Chapter 6

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L sat curled up on the sofa next to Watari in a daze. The new Death Note resting against his legs as he watched Light weave a whole new web to ensnare the taskforce with. Light was truly a master manipulator as he wove his threads around the others until they were believing everything he said. It was always like that, right from the beginning he was the only one who believed Light was Kira.

He couldn't believe he was still alive. He had died…he knew he had died. His entire body ached from it. His head, his heart, his lungs all throbbed with the truth of it. He knew it was all Light's doing. Light all but confessed when he had that horrifying emotional breakdown outside. Yet Light had saved him. Had fought to protect him from Rem. He orchestrated his death, then brought him back.




The room went silent at L's sudden question. Startling even himself. He hadn't realized he'd been drifting off during the arguments between Light and the taskforce. They were all staring at him again. L curled further into himself clutching the book closer.

"What was that L?" Light asked, switching his attention immediately to him.

"Why did you bring me back to life? You claimed I was a thorn in your side and I won't stop hunting Kira, so why bring me back?"

It didn't make any sense. Why save an enemy?

Light studied L intensely. It was easy to see now just how inhuman the boy has become. The others were blind to it but to L it was as clear as day. Even as Kira Light was still human, but whatever he was now, Shinigami or not, he was definitely NOT human anymore.

"I saved you because I need you." Light answered.

"You need me." L stated darkly.

L glanced around him. The taskforce members were all staring at them. Aizawa still had his gun drawn, although it was no longer pointed at Light. Mogi's was. Matsuda seemed to be torn between horrified and ecstatic as he glanced between him and Light. Soichiro looked as if he were staring at a ghost. For all L knew he probably was. Watari didn't look good but he was still calm and in control, L supposed that was the best he could hope for his caretaker. Perhaps he should send the older man to the hospital to be checked over.

"I need a counterweight to keep me balanced. Of everyone currently on this planet you're the best person for that job." Light shifted minutely "I haven't been human in a thousand years…haven't been Light in a thousand years. I have the memories of Light from up to this point and until I died, but that was so very long ago. Added to that I am a Shinigami. My value of human life is non-existent."

As always, Light was incredibly good at answering without answering. L was about to call him on it when Light suddenly caught his eyes then glanced around them. It became clear that whatever it was, Light didn't want it to say it to the entire taskforce. L could agree with that. The taskforce lost faith in him and in turn he lost trust in them. They chose to cast him aside in favor of Light's manipulations.

"Raito-kun…" Soichiro started but choked off after Light's name.

"Can you see our timelines?" Matsuda asked.

"Yes" Light answered "but before you ask, I can't tell you how long you have left."

"Why not?" Matsuda sounded genuinely curious.

"It's against the rules."

"So Shinigami have rules." L mumbled.

"Yes, Shinigami have rules. You now know two." Light smirked "I'll give you a third for free. Shinigami do not lie. We can withhold the truth as what Rem did, or write down something like the 13-day rule, but we cannot tell a direct lie to someone. The rest of our rules you'll have to find out yourself."

Matsuda started asking Light question after question, some of which Light even answered. Aizawa and Mogi were both once more settled and occasionally throwing their own questions at the boy. Soichiro simply sat there lost in thought. Already the members of the taskforce were once again falling under Light's spell. They were calming down and accepting the situation far better than L thought they would. It was truly amazing watching Light influence the team, now that he was no longer fighting against it for his life he could almost sit back and enjoy the show.


There was still the matter of Misa and another Shinigami out there killing, and who knows how many more out there. How many more times would he have to face a Death God. Would Light defend his girlfriend and try to protect her from the consequences of her action?

"Misa-Misa is the second Kira. She still needs to be stopped." L stated, baiting Light.

"I texted her to stop killing when I went out to collect you." Light told him "Next time she comes here I'll make her forget again. She'll do it if I tell her to. As long as she never comes into contact with a Death Note again she won't be a threat. I'll leave it up to you if you want to prosecute her."

"Is Misa-Misa also a Shinigami?" Matsuda asked.

"She's human."

"You're very cold towards your girlfriend Light-kun." L said.

"She's not my girlfriend." Light said coldly "She was a nuisance at first but I had to protect her or Rem would have killed me. Later she became a useful acolyte as Kira took over the world. But I never had any feelings for her."

"You used her." Soichiro stated harshly.

"She wanted to be used. She begged me over and over to use her any way I wished." Light said coldly. The darkness…the monster that Light became was showing through the mask before it faded back. "Regardless, she'll be here in the morning and I'll take her memory from her then."

"How?" L asked.

