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Chapter 2

Natsu groaned as phantom pains awoke him. He remembered putting the black lacrima into his chest and the feeling of being cooked alive as the black flames whipped around his body. After a few minutes he felt his dragon flames adapting with the god flames and most of the pain disappeared. He looked around and found himself in a burned-out temple with charcoal trees surrounding it and what looked to be part of a forest and behind the temple looked like a dormant volcano.

"What the hell? Where am I?" Natsu asked bewildered. "Oi! Capricorn! Goat man! Where are you?!"

"Begone from this place, Heretic!" a gravelly voice called out, turning Natsu's attention to the forest. He saw a short man maybe a head taller than Gramps dressed in a big red and orange robe waving around a black staff that came up to stand in front of Natsu. He was wearing a mask that was carved in permanent fury. "I know not how you came here, but you are not welcome within this realm!"

Natsu wasn't sure why, but for some reason he felt wary of this old man. And the moment he swung his black stick, Natsu was already leaping backwards. The old man stumbled due to missing the fire dragon slayer, but after a second he swept his staff once again. Natsu jumped back from that as well, but did not expect the dark gold flame from the man's opposite hand. It hit Natsu dead-on, knocking the wind out of him.

"Time may not have been kind to my people," the old guy growled, catching his breath. "But I will not lose to some power-hungry Heretic upstart!"

"Okay what the hell are you talking about, geezer?!" Natsu roared leaping to his feet, his fists igniting in dragon fire. "What's a Heretic? What is this place? And who the hell are you?!"

The old man stopped, looking at the slayer's hands. Natsu say the mask's eyes blink - wait, THE MASK IS HIS FACE!? - in confusion, before composing himself once more into a scowl. "Introduce yourself first, boy, then you might get your answers."

The slayer felt a vein on his head pulse before calming down like Capricorn taught him. "Natsu Dragneel, Fire Dragon - and now Fire God, I guess - Slayer of Fairy Tail, also called Salamander."

The old man stiffened for but a moment at his name. 'Dragneel? Why is that so familiar… and concerning?' he shook off the thoughts before turning his attention to the boy. "I call you a Heretic because you carry a God Slayer Lacrima within you, specifically the one representing myself. You are currently in my personal territory in the Realm Displaced of Mortality. As for whom I am…" The old man's body shifted with a strange rattling. Natsu could see something shifting in his sleeves and then suddenly, the old man's body shot up to Elfman's height, skeletal remains jutted from his sleeves, the bones charred and aged. The stick in his hand was tossed slightly and the skeleton grabbed the tip, a wide flame encompassing the long end in the same dark gold fire taking the appearance of a claymore, yet its flame both called to Natsu and shunned him away.

"You stand before Vakhiduta, Seventh of the Eighteen Deities of Fire, God of Fire to Nui, and keeper of the Flame of Duty."

Silence stood for a moment before Natsu repeated "Realm Display of Mor-what?"

The Fire god's lips snarled slightly in irritation, as he shifted back to his smaller form. "'Realm Displaced of Mortality', fool. Or to be more blunt, this is what the Staggvol call Valhalla, or simply Heaven." the blank confused stare continued. "You're in the Gods' Realm, boy!"

Natsu mulled over it for a moment before something clicked. "Wait, so I'm dead?!"

Vakhiduta barked a laugh. "Hardly, boy! You shouldn't ev-"

He was cut off as Natsu started bolting for the treeline, calling out "LUUUUCYYYY!" in a desperate cry, only for Vakhiduta to smack the slayer's skull to stop him.

"You really are a fool! There are no mortal spirits here!" Vakhiduta snapped at him. "I expected naiveté from a Heretic, but not enough to be outright clueless."

"Again with the Heretic thing… what are you talking about?" Natsu grumbled as he picked himself up from the ground.

Vakhiduta stared incredulously at the slayer. "I can't believe I'm hearing this… erg, fine. As a Dragon slayer, I suppose you know of the generations?"

Natsu nodded, "First gen are trained by a dragon and second gen are lacrima based… cheaters, I guess. I'm a First gen."

Vakhiduta smirked, "for God slayers it's the same, only titled different. When a deity finds one worthy in their worshipers to train, he trains them as Disciples. Over time, those jealous of the Disciples created Lacrima that siphoned off their power, and the corruption through their intentions caused the element of the lacrima to become black. This action is considered a betrayal in their faith, and they are called Heretics."

Natsu's nodded in understanding."So that's why you attacked me."

"And your idiocy only shows how far you mortals have fallen." Vakhiduta chided before sighing, a defeated expression on his face.

Another silence fell before Natsu looked at Vakhiduta. "Um… since I'm here… can you teach me how to use these God flames?"

"WHAT?!" Vakhiduta snarled at him, grabbing the slayer's vest, glaring him dead in the eye. "What makes you think I'll consider doing that!? You carry a lacrima with my power, yet within you beats the heart of a dragon! What makes you think you even DESERVE the power you claimed?"

Reining in his temper, Natsu continued. "Look, I know you don't trust me, but I need to get stronger to find Igneel. I have questions for him, but… I'm too weak right now…" the last part was a whisper, Natsu looking down at his feet.

'So this boy is looking for Igneel… curious.' Vakhiduta thought, before asking. "Why do you seek the Fire Dragon King?"

"He…" Natsu hesitated, "He's my father. I've been looking for him for seven years, but something happened six months ago… and I need to know why."

'The Fire Prince himself? What an upset! As for his goal… it must have to do with that "Lucy" he so pathetically called for.' Vakhiduta mulled over the options, but he needed one last thing to be sure. "Boy," he got Natsu's attention before tapping the wide part of his staff to the slayer's head. "Hold still." he said closing his eyes.

