"Rapunzel!" yells Rapunzel's friend. A kid around his age of 18 nicknamed red, for his long red hooded trench coat like the girl in the tale by a similar name.

"I told you a million times call me Rampion at least!" Rapunzel yelled at his friend.

"Well hold it for now 'cause the client is here!" Red told him. And as soon as he hears this Rapunzel's eyes widen in astonishment. There stands his black blur of a girl called Bidasari, the newest client for Rapunzel and his thieving friends, known through the city's dark alleys as the only place to fix one's more ,paranormal, problems. Have it be bring cursed loves back together even if they had been dead for over 40 years, or change a bird back into a girl after she foolishly gets caught sneaking into the local witches house to steal some bread. If the world in the light doesn't know it exists, Rapunzel and his teammates are the ones who make sure it stays that way.(at a reasonable price of course.)

"Weeell, Ello Ello!" Up walks a tall skinny man around the age of 20 in dark green skinny jeans, and dark green tee shirt, dark moccasins, and a dark green barrette. "I see you've meht the new client. Es'cuse My accent miss I come from England, I do. It's a Pleasure, mah men call Me Robin, like the great man Robin 'ood." As he bows low another man walks up behind him.

"Hello signorina, I… am Aladino, but the boys 'ere cawll me Al. If ya can't guess mah code name then imah be pretty delusi you know, disappointed." Says a lean built 18 year old in genie pants, sneakers, and a buttoned vest with an Italian mob handkerchief about his head.

"Now awll me boys ah heya! Milady we are the square table." Dictates Robin with a flourish, only to get a chuckle out of al and red, and a nice big embarrassed cough out of Rapunzel. As Bidasari scans the group, her eyes end on Rapunzel in the back, a tall boy in his late teens the one with golden hair, black army like gear, and a pair of high tech goggles atop his head. The same boy who had stopped her earlier as she made her way to the meeting point the six of them are in now.

"My dear zyevoshka, why so hesitant? Tell the luziev your problems and they will do what they can. Ya bishiotz stibiya, I promise you, this is the right decision." And out from the black shadows behind Bidasari comes a small hunched old raisin of a Russian man. The girl turns to the man and their eyes meet for second, and, as if an entire conversation has gone by in that time the girl nods.

"Khlamushka has told me that you are the best at getting back what has been stolen?" She inquired.

"But of course!" Robin boasted. "What can we do to help a crackin' young lady like you, Hmm?"

"I need your help to get something back stolen from me." Bidasari told them.

"And what is that?" Questioned Robin.

"My life."

zyevoshka- Girl

luziev- Men/ Boys