Pokemon XYZ: Despair Unbound

Hello everyone! Hope you're excited for this latest instalment of Despair Unbound. Following the events of the last chapter, Princess Delana and her bodyguard, Sally, have commanded Connor to join them for their excursion to Santalune City for the monthly Pokémon Contest and for the upcoming bug catching contest. However, will the route of flowers and luxurious floral arrangements cause them further trouble and strife? Disclaimer: I don't own Pokémon.


Connor: Badges - 0, Keys – 0

Team: Chihiro the Fennekin, (Male, Ability: Magician, Moves: Ember, Scratch, Tail Whip, Magic Coat) approx. Lv7

Delana: Ribbons – 0, Keys – 0

Team: Percival the Chespin, (Male, Ability: Bulletproof, Moves: Vine Whip, Tackle, Growl, Belly Drum) approx. lv7

Isolde the Petilil (Female, Ability: Own Tempo, Moves: Absorb, Leech Seed, Sleep Powder, Growth) approx. Lv10

Sally: Arcanine, (Male, Ability: Intimidate, Moves: Morning Sun, Fire Fang, Extreme Speed, Flamethrower) approx. Lv55

Growlithe, (Male, Ability: Flash Fire, Moves: Bite, Odour Sleuth, Ember, Iron Tail) approx. lv12


Chapter 3: Route 4 Snoozin'!

Location: Lumiose City, Kalos Region. Time: 9:30am

After a night's stay at the Pokémon Centre, Connor was yawning on a bench outside the entrance to route four, studying a map of the Kalos as Chihiro ate a few twigs from a nearby branch of a tree which, at present, a few Skiddo had fallen asleep underneath the comfort of its branches. Connor looked up at the street on the left then to the holo caster on his wrist before sighing in frustration and tilting his head to the sky to see a small flock of Pidove make their way across the sky.

"It's been half an hour. Where are they?" Connor impatiently mumbled. Connor was a patient kid. However, he had somehow inherited his father's impatience towards people who were late (which was why he made sure he called last night. That led to an hour of reassuring Pops that he was fine and a further fifteen minutes of the concerned parent gushing over little Chihiro). Chihiro just gave him a confused look and ate some twigs. He knew that the two had said they were staying at the Hotel Richissime instead of the Centre but they shouldn't have been this late. That was when he saw the two women arrive via Lumi-Cab. He got up from the bench and went over to them as they got out. "What took you guys so long?" he asked before he was stared down by Sally's glare, "I-I mean, good morning". He then saw Delana and noticed something very obvious. Unlike yesterday, she was clad with a new, rather expensive looking black handbag and a wide brimmed straw sunhat adorned with a light green ribbon.

"I apologise, Mr Jackson. Sally suggested that I look around the fashion district before we left and I could not have possibly left without purchasing these. Do you think they look nice on me"?

Connor hated to admit it but they did look rather sophisticated. "Definitely." He replied, "Oh. That reminds me, how is Isolde"?

"Why don't you ask her yourself?" the princess smiled as she took out a ball and released the former thief who landed in her arms and was sporting one of the translators.

"Well, hello there, Isolde. Did you sleep well?" Connor asked as Fennekin climbed up his leg and onto his shoulders. The grass type was silent until she got a reassuring smile from her trainer.

"My night was peaceful, thank you very much." She replied, only in a voice that artificially sounded like that of a young girl brought up in nobility, "I must apologise though for my actions yesterday. Truly, I feel ashamed for my conduct. However, I will atone by accompanying my lady throughout her time in this foreign land".

"That's what I like to hear." Connor smiled as he patted Isolde on the head, causing her and her trainer to lightly chuckle before they followed Sally into the red stone gateway.

After going through the gateway to Route four, Delana and Connor were amazed at the sight of the beautiful garden maze that was filled to the brim with flora of several gorgeous colours. Ivory roses, deep red tulips and periwinkles to name a few. A few gardeners were seen present in their green attire, tending to the gardens with water spouting Lombres and Corphish, surprisingly cheerful Pinsirs who pruned the flowers and a relatively tall being with white skin, thick green antennae and a base of leaves. On its shoulders, there sat a great bouquet of white flowers. Amazed by the sight, Delana pulled out her pokédex and scanned it.

