Toddler Beds And Broken Leg

Mr. Davenport was sitting on his bed reading a book when he heard a loud crash followed by blood curdling screaming and crying. He instantly knew it was Chase. He jumped out of bed and ran to Spike and Chase's room.

Spike was standing on his bed looking down at Chase who was curled up on the floor clucking his left leg. "What happened"? "We're jumping on the beds and he fell and hit his leg", Spike answered.

Mr. Davenport sighed as he knelt down beside Chase. He was worried something like this would happen when he switched them for cribs to race car toddler beds. He really thought Spike would be the first to get hurt. He told Spike to lay down and go to sleep. He gently picked up Chase and carefully took him down to the lab. He scanned Chase's leg and found it was broken in two different places and he would have to be in a full leg cast.

He gave Chase some pain medicine that would make him sleepy. He carefully put pins and needles in Chase's leg and then wrapped it up in a light blue cast. He gently picked up Chase and brought him back to his room. He layed him down in bed and carefully laid down next to him. Tomorrow he would have to get some bed guardrails for the twins.