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3 weeks later…

Danny sat on the rock wall and looked out over the ocean. The past three weeks had been trying and did numbers on his psyche. Steve had eventually woken up and had fought through the recovery process. By his side ever step of the way, of course, was Danny. However, every time Danny saw the bandage, saw Steve grimace in pain, the detective couldn't help but feel responsible. Steve had tried to talk to him about it but Danny had just cracked a joke and insisted he was fine. Deep down, Danny knew he was anything but.

Danny took a stuttered breath when the emotions came unbidden. He forced a swallow and shoved them back down. Steve was fine. In fact, he was released yesterday morning. Danny had stayed at Steve's to keep an eye on him. Today, Danny had even brought Grace and Charlie to visit him. That's why he was here and not at Steve's. He had just dropped Grace and Charlie off at Rachel's and was on the return trip when he found himself at 'his' spot. He needed time to think and gather his self before he went back to Steve's.

The sound of a truck as it pulled up behind him caught Danny's attention. He already knew who it was but couldn't help looking to make sure he was okay. Danny glanced back at the big, blue truck in time to see Steve grimace as he climbed out. The guilt washed over him again and Danny quickly looked out over the ocean again.

Steve walked over to where Danny was sitting and sat down next to him, his back to the ocean. Ever since he woke up he knew Danny wasn't fine, contrary to what his partner tried to tell him. With a deep breath, Steve dived into the raw topic.

"So, you going to finally tell me what's going on in that head of yours," Steve said as he looked over at Danny. Danny opened his mouth to say something but Steve stopped him before he could. "And don't tell me nothing and you're fine. I know for a fact you aren't and it's not."

"Yeah? How do you know that?" Danny countered without a glance at Steve.

"Because I know you. Just like you know me," Steve replied and kept his gaze on his best friend.

Danny forced a swallow and his eyes searched the water and sky before him. Obviously, Steve wasn't about to let him brush this off anymore. Danny sighed and said teh first thing that popped into his head.

"I'm sorry."

"Sorry for what?" Steve asked as he furrowed his brow and studied Danny's face.

"I got you shot. I didn't stop it," Danny listed off which caused Steve's jaw to clench.

"This wasn't your fault so you can stop the guilt trip. What happened is on Peterson," Steve said firmly and tried to get Danny to look at him but was unsuccessful.

"He wouldn't have gone after you…" Danny started.

"Stop. I mean it. This is on Peterson," Steve said and rested a hand on Danny's shoulder. Danny nodded his head but still had something else to say.

"I should've stopped it. As you partner I should've been there," he choked out as the vision of Steve's body dropping to the floor flashed before his eyes.

"You were. It was your face I saw after I fell. It was your face I saw when I woke up. I wouldn't be here if you hadn't been there Danno. You saved me. And I wouldn't ask for another partner ever," Steve said and Danny could see the emotion in his eyes. He nodded his head again and could feel the tears fill his eyes. Steve's next words had him almost losing the battle with his emotions.

"I love you Danno."

"I love you too SuperSEAL," Danny said as his voice cracked. Steve reached over and pulled him in for a hug which Danny gratefully returned. Things might have gotten bad but there was one thing Steve and Danny could always count on. Each other.

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