Out of Time

Chapter 1

A.N: Sorry for the long waits. I am juggling school, band, and another fanfic.

Silence. Then a brief flash. Unbeknownst to whoever was there at that place and time conveniently, this was the Republic fleet. It comprised about 20 Venator-Class Cruisers, 10 Acclamator-Class landing cruisers, and 15 Arquitrens-Class escorts. They were headed to Coruscant to head off Grievous after getting intel that he was planning an attack on Coruscant. Little did they know what would happen.

"General Skywalker, we've reached an area of space that several ships have disappeared from. I suggest we be cautious and slow to sub-light," Admiral Yularen said.

"Well, according to intel, Grievous plans to attack in the next few hours, so we're not stopping."

"Very well, General." Yularen sighed. He was used to Skywalker's plans, most of them reckless. Well, they worked. Sometimes.

Slowly, the Yamamoto slipped through the night. This was one of the newest ships in the fleet. A large warship, it was decided that Starfleet would send it on a shakedown cruise, then send it to patrol the border. Currently, it was exploring the Cochrane Anomaly, under the command of Captain Morgan Bateson. This was his first command, and he was ecstatic that he would command such a new and important ship as this.

"Captain, scans are showing sector C-3 of the Anomaly shows no planets or ships. But we did find some fluidic space eddies," the Vulcan science officer, T'Mar, explained.

"Interesting," Bateson replied. He was excited, yes, but he was starting to get a little bored. He felt like he wanted a little adventure in his career.

"General, there's a wormhole right ahead of us," Yularen said, worried.

"It's not too big, is it?" Skywalker said, unfazed.

"It's big enough to swallow the entire fleet."

"SIR! We've lost power. We hit an anomaly!" One of the clones said.

"Sir! We're being pulled into the wormhole!" Another said.

"Brace for turbulence!" Skywalker yelled.

"What did we get into this time?" Kenobi said, half sarcastically.

The wormhole then consumed the first cruiser, powerless to stop it.

Then the rest.

Thrown into the unknown, Anakin Skywalker hoped that he didn't just seal their fates.

"Sir, several large ships are exiting the wormhole," T'Mar said.

"Go to Yellow Alert."

"Helm, place ship under yellow alert."

"Yellow Alert set, Sir."

"Sir, ships coming out of the wormhole!" the helmsman said, a little louder than the situation allowed.

Captain Bateson quieted the helmsman, then turned to look at the view screen, a mix of anticipation and dread showing on his face.

It was dark. Really dark. Skywalker didn't know why, but there was a hand shaking his shoulder. He felt slightly annoyed, then got up.

"Anakin!" Kenobi said.

"UGH! I'm up!" Anakin groggily said.

"Well, on one hand, we all didn't die a horrible, painful death in your hands. On the other, we're lost." Kenobi said, summing up the situation in about 20 words.

"So what now?"

"Well, there's a ship sitting outside, and it's been scanning us for the last 15 minutes."

"What?! Should we destroy it?"

"Calm down," Obi Wan said to pacify his former padawan. "It hasn't done anything hostile, just sat there."

"Well then, why don't we try to communicate with them?"

"I was just thinking that myself."

"Sir, we're receiving a hail from one of the unknown ships. It's requesting to talk with us. They will allow us onboard their ship, to discuss what happened."

"Alright, tell them that we'll be beaming over to a specified location soon."

"Yes, Sir. transmitting message."