Florges, the Garden Pokémon. In times long past, governors of castles would invite Florges to create flower gardens to embellish the castle domains. This is a female exclusive species.

"This is pretty beautiful." Connor smiled with an open mouth as he looked at the elegant yet simple arrangements. Sally nodded as she looked at the daisies as if they were of great significance to her.

"Wunderschön." Delana cheered as she looked around before approaching one of the nearby gardeners working by a collection of pale pink flowers, "these flowers remind me of the gardens back at my grandmother's estate. Excuse me, Herr Gärtnerin, are these flowers Gracideas? These flowerbeds are just beautiful".

The gardener, a brown haired young man, chuckled. "Why thank you, ma'amoiselle." He smiled, "jus' doin' my job. This is known by most people from Santalune as Parterre Way; the region's award winning route for the past twelve years. It's pretty much the pride and joy of both citizens and the pokémon alike. Ain't that right, Hyacinth"? The Florges cheered in response.

"Well, it is beautiful. Take care and keep up the good work." Delana cheered before making her way back to the others, "Oh, I knew I made the right decision to begin my journey in Kalos".

This perked Connor's ears. "Actually, that's something I wanted to ask you about. I mean, you sound as if you're from far away. Why didn't you go around your own country?" he asked only to be met with a stern glare from Sally and a smile from the noblewoman.

"Well, to see the world of course." She smiled as she saw their pokémon frolic in the pathway and smell the tulips, "currently, I am first in line to the throne. However, as my father, the reigning king, is still young. Therefore, he permitted my request to travel across the lands, interact with the people of the world and construct my own personal team of bodyguards as Sally is the chief of security at the palace and has been tasked to accompany me until she sees my companions as fit to defend me".

"I see." Connor replied as he looked towards her, "but wouldn't it be more logical to compete in the Kalos league"?

"That may be so. However, although I do wish for my allies to grow stronger, it would not be becoming of a future monarch to simply wave about her power and be seen by the people as a brutal tyrant. I don't mean to say that you are such though." She replied, "I just believe that it would be better to show my pokémon's strength indirectly through their beauty and technique. I hope you would understand". Although Connor was still somewhat confused, he admired the princess' drive and resolution. The three of them simply took in the sights of the route as they continued walking, seeing the arrangements of the flora in all of its splendour. That was when they noticed her lying on the wall of a now barren skating park, surrounded by two identical, pink horned tiny humanoids and a strange pink and blue angular being floating beside her, nudging her to get up.

"Goodness! We should try to help her. Sally, with me." Delana commanded as the two proceeded towards the girl, trying to reassure the three beings surrounding her that they are allies which meant no harm. The two little creatures on the ground seemed to be deep in thought before they let the women pass. The odd being floating above them seemed to be more reluctant to comply yet followed suit. Slowly, Connor and their pokémon approached to get a better look than her. She was pretty short and curvy with pale skin raised by large bags under her heavily lidded eyes. Her shoulder length, deathly pale pink hair lay straight and limp, messily framing her face. She wore a white button-up over her curvy chest, her hips clothed in a dark grey pleated short skirt and her legs with mid-thigh high black knee socks. Acting as a pillow looked to be a dark blue zip-up hoody. By her feet resided a pair of black heeled ankle boots and dark blue backpack to which the pink and blue pokémon hovered over as Connor scanned it with his pokédex and then proceeded to do the same for the other two creatures.

Porygon, the Virtual Pokémon. A Pokémon that consists entirely of programming code. It is capable of moving freely in cyberspace.

Ralts, the Feeling Pokémon.If its horns capture the warm feelings of people or Pokémon, its body warms up slightly.

'A pokémon capable of going online?' Connor thought, 'she must be an interesting trainer to come across one of those'. He saw Sally pull out a tiny vial from her bag, prop the girl up with a very large arm and uncap the vial. She then placed the object in question underneath the girl's nose. Needless to say, she woke up in a half-awake state, her eyes half open to reveal one a fire truck red and the other a light green.

"Take it easy there, Miss, are you alright?" Sally asked in that rough voice of hers. The girl looked up rather dozily at the women and then at Connor.

"Mmm… I guess so… I must have…. Slept here." The girl replied with a yawn before she sat up and cuddled her Porygon, "Hello there, Mainframe, I'm sorry if I worried you… and who are these two"?

