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Chapter 1

The Phantom dropped out of hyperspace, revealing in front of it the principal planet of the Illenyum System. It was a forest-like planet with an asteroid field around it. Although the crew had been recently in Kalee, a planet with large forests, it wasn´t the enviroment they were used to operate in. And for Ezra, who was medicaly interned back on the Kaleesh species planet, it was something unknown for him.

''Look how much green there. It´s fantastic! How can there be so much of it?'' Ezra asked, staring through the cabine the large world.

''The galaxy is a big place. There´s always some art unique to each planet.'' Sabine replied.

Ezra turned to her, giving a small grin to the Mandalorian. He thought it was cool, that Hera had assigned Sabine to go with him on this mission. But there was something that couldn´t get out of his head. A question.

'Why did Sabine kissed me back on the rebel base?' Of course, receiving a kiss from Sabine was great, no doubts. But why did she did that? Afterall, Sabine never showed signs of wanting a relationship, specially with Ezra. That´s why he´d gave up on the flirtings. However all he remembered was waking up with Sabine´s lips on his own lips. He did not know. Maybe she was just concerned about him, like too concerned.

But there was this thing Elith had whispered on his ear back on Kalee, before he colapsed do to the imperial implant he had on his back.

''Take care of Sabine'' She´d said to him. Why? What did that mean? Ezra stayed confused while thinking about both the kiss and Elith´s words.

The Phantom passed the asteroid field, then entered Illenyum´s atmosphere. Soon, it had landed on an isolated location on the planet, to avoid been tracked by the imperial sensors on the world.

''Alright Chop, everything is out.'' Ezra said, pulling out the last supplie bag from the small ship. He made a sign to the astromech. Then the droid took off with the Phantom out of the planet. But he wasn´t going to leave the system, because if Ezra and Sabine needed any type of extraction he´d be near to help them.

The two young members then stood looking at the vast forest in front of them.

''It´s gonna take a long time.'' Ezra said, rooling his eyes.

''More time, more fun.'' Sabine responded, winking at him.

The padawan smiled. Then the two entered the forest. Up until now all they knew is that they needed to find the imperial base located in the planet, and this base was inside a temple. However there were, acording to Commander Sato, innumerous temples on the world.

''So'' Sabine started ''Do you think the first temple will be like what? Some kind of ancient piramid or what?''

''If it´s a Jedi Temple, I can assure you it really won´t look like a piramid. So let´s expect for anything.'' Ezra answered.

''Do you think it´s a Jedi one? Now that would be interesting!'' Sabine said, smiling.


''Because I´ve never been on one.''

''Hey, if it happens of Lothal getting free from that imperial blockade, I´ll take you to the one there.''

''Is it a promisse?'' Sabine asked, with excitement on her eyes. Ezra thought it was because she´d want to see the art inside of it. Little did he know that it was because she just wanted to stay with him, and in a Jedi Temple, it would be not only unforgetable, but incredible.

''Yes, it is.'' Ezra answered winking at her. She winked back, and both continued to walk through the trees.

After about half an hour, they´d found nothing more than woods and plants.

''C´mon! If there are innumerous temples here, why can´t we see any of them?'' Ezra yelled.

''You´re only using your sight to look for it, Ezra. Try to use your others senses'' Sabine said.

''Yeah, like we´re going to fall into one right now.'' Ezra joked. Sabine gave a small grin.

But when Ezra gave his next step, both he and Sabine heard a cracked noise. They looked at their feet, and saw a lot of cracks.

''I have a bad feeling about this.'' Sabine said. Then they fell.

Luckily, both of them were able to hold on the board of the forest´s floor. There was a large hole at the area right now. It was ate least five meters depth.

''Sabine! Are you okay?'' Ezra asked, trying to each her.

''I´m fine!'' She answered ''Just hopping for...''

But then the board where she was holding on cracked.

''Uh-oh'' She said, before falling again.

''NO!'' Ezra screamed. Then he made an impressive manuver. He turned in mid-air, and grabbed Sabine´s hand. His feet were holding him to the forest´s floor now. He was upside-down.

''Wow, that was impressive. Thanks.'' Sabine said.

''No worry, I´ve got you.'' Said Ezra, with an uncomfortable smile because of the position he was right now.

''So, how do we get out of this?'' Sabine asked.

''I´ve a plan. I´ll drop you, and leave you safely to this cave´s floor with Force. Then I´ll try to manage getting out of here.'' Ezra responded.

''Wouldn´t it be smarter if you leave me out of the cave, then I´ll help you?'' Sabine implied, holding Ezra´s hand more tight, to avoid falling.

''We don´t know what´s inside here, it might be a temple, or maybe a secret passage to the imperial base itself. And besides, here the ground is entirely cracked. It would be dangerous for both of us.'' He replied.

''Okay then. On three.'' Sabine adviced. Ezra winked back, with his hole face red do to the pressure of the blood in his head.




Ezra dropped Sabine, but instantly grabbed her with the Force. Then he managed to leave her carefully on the cave´s floor. Sabine felt like she was flying, or something like that. When done with Sabine, Ezra screamed :

''Okay, now it´s me! Wait a...''

But then there was a huge cracking like sound. It came from the floor Ezra was holding on with his feet. Before he could realize, he´d already fallen.

He was able to turn himself in mid-air. However, when he landed, he hit his left knee into the ground.

''EZRA!'' Sabine screamed, worried about the padawan´s condition.

''I´m okay!'' He replied, with a painfull voice ''Dammit, right the one where I´ve got a shot!''

''Can you walk?'' Sabine asked, looking at his knee.''

''Perhaps, let me see.'' Ezra responded. He got up, limped a bit, but then was able to stand up and walk.

''Now, which secrets does this cave hides?'' He said, igniting his lightsaber to light the way for him and Sabine. ''C´mon, it´ll be fun!''

Sabine started to follow Ezra. She was still staring at his left knee. She didn´t wanted Ezra to get hurt even more. Not only would it compromise the mission, but she wanted him safe and sound alongside her. She wanted to talk to him while he was awake and not injured. She wanted him with her. It was only a matter of time for Sabine to decide revealing her feelings to the young Padawan.

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