So hey guys, it´s me again. Having fun?

So, just as I did for 'Trouble', I´m going to be posting here all the references, facts and stuff from 'Search' here. Then, when the final part of the 'Trouble trilogy' is out, I´m gonna do the same on it.

Before I start, I wanted to say thanks to DarthBubbles, do to her recommendations for me to improve my grammar and writing. And that exactly what I´m gonna do before I publish my new story. So girl, thank you!

So, here are all references, and blablablablabla... You already know it, from 'Search'. Enjoy it! (Remember to review, as always ;D)

Chapter 1

Sabine is very curious about visiting a Jedi Temple. Because Mandalorians are supposed to hate Jedi, Sabine doesn´t know a lot about them. Visiting one of their temples would help her to understand a bit more Ezra´s and Kanan´s tactics, and would also show her new types of art. You can expect something relative to that in the future.

Sabine is constantly worried about Ezra. He´d just recovered himself from his torture from the Inquisitor during that time. It is nice to show their relationship from another angle besides romance.

Chapter 2 :

Ezra is shown to be connecting with a giant lizard throw the Force. That lizard you read about is similar to a Varactyl (in case you don´t know, it´s the species which Obi-Wan uses as his mount on Utapau to track down and chase General Grievous. And yes, there will be many references to the droid general in my stories), but it´s smaller. And also, the ones in D´Qar are more connected to the Force than his cousins on Utapau. However, this isn´t Canon, and just something I´ve stated here. There are no Canon proves that Varactyls exist on D´Qar or that they are connected to the Force. Just speculation of mine ;-;

''Why you Mandalorians always want to deal with everything in violence?'' Ezra´s line is well, in my point of view, true, do to the Mandalorians having this warrior culture. And because Sabine is Clan Wren, House Vizla, it´s kind of obvious she´d have this aspect stronger on her.

Ezra shows his ability to connect with living beings once again. I hope they show this to us on Season Three, otherwise I´ll be very disappointed. I just put it here because I find it interesting and well, it´s one of Ezra´s unic traits, compared to other Jedi.

The Temple on D´Qar : Yes, it´s a Sith one, but I warn you. There are no Canon proves that there is a Sith Temple on D´Qar. It´s just that I thought it would be more interesting to show that not only the Jedi had Temples everywhere.

Ezra and Sabine cuddling. It´s something I really wish they do in the series xD

Chapter 3 :

It appears it is not, but the part where Ezra and Sabine try to get in the temple, and Ezra just opens an entry with his lightsaber while Sabine is trying to figure out how to enter the place, is actually a reference to Jurassic Park III´s scene where Mr. Kirby is trying to buy a snack on the old machine and Billy simply kicks it´s glass and grabs all the snacks. I don´t know why, but I was with that scene in my head during that day and I decided to put it here, kind of disguised :p

The helmet on the Sith Temple. It´s design is actually very similar to Kylo Ren´s helmet. And actually I have a fanfic based on how Kylo got his helmet, and it will have connection to the 'Trouble trilogy'. Here I decided to make it a relic from the time of The Old Republic, and well, I believe it was a nice throwback, hehe. And yes, the whole temple was dedicated to that helmet, the contrary of what Ezra and Sabine thought.

When Ezra touches the helmet, he receives a series of visions from the past and the future. I based that part a lot on Rey´s vision on The Force Awakens and Anakin´s vision during the Mortis Ark of The Clone Wars. The first vision Ezra receives is actually Kylo´s unstable crossguard lightsaber, to show him the instability of the Dark Side. Then, the next vision are the Hammehead cruisers attacking space station, with a Sith Warrior wearing that same helmet while dueling a Jedi Knight. Total reference to KOTOR. The following vision is during the assault of the First Order on Jakku on the begining of The Force Awakens, but Ezra is replaicing Lor San Tekka in the vision, that is why Kylo strikes his lightsaber on him, although he doesn´t kill Ezra. Then he sees the snow fight between Rey and Kylo, followed by Kylo talking with Vader´s burned mask. That vision is to show the young Padawan that as the past, the future will be clouded with the darkness and it´s ruthlessness, but that you can defeat it, and there will always be a new hope.

Chapter 4 :

When the Lambda shuttle arrives, Ezra can feel the cold within it. This is to show that his ability to sense certain individuals is growing.