"Wait, these aren't your pokémon?" Connor asked as he looked at the two psychic types.

"Nope… I only use steel and electric types… plus the odd exception." The girl smiled as she stroked the angular pokémon, "I should thank you for helping me. I suffer from Narcolepsy so this can happen at the worst of times. I'm Eloise Gates. Could I ask you who you are"?

"Well, Miss Gates, I am Delana von Edelstein and these are my associate, Sally and Connor. We're just glad that you didn't fall asleep somewhere more dangerous." The princess stated as she introduced them, "What I'm surprised at is how you managed to attract such rare pokémon".

"Oh… I guess I have something which attracts them to me." Eloise replied as she saw the two psychic types curiously interact with Chihiro and the others… aside from Growlithe as it had been trained to be ready for any form of danger, "so… are you heading to Lumiose City as well"? Connor looked at her for a second, thinking that she was probably still a tad sleepy.

"Actually, we're heading to Santalune City for my gym battle, Delana's contest and the bug catching contest." Connor explained before seeing Mainframe visibly squirm, "what's with him"?

Eloise picked up on the mood coming from her partner. "Strange, I thought all trainers started off from Vaniville…Oh, right. You see, Mainframe is… afraid of bug pokémon." Eloise replied, "They got poisoned by a toxic using Beedrill once and he hasn't been the same around them since".

"Oh, the poor thing." Delana sighed as she proceeded to stroke the Virtual creature before being joined by the two psychic strays, "aww, they're really sweet, aren't they"? She was about to pick one of them up when Sally's large hand clamped onto her wrist.

"It's unwise to touch strange pokémon, milady." She insisted, "You never know if they're harbouring any diseases". Delana sighed and nodded compliantly, giving a sad smile which the Ralts couple picked up on before they got off from the wall and slowly walked away back into the tall grass. Connor couldn't help but feel annoyed

"Aww, I wanted to catch one." He grumbled before Eloise got up and put a hand on his left shoulder.

"Ralts are naturally shy. They must have had a lot of courage to appear for as long as they did." She reassured him. It didn't lighten him up to. "Say, how about we have a battle. My Mainframe against your Fennekin… How does that sound"? Connor couldn't help but feel happy at the idea.

"Alright! I've been wanting to battle since yesterday so let's do this." He smiled as Sally pulled Delana away from the side-lines, "alright, Chihiro, let's give it all we've got"! The Fennekin yipped in response as it happily took the correct spot, happy that it can finally battle outside of that old lab.

"Alright, Mainframe, let's begin." Eloise quietly stated as the Porygon casually floated onto the battlefield, "Let's begin the download". With a flash of binary in front of the virtual being's eyes, Porygon seemed to be scanning the little vulpine.

"Hey, what gives, El?" Connor demanded.

"Huh… Oh, well, this is Mainframe's ability." The heterochromatic girl replied as she wiped some sleep from her eyes and pulled out her gunmetal grey holo caster, "Download lets a Porygon scan an enemy and, depending on what defence stat is the lowest, Mainframe's corresponding attack stat increases. Based on what my caster is predicting, your… Chihiro, I think… has lower physical defence. Ergo, my Mainframe gets a physical attack boost". Connor's eyes widened as he saw the pink and blue creature looked visibly stronger.

"So? I have faith in Chihiro that he'll win. Forget stats. He'll win." Cameron replied, "Do you want to go first or shall I"?

"I guess I'll start… I think." Eloise replied before stretching out her arm, "Mainframe, use tackle". The Porygon heard her commands and quickly began charging at the fox.

"Dodge it and use ember." Connor commanded. The Fennekin tried to jump and avoid the attack but the virtual nemesis was too quick, hurtling the fox into the air, only to be sent back from a fireball to the face before the fox landed feet first on the shorter grass. Although it was the first hit, Chihiro looked taken aback and stunned by the assault. Truly, Eloise was deceptive in her team's visible power.

"Your Fennekin isn't that quick but it is fast to counter." Eloise mumbled before commanding again, "Mainframe, use thunder wave to paralyse Chihiro". As the Porygon began to charge a small bolt of electricity, Connor's memories of his old trainer school kicked in. If he didn't stop it, Chihiro would be a sitting duck to Mainframe's charge up tackles. This realisation caused him to panic to find a solution as the spark began to hurtle towards Chihiro.