"It's simple really, she just has to relinquish her right to her Death Note." Light pointed to the book L still clutched in his lap. "Once a human touches a Death Note, it becomes theirs. When they release it, all memories attached are released as well."

L touched the book, caressing the leather cover "Is this mine?"

"Until you choose to give it up, it will be yours." Light stated "And I along with it."

It was logical. How Misa suddenly changed personalities while under interrogation. Why Light suddenly changed into someone L wanted to call a friend. They just forgot. It was so simple, so easy. They were able to hide their secrets by simply forgetting them.

"Light you say you belong to Ryuuzaki? Can you please explain?" Watari asked. It was the first time Watari spoke directly to Light since…well since they died.

"Shinigami and their Death Notes are connected." Light said reluctantly "Before you ask how you should know I don't fully understand how it works exactly myself as no Shinigami knows how the Notes are made, but we all feel the pull of our books. When a human uses a Death Note, they are using the Shinigami connected to it to kill."

"Interesting." L murmured tiredly. His earlier embarrassing breakdown combined with the strain of dying and coming back to life have exhausted him. The constant stress over the last few days he'd spent trying to find a way out of Light's trap hadn't helped either. Everyone else around them were equally tired. He was also worried about Watari.

"I'm afraid you're going to be stuck with me until you do decide to forget. Shinigami stay with their books…or the owners of them. I won't be going far from your side for as long as it's yours." Light said with a sad smile.

That smile intrigued him. What else was Kira hiding from them? What secrets had he learned over his lifetime that he now kept hidden? Did he even dare believe him? He wanted to. Even though he'd shown no proof that he was what he said he was, he still wanted to believe.

This must be the power of Kira…no the power of Light. No other Kira had so much control over him. But Light played the game far better than he imagined. Now that it appeared Light was no longer interested in killing him, he was quite looking forward to continuing their game.

Matsuda suddenly yawned starting a chain reaction that ran through the taskforce. It was late into the night and even L was feeling the pull of sleep. He didn't want to sleep, he feared the nightmares of this day would haunt him far more than Beyond Birthday ever could, but he doubted his body would cooperate with him for too much longer.

"It has been a very long day and it's well into night now. Nothing more is going to be resolved tonight and if Light-kun is telling the truth, he won't be going anywhere while I have this." L said.

"I have nowhere else I want to be." Light returned.

"So let's adjourn for the night and pick this up in the morning when Misa comes." L finished.

"So we're just letting Raito-kun go free?" Mogi almost shouted.

"You can always handcuff me to L again if it'll make you feel safer." Light said with a shrug.

After a quick debate, it was decided to not use the handcuffs again. Everyone started slowly gathering their things and leave the control room. Soichiro paused for a long time just staring at the blank monitors with his coat in hand. Light was watching his father closely and L could only speculate what was going through his head.

"Soichiro-san?" L inquired.

Soichiro just stood there for a moment longer then headed straight for the door. He paused at the entrance the others had already gone through and sighed.

"I just can't believe my son is a monster." Was all he said, then left.

L turned back to Light expecting to see some form of reaction but Light's face was completely blank. He turned to face L again and shrugged.

"It was expected."

"I should send Watari to the hospital." L whispered as they too gathered their things to head to the room they will once more be sharing.

"Do as you wish but his timeline is stable, he is in no immediate danger from today's events." Light told him.

"I thought you weren't going to reveal anything about our timelines." L said.

"Did I tell you how long he had left?" Light asked.

L didn't answer him as they settled into their room once again. Light immediately picked one of the cozy armchairs next to the bed. He was grateful he didn't have to worry about the older man if Light could be trusted. The surprising thing was that somehow L did trust him. He looked down at the book clenched firmly in his hands as he settled onto the mattress. He hadn't let it go once since Light dropped it in his lap. He didn't want to let it go…interesting.

"What will you do now?" L asked. Now that they were alone maybe the boy will give him something he wasn't willing to in front of the others. Light sat in their room in deep thought.

"I'm not entirely sure, there are too many variables to plan too far into the future. Removing Misa as Kira should be easy and if you don't prosecute her immediately I could probably use her to help disband some of the Kira following, otherwise use her as a scapegoat to disillusion some of the followers. Either way it's about the same result. Ryuk may or may not be a problem. I can never tell with that one. Beyond that…I just don't know." Light finally answered after sitting still for several moments.

"What about your family?" L asked.

"My family died a thousand years ago." Light said coldly "Just because I look human, don't mistake me for one."

For the first time since this new drama started he didn't look the least bit human…not at all.

For the first time since this new drama started L wasn't the least bit scared of him.