When Dib awoke, he noticed his phone had gone off several times, all were calls from Gaz. Panicked, Dib called her back right away. She answered almost immediately. Something was wrong. He could feel it.

" Gaz what's wrong? What happened? " Dib was worried about Gaz, He really was, She had relapsed a few weeks ago and it scarred him with how little blood bothered her.

" Dad was banging on the door…" her voice was hushed, as Dib's anger flashed in his eyes.

" He still there?" He asked, already reaching for his shoes.

" Tak pointed her gun at him, He threatened her with the cops…"

" Do you need me to come home?" Dib yawned into the phone as he tied his shoes.

" were you sleeping? Tak's calmed me down I was just freaking out that he came back…" Dib listened to his sister's calming sleepy voice.

" Aren't you glad you called her then? And I'm fine Gaz you know I sleep all day if I'm not working." He was glad she was ok but he had to know. " Hey, you didn't-"

" No I went to your room and Tak came in and calmed me down before I went for your razors…" Dib widened his eyes.

" Gaz how did you know I had-"

" I walked in on you when you were in the shower idiot" Dib bit his lip, He forgot about that experience, She had walked in on him while he was in shower a while back, He had self-harm scars, and he was very open about it to her when She asked. But he always kept a small tin in his mother's jewellery box full of sharpener blades.

" Where are you now?" He asked worriedly.

" At Tak's apartment by your high school. I made sure the alarm was set before I left. " she yawned through the phone. Dib smiled, Knowing she forgot her Living dead doll at the house.

" text me the address and I'll drop off some clothes and Annabell alright? You need to go to sleep, I'll be there later ok?"

" Yeah, Night dipweed." she said before she hung up. Dib stretched popping his back in the process. Looking at the clock that read 3:20 am on his phone Dib groaned loudly before the tv blink on, Showing Zim.

" Come down to the Lab Dip-shit. Zim has something he needs to tell you."The tv blinked off, leaving Dib in total darkness. He cursed to himself as he took out his phone yet again, and used what little battery life was left as a flashlight.