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Danny sighed and ran a hand through his hair. He had come to work early to get started on the paperwork. Fortunately, they had no new cases after closing their last one. Unfortunately, it had left a mountain of paperwork. Now, Danny usually did most of it but that by no means meant he like it. Especially with a partner who, on his best day, stretched the rules around every turn. His phone began to ring and the detective answered it.

"Williams," Danny said into the phone as he sat up.

"Detective Danny Williams?" the voice said over the line.

"Yes," Danny replied with a furrowed brow.

"This is Lieutenant Jacobsons in New Jersey," the voice began which only served in Danny's brow furrowing more. Jacobsons continued. "I'm calling to inform you that Rick Peterson has escaped confinement."

"What?! When?!" Danny shouted into the phone as worry washed over him.

"Yesterday afternoon," Jacobsons replied and Danny's jaw tightened.

"Why am I just being notified now?!" Danny asked with a growl in his voice.

"We didn't notice the note on the paperwork directing us to call you. We're terribly sorry…" the Lieutenant began but Danny interrupted him.

"I'm sure you are," Danny snapped before he said goodbye and hung up the phone. He ran a hand down his face and typed in numbers to call Duke Lukela. He needed to get a detail on Grace and Charlie. He didn't know if Peterson knew about Charlie but he wasn't taking any chances. Danny wasn't worried Grace would go with Peterson again; she was older and she knew what he looked like now. It had also become a rule that Grace was not allowed to go with anyone but Danny, Rachel, Stan, Steve, Chin, or Kono. Unless, of course, Danny said otherwise specifically. However, if Danny, Rachel, or Stan couldn't pick her up in the past, Danny had never had to go further than calling Steve as of yet.

Danny had quickly set up the detail with Lukela before he called Rachel. She was worried but Danny assured her he had taken all the necessary precautions. Satisfied he had calmed Rachel down as much as he could, Danny ended the call. He made to call Steve to let him know when his phone began to ring. Danny answered the phone without a glance at the Caller ID.


"Hey, D." Danny's eyes widened and he forced a swallow around the lump that had formed in his throat at hearing the voice.

"Peterson," Danny bit out in a steely tone. His eyes instantly hardened and his jaw clenched.

"I was going to stop by and say hello but didn't think I'd be welcomed," Peterson said in mockery.

"That's putting it mildly," Danny snapped back in sarcasm. Peterson chuckled mirthlessly before he continued.

"Your partner looks a little tired D," Peterson said in a hard voice before the line went dead. Danny felt his breath catch in his throat and his stomach dropped. Panic set in and ran through his body.

Danny quickly dialed Steve's number and put the phone to his ear. The phone rang and rang before it went to voice mail. Danny cursed under his breath and ended the call before he dialed Steve's number again. Danny felt the panic rise more when the call went to voice mail once again.

"Dammit Steve answer your damn phone," Danny snapped out and dialed the number again. Danny ended the call when the voice mail picked up and angrily shoved his phone in his pocket. He stormed out of his office and intended on tracing his partner's cell when the door's opened. Steve walked in and looked at Danny while he put his own phone in his pocket.

"Hey, what's going on?" Steve began but was cut off by an irate and worried partner.

"Why the hell didn't you answer your damn phone?" Danny snapped out with a clenched jaw. He cursed Steve for having made him worried. Steve raised an eyebrow at the reaction from his partner.

"I was talking to the governor…" Steve began to explain only to be interrupted by Danny once again.

"You should've answered anyways. Where the hell were you?" Danny snapped out and Steve cocked his head as he studied Danny.

"Just outside the palace…" Steve answered more calmly when he noticed the underlying fear in Danny's voice and the panic hidden behind his eyes. Danny's eyes widened before he took off out of the offices. Chin and Kono dodged out of the way before they were bulled over. They gave Danny a confused look before they walked into the Five-0 Headquarters and turned their confused looks to Steve.

"What happened?" Chin asked and Steve shook his head and looked just as perplexed.

"I don't know. I came in and he started shouting at me for not answering my phone. Then, he ran off after I told him I was talking to the Governor just outside," Steve explained as he worriedly looked towards the door Danny ran out.

A few moments later and Danny walked back into Five-0 Headquarters. Steve, Chin, and Kono watched him closely and gave him questioning looks. Danny looked at them before his gaze darted to Steve. Steve narrowed his eyes with curiosity when Danny seemed to check him over.

"Danny?" Steve asked knowing whatever had happened had thoroughly scared his best friend and brother. Danny looked up and met Steve's gaze.

"Peterson escaped. He was watching you."

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