The squeal of the bed was melodious to my ears as the next girl came in, this was hopefully the one. She was average height if not a bit small at her height of 5'4" but being of Malaysian decent it is to be expected, to any eye she was gorgeous, with knee length black hair pale skin and red lips, maybe if she were a bit older. Wait, when has that ever stopped me? Ha! As she was wheeled in the thin cloth of the hospital gown peaked as her body reacted to the cold of the sterile room and the fear evident in her eyes. Just after I finish this one, this one was another failure, even if she was almost as beautiful as the next girl, with short-ish blonde hair and a body as curvy if not more so than test subject B1D454R1, the one coming up next to the curtain as I finish pulling the most important part out. As I remove the small red glistening pearl out of the dead one's throat an artery bursts and sprays the white partition curtain with clotted lukewarm liquid, causing the next girl to scream in fear, startled at the sight of the blood leaking down the thin cloth separating her and the last one. Oh, how I love it when they scream! This one's voice is better than the rest thou, interesting, maybe this one won't be a failure like the others. I can't wait as I walk around the curtain stained in the dead one's blood. As one assistant puts a cloth over her mouth covered in the sweet smelling scent of chloroform I tell her like the rest,

"Hello, my dear, I will be your doctor today, Dr. Prince C. King, and you will be a beautiful new addition to my armory, and by how you look, my bedroom as well" I snicker as she falls asleep, terror still in her eyes, Oh how I love it when they scream!