Death Note:


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Author's note: So I thought I'd try my hand at this series. It's been bouncing around in my head for a while now and I finally decided to start putting it down. I would dearly love to hear what you think of it.

It started with a book.

But it always seems to start with a book. A book can survive the person writing it, passed down through the generations. It can be copied and the ideas within can spread like a virus infecting all who touch it. They can embrace it as truth until it becomes gospel to them. There is another famous book that changed the world that comes to mind.

But the thing to always remember about books is that they can be rewritten. Words can be changed. Paragraphs reordered to mean something completely different. Whole chapters cut out completely or added in. As people's gospels change they can in turn change the books that created them in the first place. If mortals knew what their precious book originally said…well the world would be a far different place than the one there was now.

It stared out at the desolate land holding a book, new pages blank without anything further to write in it. It honestly didn't think it would…could come to this. It didn't think about it at all after It fell. Life and Death would simply continue on as it always has. Or at least it was supposed to. Now there was nothing and somehow It knew it was all Its fault and It needed to fix it somehow.

It stared down at the book in Its hands. It wasn't Its book, this one belonged to another long since gone. It didn't remember that one's name but it wasn't important. The book was what was important. It knew It was once human as they all were once human, and It knew (although It didn't remember) that It once came in contact with this particular book. It opened the book and flipped the pages back until It found the one It was looking for.

With a swift flick It cut Its finger and spilled Its blood into the book. Everything It was and everything It is and all possibilities of Its future were now imbued in that book at that time. When It comes into contact with it as It once was, It will now remember not just that past but this one as well. It was once smart, It will know how to change it.

After all, books can be rewritten.