The Inquisitor from 'Trouble' returns in this chapter. I felt like I hadn´t explored enough of his character there, so this story would be perfect to deep into his personality and traits. Also, originally he´s in D'Qar on a personal mission sent to him by Palpatine himself, although that, as we know, he stays a bit longer to have a chance to kill Ezra. Why is he recovering the Sith Helmet to the Emperor? Easy : to make Sidious´s connection to the Dark Side stronger.

''Now, get out of my way, or you shall say goodbye to your precious neck!'' Yes, his typical line is back.

Gary is in this chapter, and if you didn´t notice, it´s a reference to the best stormtrooper from Robot Chicken.

As Sabine demonstrates to the officer there, you should never mess with a Mandalorian ;)

The mining facility on D´Qar is actually mining Kyber Crystals, and you know very well for what that´s for : power the Death Star´s laser. It´s also because of that why the entire facility colapsed when Sabine activated her explosives, otherwise they would not be able to destroy it.

Chapter 5 :

This Inquisitor is more powerfull than the previous ones in various aspects. First, by Force-pulling the information out of the mind of a person, Force-torture and, as demonstrated in this chapter, by sensing other Force-users signatures from far distances.

Also, never fail this Inquisitor. Otherwise say goodbye to your neck, or throat, as shown with the imperial officer in this chapter.

The Inquisitor used the helicopter tactic to overwhelm Ezra. Personally I hatted those helicopter sabers from the Season two finale, but hey, I guess all Inquisitors were trained in that tactic, so that´s why I included it.

Ezra and Sabine get nicknames, something which I at least had with my last girlfiend, so yep :p guess it´s common


ALRIGHT! I´m weird ;-;

They cuddle once again. Sweet, hehe :D

Chapter 6 :

Ezra and Sabine kiss once again. Although Ezra is sleeping when that happens, but it´s still a kiss.

Ezra felt the Dark Side even stronger and more painfully during that night. That what he felt was actually the Inquisitor being found wounded in the forest, brought back to the Imperial Base, then receiving his mechanical lungs and chestplate, so that he could live. And that was painfull for the Darksider, and made his hate grow stronger towards the Jedi and the Mandalorian.

'CC- 0991' This stormtrooper´s number is actually, my flat´s number xD

Ezra taking down the AT-AT is supposed to look similar to how Kanan did so in the episode ''A Princess on Lothal''.

The Inquisitor´s chesptplate is almost identical to General Grievous´s one. Like I said earlier, lot´s of Grievous´s references.

Chapter 7 :

The Outpost exploded automatically. That´s why it didn´t explode last chapter, but in this one it was destroyed.

The trooper dying in Ezra´s hands is supposed to mirror the scene of FN-2003 dying in Finn´s hands on The Force Awakens. So that Ezra could reflect about his actions and get calm, not allowing the Dark Side to be dominant.

Yoda returns in this chapter to help Ezra to control his feelings. However, he appears to him just as a voice, with no physical traits present anywhere near the Padawan. I like that Yoda can comunicate with other jedi from other corners of the galaxy, and I wanted to explore this here.

''You´ve wounded me. I give full marks for that. But, like the man said : What doesn´t kill me... Just makes me stronger.'' The Inquisitor´s line is a direct reference to Ultron´s line during his Meteor speech on Avengers : Age of Ultron. He has so many epic lines, and I wanted those incorporated in the Inquisitor.

Chapter 8 :

Gary and the stormtrooper which Ezra and Sabine put unconscious on chapter 4 get back, only to be blown off by Chopper aboard the Phantom. Curse you, Chopper. You just killed Gary from Robot Chicken.

Rex and AP-5 enter the story. I thought Rex woud be a nice addition to the plot, while AP-5 I simply wanted him there, because well, why not?

*cof* *cof*

Okay! It´s because I liked his character. I might be one of the few :/

Ezra declares his love for Sabine. If it wasn´t that probe droid from the next chapter, that romance could have happended a bit sooner :p

The title of the chapter, 'It´s true', is not only a reference to Ezra´s realization that he loves Sabine, but for Han Solo´s line in The Force Awakens to Finn and Rey, because well, I loved it xD

Chapter 9 :

Sabine is seeing things misted over in the start of the chapter. Actually, she´s dreaming about previous fights against the Empire, not the future.

