Chapter 5 Recovery

The next day Stella and Mandy got a call from Bree. The boys had been given another lower dose of pain medication around 10 to help them sleep through the night. Spike had taken well to it and was now aware of what was happening and would be coming home later that day. Chase however didn't take so will to the lower dose.

He had woken up in pain around 2 in the morning and was throwing up. The doctor had checked on him and found out that he also had a fever. Because of this he was going to be staying over night again. And would be back on the stronger dose.

A police officer had came and told them that they had found out the driver of the other car had been drunk and would in jail for the next 180 days and would get his license suspended from 6 months after he got out.

They decided that Stella, Bree and Douglas would stay with Chase while everyone else would help that Spike home. The doctor gave them some of the pain medicine to ease the pain and help him sleep.

Donald had set up one of the bedrooms upstairs with special beds that would work the their capsule so they won't glitch while they were recovering.

Once they got Spike in bed Adam and Leo volunteered to stay home to keep an eye on with him while Donald and Tasha would go back to the hospital to be with Chase.

Mandy had gone home and would come over the Davenports house a few days later so the boys could have some time to recover.

Obviously they wouldn't be able to go on missions for a while until they fully recovered. Leo would be filling in for them. They weren't to trilled about it, but there wasn't much they could do about it.

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