Rescue Ink

Carlisle Cullen is a pillar of the community. He's a humane veterinarian/philanthropist who owns an animal hospital and shelter. He's a loving husband, a devout father, and his three sons follow in his footsteps as well as on his Harley. They're tattooed bad boys who right the wrong to protect and save. They have hearts that fall in love with the blink of an eye. Well, except for the middle one, Edward.

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Chapter Two: The Aftermath


Jasper and I take our time with each dog and exam them together, accessing their wounds and the flea and tick issue. Only two of them need sedation so far for rambunctious behavior. They are all quiet and fast asleep …. finally.

Angela and Jessica prepare the flea baths and take two of the smaller dogs to treat. So we'll get these love-starved, neglected animals back to health and find them good homes in no time.

I have to admit the little dog that was set to fight takes my heart. He's a playful pup with a good disposition. I find myself petting and playing with him. He's below weight with no exterior wounds.

Jasper watches me. "I think you found a friend, Edward."

I smile. "Yeah, Jazz, he's a cute little guy, and it looks like they didn't have him for very long. It's a damn shame they were going to throw him out there." I sigh and continue to pet him. "Yeah, boy, you're a good dog.

"It's a sacrifice bout," Jasper says with disdain, "They throw him out there to get ripped to shreds to egg on the crowd."

I shake my head. "That's fucking sick."

"I got something sicker for you. It's the latest craze in dog fighting," Jasper seethes.

"What?" I ask.

"Two terrified dogs are locked in the trunk of a car. That's two terrified dogs locked in a cramped, dark trunk, with blasting music from rear speakers. The guys ride around until they don't hear anymore fighting. They stop the car, open the trunk, and the deceased dog is declared the loser. The really sad part? They toss the dead dog out like trash leaving the poor animal on the side of the road. The winner lives to do it all over again."

"That happened here?" I ask.

Jasper shakes his head. "No, Miami."

"Jesus, who thinks of these things?"

"From what I understand, they have major dog fights in Vietnam; high stakes and many dogs for the offering."

I walk over to the last dog and take her from the cage. She's a little mama. "Jazz, this one's with pups."

He joins me at the examination table, and we find, she too, has an infestation of fleas, and old wounds.

"My guess is that they had her on hiatus until she gave birth which might be soon," Jasper notes.

I take her temperature, and it is lower than expected. "She's at ninety-nine."

"Guess we stay for the night, Edward, she may need us."

"Yeah, good idea."

Jasper questions, "I wonder why she was at the fights. What would they do with a pregnant dog?"

"I don't know. She's more valuable to them with pups on the way," I ponder.

"Could have been they knew she was due soon and kept a watch." He shrugs his shoulders.

Angela and Jessica return with two, clean, flea-less dogs.

Angela quips, "Two down and four to go."

Jasper grabs a dog and looks up at me. "You watch the little mama, and I'll help Angela and Jessica."

"Okay, and Angela, you'll call and find a replacement for Lauren?" I ask.

"Sure thing, Edward, first thing after eight."

"Good, and when all of you are done, we'll treat the mama. I don't want her giving birth with fleas. We don't need infected pups," I say.

"We can do that, Edward, and let the girls go home." Jasper holds a dog and walks out of the room.


All the dogs are squeaky clean, in their cages and at peace.

Before she leaves, Angela tells me to expect a prospective new hire within the hour for nine a.m.

In the meantime, we treat the mama with a calming shampoo and flea conditioner. I dry her with warmed towels and a gentle massage, as Jasper clips her nails. Hey, just like any woman, she receives excellent treatment. She's a sweet girl and licks the both of us.

Jasper excitedly says, "I really want to be here when she delivers.


Five minutes to nine, a petite female with short, dark hair and the biggest, blue eyes walks into the reception area. She wears a slim, dark skirt just above her knees and a matching jacket with a pale blue blouse. Her shoes have a moderate height to the heel, and they match her blouse. I watch her approach the desk in a graceful, catlike manner. She looks up at me and smiles.

"Hi, I'm here for the receptionist and aide job." She extends her hand. "I'm Alice Brandon."

"Nice to meet you, Alice. I'm Edward Cullen; I'm one of the vets here. My brother, Jasper, and I will be conducting your interview."

Jasper shouts out, "Edward, come quickly. She's giving birth!"

"Please, excuse me, Alice, I need to assist my brother. Make yourself comfortable." I head for the back area, and funny, Alice follows me.

Jasper has 'the mama' in our birthing section. We have an area with easy-to-clean, padded cushions for the comfort of the birthing mother. He leans over the side watching the second pup being born. Mama cleans the first pup ridding it of the placenta. This continues … seven times.