"Chihiro, Magic coat. Hurry!" Connor yelled. Chihiro's fur took the familiar golden sheen from yesterday as the bolt bounced off of it and hit the foe, causing Mainframe to slow down and Eloise's eyes to widen and for Delana to clap from the side-lines.

"So, your Fennekin has a Spoink for a father. That's… odd… I think." She contemplated before letting out another command, "Mainframe, if you can move, use tackle". The virtual being nodded yet, as it rushed forward, it hit the floor from the paralysing jolt coursing through its body.

"Now, whilst he's wide open, use ember and scratch, Chihiro." Connor smiled. However, as the fox began to fire at the Porygon, a Corphish and a Pinsir came out from the tall grass chasing two Ralts around with the little ones panicking like nothing else as they dodged the former's water guns and the latter's spiky pincers.

"Oh my, are those the two from before? Why are those pokémon attacking them?" Delana gasped before calling to Connor, "Connor! We might need your help"! Connor wanted to but it wasn't proper trainer etiquette to stop a match abruptly, was it"? He looked to Eloise who was examining her Porygon.

"Go. You would have won the match any way." She adamantly stated as she pulled a yellow spray out of her backpack, "something's wrong. Corphish aren't naturally this aggressive. They need to be stopped". Connor nodded as one of the psychic types came running towards him with the stag beetle chasing after it. Meanwhile, Delana and Sally were facing down the Corphish with Growlithe and Percival.

"I'll save you, little guy! Chihiro, Ember!" Connor commanded as the fox fired more red flames at the bug. The Pinsir broke through the blockade of flames to stomp down on Fennekin. However, as the fox dodged, what was most striking were its eyes. Instead of their normal white, the bug's peepers were stained a dark red as if they had an evil case of hayfever. The Pinsir continued its stomping assault before Chihiro's yelps of pain could be heard across the area as the bug had stomped on its bushy tail. Those screams frightened Connor. What if Chihiro was permanently damaged? Was he responsible?

"Chihiro, hold on! I'm coming! Connor yelled as he jumped at Pinsir, spear tackling it to the floor and off of Chihiro. In response, the bug grew more furious and attempted to pin down Connor, its sharp pincers snapping more menacingly as they drew closer to Connor's neck when they stopped. Connor looked to see that the Pinsir, shocked at its immobility, was coated in a blue aura. Connor turned to see the smaller of the Ralts facing the bug with its arms raised as if it was actually holding the much larger insect. Connor nodded at the Ralts before turning to the Fennekin which was nursing its tail.

"Chihiro, are you okay to move?" he asked only to smile at Fennekin's nod, "great! Okay, fire ember at the Pinsir with all you've got." The Pinsir tried to struggle but the little Ralts' psychic powers had a great hold on its mobility. All it could do was screech as the blasts of fire pelted and charred its skin. It was unconscious before the Ralts removed its hold and let it fall to the grass. At the same time, Connor turned to see Delana and the other Ralts had used a combination of confusion and Isolde's Sleep Powder to send the creature into a deep sleep.

"I guess we make a good team, huh, little guy?" Connor smiled with a sigh of relief to the nearer Ralts, causing it to reply with a cute little curtsey and a chuckle.

"Actually, that Ralts is a girl… I think." Eloise stated as she came up to the two with her holo caster in one hand and a healed up Porygon at her side, "but… are you two the same Ralts twins I saw earlier"? She smiled when the Ralts gave her a nod.

Just then, the gardener from earlier rushed towards them with frantic eyes and an odd black, white and red flower in an airtight Ziploc bag. "What in th'blazes happened here!?" he exclaimed as he saw his fallen allies, "oh ma' swirls, I can't believe this happened! Did Crawly an' Pinchy hurt y'all"?

"Crawly and... Pinchy?" Delana repeated in surprise before she politely shook her head, "No sir, we are all relatively unharmed. Our companions did get injured but only as they were defending these wild Ralts you see before you". The gardener breathed a sigh of relief before he began examining his partners before Sally approached him with a rage in her eyes.

"What was this then? Did you intend to attack milady?" she all but growled as she picked up the man by his sides before roaring at him, "answer or I will throw you in a cell myself"! The spectators were struck with awe and terror at the sheer strength of Delana's head of security as the gardener dropped the flower bag on the ground.