Visions from Natsu's past flew before Vakhiduta's eyes, he saw Fairy Tail, the boy's friends, Igneel, the incident, and the Grimoire Heart fiasco. The darkened flames concerned the god, but he pressed further. It was mostly a blur for some time, but suddenly Vakhiduta's eyes shot open in shock as he stepped back, breathing heavy.

"Oi, Geezer, you okay?" Natsu asked in worry. Vakhiduta held up his hand to stop him.

"I…I'm fine." he said shaken, but inwardly, he smirked like he gained a golden apple. 'So THAT's how he was able to come here.' "I have seen your past, and luckily, you seem as worthy to wield this power as any other who have attained my flames by my right. Your training shall begin immediately."

"Really? That's grea- oh wait, crap!" Natsu panicked slightly "The Grand Magic Games! They're a few days away! I can't miss that!"

Vakhiduta chuckled. "I wouldn't worry, boy. Time is of no essence here, and your training shall be swift. You shall master your heretical flames and return to the moment you left."

"Really? Cool old man! Let's get this started then!" Natsu exclaimed as he smashed his fitst together in eager anticipation.

Natsu trained with Vakhiduta for about a week in the fire god's world, learning to control the black flames. Sadly, he couldn't use his dragon fire and god fire at the same time, but the speed he switched between them made up for it.

Vakhiduta taught Natsu of the Eternity Pantheon, where the gods of all 18 ancient cultures met and discussed, the entirety kept stable by the Monarchical Deities, the leaders of each specific type of god, and fully responsible for their actions. And while Natsu wasn't sure why the mask weirdo bothered he dutifully tried to remember as much as he could.

Soon, Vakhiduta bid Natsu farewell, with a sash given by the Gods of Time, banged his staff on the ground, sending the fire dragon slayer back to his home realm.

'To think… that boy got Lord Kishin Disseida's blessing so long ago... and catching HER attention?' Vakhiduta giggled eagerly. "After all these centuries, I can't believe I'm actually looking forward to seeing the mortals fight..."

Natsu blinked as his surroundings returned to being the same forest he had been training in for the past three months now alone with no sign of the fire god anywhere around him.

At first Natsu wasn't quite sure that everything that had happened in the burned out temple hadn't been a dream but when he looked down at his hand and saw a pure black flame in his hand he was certain that it had been true. With a wild grin on his face, Natsu roared into the air, now fully prepared for whatever the Grand Magic Games were going to throw at him.

Three days later and Natsu was strolling through Crocus admiring the sights with Happy right by his side. It was only natural in Natsu's opinion that he had been chosen for the team to represent Fairy Tail and now the two of them were simply enjoying the city before the start of the game proper. In between that time, he trained a bit more with Capricorn, and later took great joy in seeing the shell-shocked expressions of the ones that were whisked away for that three-month party. Surprisingly Jellal and two members of Grimoire Heart appeared and offered to help them with some magic reserve thing called Second Origin. When Natsu went under the effects, he could feel the pain, but honestly it was not as bad as Vakhiduta's Lacrima.

It was during their exploration that the two fairies happened upon the twin dragons of Sabertooth, both having just fought off a group of thugs without breaking a sweat. When Natsu walked into the circle that had formed around the two mages, they turned to stare at him with shock on their faces.

"Well, if it isn't the Salamander! Didn't think I'd get to see you before the actual games." The blonde one, Sting, if Natsu remembered correctly, exclaimed with a smug grin on his face. "But I'm shocked that you Fairies would even bother to show up. You guys are so weak that I doubted that you would even show up this year, especially you first generation dragon slayers who couldn't even slay a real dragon when you got the chance. Not like us who have already killed the dragons who raised us, making us true dragon slayers. "

That got Natsu riled up, an equally arrogant smirk on his own face as he stood right in front of Sting "Keh, and I suppose you single element third generation slayers think you're so tough?" Natsu snarled, his ego dripping from each word. "Big deal, brats. I can use two elements and something special. You aren't shit compared to me."

The Twin Dragons twitched at the crass insults. Sting felt his blood boiling, but took notice of a familiar scent coming from underneath Natsu's scarf. Grasping the garment, he tried to pull it off Natsu.

"Hand over that Celestial Spirit Key, First Gen. You aren't using it." the White Dragonslayer remarked. Getting that key could help Yukino out a lot. "Fairy Tail doesn't even have a Celestial Spirit Mage, right? I remember hearing that yours died pathetically on some mission a few years back." Sting's smug expression was soon replaced with pain as he felt his wrist snap. "Gah-AAAAAH!"

"Sting!" Rogue spoke out in shock.

Natsu's face was shadowed over as he kept squeezing the junior's wrist. Sting said the wrong thing. Lucy was always there for him, even if just in his mind. Keeping Capricorn proved that resolve.

"I'm holding it for someone special. Don't steal what isn't yours, brat." He said colder than the Ice Mage, flinging Sting to the ground. As Sting regained his footing with Rogue's help, cradling his wrist, they glared at the Fire Dragonslayer, but stiffened.

Natsu was glaring back with fierce yet soulless eyes, the cold look of a dragon but without the fiery passion that many had known the Salamander for.

"As for killing your parents? That's not any more impressive than your third generation status. If your Dragons left a message for you to kill the one closest to you, the one that made you happy, would you do it?" He was met with silence, to which he scoffed and walked past, leaving them to their thoughts.

Sting watched the slowly retreating form of his Rival, a pained yet furious glare on his face. 'Just you wait, Dragneel. Once I'm done beating you into the ground, I'll rip that key from your neck and make you watch. I'll show you why we're the strongest now.'

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