raven wasn't around, she would always listen. Sometimes, his dad would volunteer and help give master classes to trainers hoping to one day beat the then champion, Diantha. It was like a home away from home.

This was a far cry from home. The centre was manned by two nurse Joys at a time who always appeared exhausted from the sheer number of injured pokémon and pokémon related injuries, which seemed to increase as the sun began to set outside. A few police officers were taking enquiries and witness testimonies from victims of gang violence and thieves who had stolen the occasional Eevee or two with trainers and pet owners young and old trying to stabilise their partners' health. It was pretty hectic to say the least. That's when he heard the princess cough to get his attention. He turned to face her across the table. Her bodyguard, Sally, had left the table to get them some drinks. She left another companion there though. It looked like Arcanine but it was more childish, smaller… and wouldn't stop growling at him…

"Please pay no mind to Growlithe. He's one of the palace's trainee guards that Sally and Arcanine has taken under their wing. Forgive me, but I don't believe we got your name, monsieur." Delana apologised with a bow of her head, "if your Fennekin hadn't used his magician ability and magic coat, I believe I wouldn't have gotten my pokédex back in such good condition". Connor nervously chuckled at her display and smiled at her to reassure her.

"Don't worry about it. Your Chespin was the main man. He's the one who beat Isolde." Connor replied, "Well, my name's Connor Jackson, I just started as a trainer and- wait, what do you mean by magician and magic coat"? Delana let out a rather polite smile before she showed him a picture of his Fennekin on her device.

"It must have scanned him when he took it back from Isolde, Monsieur Jackson." Delana explained, "Magic coat is an ability which bounces back most non-damaging moves to the attacker. It's a rare move usually seen in psychics like Spoink and Grumpig but it's possible that your little hero inherited it. As for the magician ability, it's one which enables the user to steal items from their opponents. It is a rather handy indeed and I'm grateful that your Fennekin could use it". That was when Sally returned with a bottle of water for herself, a fancy looking brand of lemonade for Delana and a cheap can of some foreign fruit for Connor which he took with thanks.

"Now. Let us deal with the matter of you forcibly laying a hand on the young princess." Sally began as she turned to face him with her intense red eyes which made Connor freeze up and try to respond, "While I am grateful that you acted to save milady from an attack, in many countries, laying a finger on a noble is punishable by anything from incarceration to execution". Connor began panicking at the thought of whatever guillotine these foreigners would use.

"Might I make an alternative suggestion?" Delana proposed with a raised hand, "how about, instead, our friend here has the charges dropped. However, tomorrow morning, he must accompany us to Santalune City. I wish to participate in the contests of this region as well as this Saturday's bug catching contest. Therefore, I believe that you're time as a secondary bodyguard and guide could be very useful. What say you, monsieur"?

Connor didn't waste time thinking. Although they were probably joking about execution (I mean, they had to have been, right? … Right?), he was already heading toward Santalune for his gym battle so it was a no brainer.

"I'm in." he smiled.

There you have it, folks. Chapter two is done. Shout outs to my two lovely followers, my reviewers (both writers and guests alike). Feel free to leave your questions and views on the story so far. Next time, in "Route 4 Snoozin'", as Connor accompanies our princess, they bump into a new friend who is… sleeping… as well as help a pair of Ralts who are being attacked by a ferocious Corphish! Until next time, see you around!