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Celestia watched in waning amusement as Twilight un-successfully tried to catch Discord, who was running in circles around the assembled group.

"Twilight, do calm down, we still have many things to discus, such as the nature of this loop." Twilight slowly stopped, still shooting daggers at Discord, and carefully stepped her way over to her original spot.

"Thank you. Now I think it is best we start at the beginning. And, Discord?" Said being looked up at Celestia.

"Don't anger her this time. This is a serious matter." Discord rolled his eyes, but nodded. He took a dramatic breath of air, before starting.

"A long, long, long, long, LONG, time ago, it was just me and this one guy, lets call him... Dave. Dave got bored, which was an insult considering I was there, and he decided to have a little fun. It just so happens, that being one of the two first beings in existence DOES NOT grant you infinite wisdom." One of the Alicorns muttered something, and Discord paused slightly to look at them.

"In his un-justified boredom, Dave created the group of ponies you now see around you, and a few other species popped up, but those don't really come into play here. A shame too, some of them were rather fun. Anyways, our big and mighty being messed up somewhere, and instead of making a grand paradise, he made three separate planes of existence. The physical world, which you so kindly reset for me, the semi-paradise/semi-limbo, which we are currently in, and the void. Now, we, being the ponies present and myself, soon found out that the physical world would reset. Update and restart it's system if you will, and we are sent here until we are needed.

So basically, we are here until nature wants us to fix something it can't. The only catch is, this place only applies to Alicorns, and those very close to them. Each Alicorn gets their own little slice of paradise to relax in before the cycle begins all over again. And lastly, no matter what happens, the world will reset. Usually the only thing that comes out of trying to stop it is instead the world being reset early. Questions will be accepted at this time." Discord stopped, and everyone looked at Twilight expectantly. Her eye twitched.

"Oh dear, I think you broke the poor thing." One of the Alicorns spoke softly. However, the sound of her voice had an astounding effect on Twilight.

"WHAT!? Chrysalis is a Alicorn? No, wait, how? Wh- bu- you killed almost everyone here! How are you- i-... Ugh, you know what. I am done. By all rights I should be trying to murder you, but something is holding me back." Another Alicorn spoke up.

"That would be the semi-paradise part of this place. No intentional harm, except pranking, that is allowed." Twilight spun to face him.

"SOMBRA? Oh, this just can't be happening, nope, I am just unconscious, or sleeping. PLEASE tell me this isn't real..." Twilight rubbed her head with her hooves, trying to make a building headache go away.

"Sorry, to late for that. You literally ended the world, so you are stuck in this eternity with us."

"YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! Tirek? But you all are supposed to be horrible, evil, tyrannical villains! I don't understand this at all..."

"Well, I for one don't want to have to hear Discord give his presentation again, so please get used to it." Twilight glared at the last new Alicorn.

"And who the heck are you?" She asked harshly. In her rage, she didn't recognize his voice.

"Oh, I am Donut Joe, you don't remember me?"

A/N#2: Short, sweet, and to the point. The level of seriousness and darker tones will pick up again later. I guess we ended up with the second option after all... I had originally intended Tireks' brother that was never again mentioned to be the last Alicorn, and then while typing I had the idea to make it Donut Joe and couldn't stop laughing about it to myself.

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! Thanks for reading!