''I wasn´t sure you´d wake up. I hoped you would.'' Another reference to Ultron delivered by the Inquisitor.

The Inquisitor shows that he recovered the Sith Helmet. Now you ask me : what happened to it in the end? Easy, the Inquisitor sent it to the StarDestroyer on D´Qar´s orbit, which put it on a Lambda shuttle and transported it to one of the Emperor´s ships. In case you were wondering ;)

The Inquisitor strikes fear on those who he wants to pick the information from. As you can see here, he does this on Sabine to know Elith´s whereabouts, because his primary mission was, in fact, find her and anyone which had knowledge of those informations, then eliminate them.

''Do you see? [...] It´s the inevitability. You rise only to fall.'' Again, a reference to Ultron from Age of Ultron.

Sabine gives a nickname to the Inquisitor, 'Knifehead', do to his mask being similar to a knife. If you ever saw Pacific Rim, you know about the first Kaiju Gipsy Danger fights in the movie has a blade like nose, and the Inquisitor´s nickname is actually a reference to this Kaiju´s name.

Again, damn that stupid probe droid!

Chapter 10 :

We get introduced to Kirk, a proud and inteligent rebel soldier. His name is a reference to Captain Kirk, from Star Trek.

The U-Wing is mentioned here. If you don´t know which ship is this one, wait untill Rogue One is released.

You can see that the Force has become sort of a unknown and legends thing in this time, with not even all the Rebellion soldiers knowing it. Kirk, for example, didn´t believe in the Force, not untill Ezra had shown it to him.

'That would be his last stand...' The final frase of the chapter is a reference to Megatron´s words in Transformers Prime, shortly before his demise in Bumblebee´s hands.

Chapter 11 :

Here we get introduced to D'Qar's Imperial Base Director, but he´s not Krennic, from Rogue One. I believe there were like at least more than 10 directors in the imperial fleet, because, well, only one in the whole galaxy? No way. However D´Qar´s Director doesn´t posses any Death Trooper under his command. I made it because I believe the Death Troopers were something unic in the imperial army, having only Krennic under his command. Perhaps they were special units used to protect the Death Star plans. We need to wait untill December to find out.

And Chopper is clumsy and stubborn as always, stealing an AT-DP and firing it against the communications tower. At least he did something good though :p

Chapter 12 :

Sabine´s cell in the Imperial Base has the number 2199. This is a clear reference to stormtrooper FN-2199, aka TR-8R (TRAITOR!), from The Force Awakens.

How was AP-5 able to connect to the Base´s computers if he was no astromech droid? Simple my friends : a flash drive. Easy busy.

The Inquisitor's blade almost stabbing AP-5 through the door was a reference to the rebels first encounter with the Grand Inquisitor, where a similar situation happened with Zeb.

The part with the monster in the trash was a clear reference to A New Hope's scene where Luke gets in the same situation. However, here the monster swallows Ezra, reveal itself and get killed from the inside. Kind of like that scene with the giant roach in Men In Black.

Sabine´s torture session is similar to the ones we´ve seen in The Clone Wars, but intead of a Magna Guard torturing the prisioner, it was a probe droid who was electrecuting Sabine. Fortunately he´s destroyed.

Kirk dies. (Nooooooo)

''You´re a monster!''

''We´re not done yet!'' Clear reference to the snow fight in The Force Awakens. Damn, I love that duel xD

Chapter 13 :

AP-5 complaining about his chances of survival are a clear reference to C-3PO.

''Roger roger'' Yes, Battle Droids reference. Those guys were fun for me, sometimes. Hehe. He... Moving on!

''What have you to gain?[...]''

''The future... The future where there are no Jedi![...]'' This dialog is a reference to Obi-Wan and Grievous´s fight in 'Grievous Intrigue', from TCW.

Sabine pays an homenage to Kirk. He deserved it. #weallcryforkirk

The final duel between Knifehead and Ezra, imagine it as a mix between Ep.I fight and final fight. Not as climatic as those, but still really tense.

''You can not stop me while the Dark Side flows through my vains and soul! I am invincib-GRAH!'' The Inquisitor´s phrase here is a reference to Transformers Prime, when Starscream injects himself with Dark Energon, but in the end, despite the power, his arrogance prompt his wits, as always. The same happened with the Inquisitor here.

