On his way, a habit of his kicked in as he stopped at the corner store grabbing A monster and a pack of cigarettes, he felt ready to face zim now. When he reached the entrance of zim's lawn, He held up the monster, Knowing the irken loved monsters more than he "loved" his tallest.

"Zim Turn the fucking Gnomes off " he yelled knowing Zim would let him in as soon as he saw the Monster in Dib's hand. The gnomes turned their backs to him, allowing Dib to pass through. Before he even knocked on the door, Zim's sir unit jumped from the threshold of the base and tackled Dib's leg.

"MARRRRRRYYYY!" Gir's insane voice rang. Dib chuckled as he pulled the robot from his leg holding him in his arms.

" Gir, where's Zim, I have something to show him." Gir jumped from his arms and raced down the newly added staircase that looked like the entrance to a basement. Of course Dib followed the insane robot kid, where else would Zim be but in his lab?

"Dib-human." Zim sounded tired as he greeted Dib. Once He found where zim was Dib threw the monster at the Irken knowing he'd catch it.

" You haven't slept have you?" He asked as he sat down next to him. Zim shook his head. Dib sighed, Those damn rulers of his gave him an experiment that wouldn't work. " you're going to kill me but hear me out?" Zim raised an invisible eyebrow at the human next to him. 'Well here goes nothing' Dib thought to himself. " I intercepted a call to your rulers, And-"

" Dib -stink you have just pissed me off…"

" Zim just watch the fucking recording I know you won't listen to me." He handed the disc to Zim before he started up the stairs, only to be stopped by Zim's pak arms blocking his way. " Really Zim. I'm not trying to fight with you right now, You're fucking exhausted because of this bullshit assignment your idiot rulers are making you do, and you want to fight? Use your head you jerk! You're only going to get hurt." Dib yelled as he turned towards Zim, only to see a face full of hurt.

Dib didn't even think, his body moved on it's own. Before he knew it, he tackled Zim into a hug which surprised them both. Zim's body tensed up in Dib's arms, He wasn't used to others touching him but he leaned into dib's embrace and before he knew it, Zim was fast asleep.

Once Dib felt zim relax in his arms, he stole a glance at the irken and was shocked to find that he was passed out on the human. Dib cracked a small smile seeing the alien asleep, It was a calming sight in his opinion. As he carefully picked Zim up, He quietly asked Zim's computer to direct him to Zim's room. Surprisingly, the computer politely lead Dib to the room.

Once in the room, Dib placed zim on the bed and covered him up before walking out of the room. Once again, Dib was left alone with his thoughts.

' What the hell was that you idiot' he thought to himself, Yes he didn't want to keep being enemies with Zim, and by the way Zim had been acting lately either meant he was scared of Dib or He wanted the same thing as Dib. Dib sighed, as he slid down to the floor. He didn't want to go home after that look that the irken gave him, he couldn't get that look out of his head. He bit his lip.

"What the hell is wrong with me ?"