"I-it was these flowers, ma'am, I swear! I got ma' orders to plant pots of these for a commission in two weeks' time so ah decided t'plant a few spares t'see how they'd look!" he explained in his frightened state, "Pinchy and Crawly must've taken a whiff of this one since they just up and went berserk. Please ma'am, I'm a good man! I only did ma' job, I-I swear! Ma' pokémon wouldn't hurt no soul! Please please don't kill me"! Everyone stared as Sally made her judgement and put the man down, noticing the wedding band on his soil covered hands.

"You seem honest enough. Judging from the way you have that flower in that bag, I assume that you'll be taking it in for analysis?" Sally asked as she was met with a nod before she pulled out a badge from inside her jacket which was turned away from the others, "Now, listen. As a member of security for the families linked to the Vielin Royal family, I demand that you uproot all of those flowers, isolate them and report to your boss. Then, have that flower sent to the nearest botanical authority to have it analysed. DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR"? The gardener nodded frantically. "Now, I will say you've done a great service for your country, sir, and my client will not press charges on you for indirect assault. Now, do what I have asked and go home to your spouse, alright"? The gardener muttered his thanks, returned his fallen friends to the net balls in his uniform pockets and proceeded down towards Santalune at breakneck speeds.

"… Your highness"?

"Yes, Connor"?

"Sally scares me".

"Well, she is the best".

After the gardener had left, the four humans were sat back down on the statue, watching the local roller skaters circle the statue and their pokémon speak with their psychic friends.

"Those two really helped us back there." Delana smiled as she picked up her Petilil, "as did you, Isolde. Well done"!

"Th-thank you, your highness!" the grass type piped in her mechanically ladylike yet girlish tone.

"I just hope that they discover who sent those flowers, who knows what could have happened if they weren't discovered to be the source of the problem? However, it is time that we make our leave for Santalune." Sally pointed out as she looked at the sun, "It'll set soon and I doubt milady would like to camp out tonight. Time to go, Mr Jackson".

"Oh… you're leaving." Eloise sighed as she looked at the three, "Well, it was going to happen. Thank you for the battle, Connor. Next time, it won't be short and the results will be very different… I think". She then took his hand and placed in it 200 poké coins and a flyer. "The spoils of victory to the winner." She smiled, "you may want to keep that piece of paper. It gives a half price discount on its opening day… I think".

"Half price on what, Eloise?" Connor asked with an intrigued look as he looked at the text on the sheet and, after a minute, he gasped in surprise and excitement, "You're making a video game"!? Delana rushed over and looked at the flyer, read it and began to smile.

"Yes. I'm going to Lumiose City to work on the beta test for my new game. I think I did tell you that… unless I forgot which is possible: Pokémon Showcase Extravaganza. Trademarked of course… hopefully." Eloise smiled as she patted Mainframe on the head, "I was collecting photo samples for different pokémon models when I must have fallen asleep. I'm just glad Mainframe put my camera back in my bag". The Porygon beeped in agreement as the two began to head towards Lumiose. "Take care everyone. I wish you the best of luck"!

As she left, the Ralts duo waved goodbye to her before they began pulling at the hems of Connor's trousers and Delana's new dress. In excitement.

"I wonder what they want." Delana wondered as she saw their excitement before Percival (who had been playing with the two.) jumped up on the statue wall.

"Isn't it obvious, milady? They wanna join us!" the Chespin smugly smiled, "of course, I knew they couldn't resist my awesome moves and looks".

"…I did all the work, Percival." Isolde deadpanned although the other grass type wasn't paying any attention. Connor then knelt down to the female Ralts and offered a finger.

"Do you really want to join us, Ralts?" he asked. The psychic type replied with a smile and a diminutive hand wrapped around the extended finger as if it was shaking hands. Connor and Delana turned their heads to each other and nodded as they pulled out a pokeball each and pressed the button to the psychic type's faces. In a flash of red light, the two disappeared and the tiny pings resonated throughout the area. "Welcome to the team, Celeste." He smiled as he looked at the ball which housed his first captured pokémon.

"And welcome to you, Tristan." Delana added before they returned their team to their balls and joined Sally as they resumed their trek to Santalune city.

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