Jasper finally looks up, sees Alice and does a double take. He smiles at her, and she blushes.

"You must be the new hire," he says.

She shyly answers, "I'm Alice."

I think my little brother just fell in love.

"And I wish I was the White Rabbit," he chokes and extends his hand to her, "I'm Jasper Whitlock Cullen, DVM."

With a slight giggle, she shakes his hand. "I'm Alice Brandon CVA, but in one more year, I'll be a DVM."

Yeah, he's in love, I say to myself.

By the fifth pup, our mama needs some help from the exhaustion.

Alice looks at Jasper and me and asks, "Do you mind?" She points to one of the pups.

We shake our heads as she slides on gloves and picks it up. "I see a flea."

Jasper and I examine the ears, and sure enough, there is a flea.

The three of us get to work. Jasper fills one of the smaller sinks with warm water. I place dish soap on a plate while Alice throws off her jacket and gently holds a pup drenching its body until soaked. We drain the sink and lather up the pup. Immediately, another flea runs toward her eyes. Alice picks the flea up and places it in the soap, suffocating it to death. We repeat this process again, rinse the pup clean, dry him off and place him in a newborn bed. Eight times later, all the babies rest together, and we treat mama with the same care.

Once we rid the little family of fleas, we reunite them so mama can feed her brood. Each pup latches on, and they suckle contently.

Jasper, Alice and I watch on with tired smiles.

I glance over at Alice. She will fit in great here. Then, I notice a tear in her blouse with a nasty stain. "Sorry about your blouse, Alice. We can replace that for you."

She scoffs, "Oh, don't be silly."

Jasper praises, "Thank you for your help, you were wonderful."

She shyly smiles, "Oh, you're welcome. I hope it means I got the job."

Jasper and I simultaneously say, "Yes."

We all laugh.

"Welcome to the family, Alice." I give her a hug and wink at Jasper.

He pushes us apart. "My turn." He hugs Alice, and they just seem to glow. "Besides, in a year, we'll need another vet."

"Wow, that's a promised promotion," she giggles.

"I'll put it in writing," Jasper insists.

"When do I start?"

Jasper answers, "I think you already have."

I interject, "Your shift is 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. Will that be a problem?"

She smiles. "No, it's perfect. I have late afternoon classes."

"We have a refrigerator, freezer and microwave if you want to bring food from home. Yet, many times, we do provide meals," I say.

Alice kids, "You provide pizza and burgers?"

"No, actually, Jazz and I cook. We bring in food all the time." I surprise her.

She smiles. "I'm impressed." She looks at Jasper. "What's your favorite dish?"

"I make a barbecued shrimp and grits to die for," he brags.

She giggles, "Then, kill me now, Jasper."

The door swings open and in walks Dad.

Jasper greets, "Hey, Dad, meet our new hire."

Dad furrows his brows, "Lauren?" We nod, as he sighs, "Oh good, so who have we here?"

"Dad, meet Alice Brandon, CVA and on her way to DVM," Jasper spouts proudly. "Alice, this is our father and founder, Carlisle Cullen."

Alice walks to him with her hand outstretched. Dad shakes it, then hugs her. "You're a blessing, Alice."

"Thank you, Dr, Cullen."

"Oh no. No, Dr. Cullen, please, call me Carlisle."

I add, "She already helped with birthing this morning."

Dad glows, "Well, then call me, Dad!"

I mumble, "I think she will be soon enough."

Jasper elbows me.


Dog tired, I laugh at my pun and walk through my front door, hanging my helmet and jacket on the hall tree. I slide out of my boots, roll off my socks, and kick them to the side. I go through my mail, throw it on the dining room table and make my way to my ensuite.

Living alone has its advantages. I can throw things where they land, clean when I want, and walk naked from room to room.

By the time I make it to my bathroom, my clothes fall behind me in a line. I stare in the mirror checking out my stubble and decide I need a shave. I run the water in the shower and wait for it to heat.

My cock aches for attention.

I hate to admit it, but I forgot my last sexual encounter. Time doesn't allow me many intimate moments unless it's with myself. I laugh at that thought. I admit I'm selective. I want the 'right' one. I want a woman who can think for herself, act like a lady and be monogamous.

I don't cheat, so they don't cheat.

Steam floats around me, and I enter the shower still stroking my throbbing cock. Under the hot stream, I lay my palm high on the tile and continue massaging myself, letting the sensation build. Bucking my hips with my movements, I reach my orgasm with my eyes closed and breathe out my contentment.

I smile.

Jazz complains about his shower time. Soon, he'll have company.


A few hours later, I groggily awake to the sound of my cell. Emmett excitedly says to get my ass down to the hospital. We have trouble.


DVM: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

CVA: Certified Veterinary Assistant


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