All was calm throughout the dimly lit streets of downtown Zootopia. After the 'savage scare' caused by the Night Howler drugs, unity between predator and prey has never been stronger. More trust and respect are given to and by both types all thanks to the new faces of the ZPD. However, their job is never quite finished because there were still some unsavory souls that roamed the streets.

Taking advantage of the less populated night, Doug, the ram responsible for the savage attacks, trudged down the boulevard toward his apartment. Unfortunately, even the late hours were too crowded for comfort, a good number of nocturnal folk still did most of their activities then.

It wasn't too long before the criminal made it, unnoticed, to his home. The red building stood out in the dimmer light and faint hissing noises could be heard coming from the side. Judging by the thin sound, it was probably just some teenagers tagging the wall.

"Ugh... predators, no doubt." He grumbled under his breath. Even with the newly reinforced peace, he still held a strong grudge against all predator species.

As he entered the lobby, despite it being deserted, the stout ram still felt like he was being watched. He picked up his walking pace and headed for the elevators. In a few, brief moments, he finally made it to his floor and completed the journey home. Stepping inside, Doug placed down his pullover coat and tossed his hat onto the couch where he then sat down. The apartment was the furthest thing from tidy. All sorts of clothes, pizza boxes, and chemistry books cluttered the floor.

Being indifferent to it all, he reached next to him and unfolded a crumpled newspaper. It was an old copy, dated at the time where the Night Howler case was solved. On the headlines were Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps, standing as partners for the camera. From obvious disdain, the picture had been ruined with red markings angrily scratched onto their faces. Giving a disgruntled snort, he flipped the page to the Classifieds in search of a new job. Luckily, former mayor Bellwether wasn't given a deal to name names so his part isn't a well-known fact.

His eye caught an ad for a Chemistry teacher at the local high school, so it seemed to be something up his alley. He was just about to reach for a pencil to mark it when the newspaper suddenly tore straight down the middle. Letting the halves fall onto the ground, the startled goat slowly looked up to see a Jack Russell Terrier dressed from ear to paw in red and black Spandex. His eyes were concealed by the two thin, white screens that were part of the mask. In his hand was a hard-plastic sword pick shaped into a katana, probably taken from an elephant restaurant from the life-sized appearance of it. A second one rested in a sheath strapped to his back.

"W-wade..." The goat breathed nervously, "what're you doing here? I already paid Mr. Big the money to keep quiet about my involvement."

The canine raised an eye before snatching his associate by the collar of his shirt. "I'm not here because of the rodent..." he explained, gritting his teeth.

"Then what is it you want?" the ram asked.

Using a paw to grip the bottom of the mask, Wade pulled it above his head, revealing his face to be badly damaged. His fur had been missing, replaced by severe burn injuries that were permanent. The tip of his left ear was also gone, seemingly bitten off by another predator.

"I want some freaking sunscreen, Doug!" He barked, teeth bared. His eyes then snapped open, questioningly. "Did I really just say 'freaking'?" Shaking a gloved fist, Wade yelled at the roof. "Can't let me drop one F-Bomb, can you!?"

At this point, Doug had became incredibly worried with the mental state of his interrogator. "W-who are you talking to!?"

Wade slowly looked down at him and squinted his eyes. "The guy who wrote this next part."

Without skipping a beat, he hoisted the ram off his feet and ran straight toward the far window, tossing him through the glass. With frightened bleating, Doug fell twelve stories followed by the frantic honking of drivers who were unfortunate enough to have seen his body fall.

From the other side of the window, Wade peered down on the streets below. "Heh, ok, I can understand not showing THAT." He reasoned. "I mean, look at all the blood... so much blood... lots..."

As if another person were in the room, Wade heard a second conscience speak to him. Wade, was that really necessary? The voice spoke.

"Disney?!" Wade gasped, eyes wide and bubbly. "Could it truly be?!"

The voice just sighed. ... yes. Same as all the other times before...

Under the mask, the antihero giggled like a scoolgirl, he was actually talking to the guy that made all of it possible.

You do know we could have interrogated him into giving up where she is, right?

"Please~" he retorted. "The only info 'Lamb Chop' could have given us was the phone number to Subway." Pulling the mask down over his face, he made his way back to the couch to rummage through the piles of paper. In little time, he found what he had been looking for.

Found anything you were looking for?

"That's what it says above." Wade replied. He lifted a grimy picture covered in pizza grease. It was of the former mayor, Dawn Bellwether, being arrested. "Well, I just found my long lost pincushion."

[Later that night]

A small fleet of ZPD squad cars had parked just outside the apartment complex. An ambulance carrying Doug had just left for the hospital. Beyond the police tape, Chief Bogo and the majority of Zootopia's finest were searching the area for any clues as to how this could have happened.

A seventh squad car pulled up and parked alongside the others. Officers Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps got out and headed to join their co-workers at the scene.

"Wilde. Hopps," Bogo called, slightly annoyed they were the last to show up. "I'd ask what too so long, but there are more important things than bad traffic."

"Sorry, Chief." Judy solemnly apologized. She silently looked to Nick accusingly, "We had to stop a certain con artist's popsicle scheme."

Pulling a recently finished popsicle stick from his mouth, Nick gave a slight smile and shrug before tossing it to the side.

"You seem to joke a lot more now with your partner around, Judy..." the Water Buffalo leaned in, breathing heavily with irritation, "... don't make me... regret... it."

Judy nodded. "Yes sir."

"Good. Now, gather all that you can from the crime scene." He then started walking back to his vehicle before looking back. "And you may want to look at THAT." He finished, pointing to the side of the building.

After Bogo's car pulled out, Nick and Judy slowly walked around the front and into the alley. They then looked up at the side and saw a large red and black symbol that resembled a mask with two windows as the eyes.

"Well, Carrots." Nick said, trying to lighten up the mood, "this definitely could be more important than traffic."

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