''You´ll pay for your INSOLENCE!'' Reference to one of Maul´s phrase´s in TCW .

Knifehead approaching Sabine while she shots him is similar to TFA scene when Kylo does the same with Rey.

''It is useless to resist.'' Reference to Vader. Yey!

The scene where Ezra holds the Inquisitor on the roof is similar to the scene where Kanan does the same with the Grand Inquisitor.

''One shall rise, and one shall fall.'' Another reference to Transformers Prime.

''Surrender while you can!''

''NEVER!'' Another reference to the 'Grievous Intrigue' episode.

The part where Ezra opens the Inquisitor´s chestplate is almost identical to the scene in where Obi-Wan opens Grievous's chestplate. Damn, Jedis really hate cyborgs dude.

''That was dramatic.'' Another Age of Ultron reference!

At this time I believe the Empire would be searching for Kyber Crystals all over the galaxy, that´s why the StarDestroyer was carrying one in it´s cargo bay, being it one of the motive´s of the Director´s failure on attacking the rebels.

Ezra and Sabine declare their love for one another. GAH! AWESOME!

But then the Inquisitor intervenes. F*** you, Knifehead, just go f*** yourself already.

Chapter 14 :

''Get off!'' It seems not, and you might think : 'okay, the author is crazy. I´m out.', but this phrase is a reference to Ant-Man in Civil War, when Spider-Man is climbing up his helmet.

''Wretch'' it´s a reference to how Starscream reffers to Airachnid on TFP.

''Prepare to perish!'' Reference to Predaking in TFP. By the way, yes, I´ve seen TFP. I liked the series though. Not as cool as TCW or Rebels, but still I liked it, despite being a kids show.

The Inquisitor's death is identical to Grievous's. Like I said earlier, I like Grievous, and expect a lot of references towards him.

Ezra and Sabine kiss. ALELUIA! FINALLY!

''Hang on to something.'' A reference to The Lost World´s scene where the trailer is almost falling of the cliff.

We see how cold-blooded the Director can be. Although I didn´t explore him a lot, I believe he served very well as a substitute for the Inquisitor after his death. He´s brutal, impatient and arrogant. I liked developing his character.

Elith is back, despite it being for two brief moments. After the Inquisitor, I believe she was my most succesfull OC. Tell who do you think it was : Knifehead, Elith, Kirk, the Director or someone else? Let me know!

The space battle. I wanted it to be kind of different and exciting. I don´t know if it worked, but I hope so. And, as we see TIE interceptors in the S3 trailer, I added they here too.

The part of the ventral cannons is a reference to The Force Awakens, when Finn and Poe escape on the TIE fighter. I really enjoyed that scene, the music, the acting, all but amazing.

If it wasn´t for the Kyber Crystal, the StarDestroyer wouldn´t be destroyed so fast, and perhaps the Kalee base would be anihilated. So, tecnically, the Death Star destroyed one of it´s warships. Good work, Empire!

Thrawn makes a quick apearence here, simply to tell the Director that he´s doomed because of his failure. Despite being a fast appearence, I really wanted to include Thrawn in this story, but I waited untill he became canon. How did I know it? Well, it´s a story for me to tell later.

Now, how did Thrawn know about the assault on Kalee if the Director didn´t inform any fleet about the attack? It´s easy, he´s Thrawn.

Bail Organa and the Tantive IV make a small apearence too. And Elith is now working alongside the Senator. We´ll see how her future will go with that.

''Yeah, like that base is gonna be used 40 years from now.'' Little does Zeb know that D'Qar´s base will simply serve the Resistence during the conflict against the First Order I a near by future.

How did Sabine get healed from her injuries so quickly? Well, let´s say I skip some time on Kalee, where she recovered herself. Hope I was able to explain.

Now what will happen when Kanan finds out about the relationship between his apprentice and a certain Mandalorian? Who knows!

And in the end, Ezra and Sabine kiss and enter her room, to wait for the next mission. And NO, I WON´T WRITE A LEMMON ABOUT THE AFTERWARDS OF THIS SCENE. But, if you want to, Private Message me. Then I´ll see if I´ll give you authorization to do so.

And that how it ends. Thank you for reading 'Search' folks, I really hope you enjoyed the overall story. Now I need to catch some Pokemons before my basketball training begins. And hey, go watch the new Rogue One trailer, now!

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May the Force be with you.